Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dollar Tree Finds

I was in Hartselle yesterday and I could not pass up a chance to shop at the Dollar Tree.  The Hartselle Dollar Tree is really the best one in our area. They put things out in a timely manner and it seems they get the nicer things.

Kendall loves owls so I picked up this pair of socks for her.

The graphics on the socks are very nice as well. WhOOO would know you only spent a dollar for this pari of socks?

I found these for myself. We can always use a festive pair of socks around the holidays.

Two of these bottle brush trees for a dollar is a deal. I saw them for $1 each at Walmart. I also picked up the snowflakes as they will come in handy for several things I can think of as I ponder holiday decorating. These would also make great embellishments for cross stitch pieces.

I love the lights in my dough bowl so I picked up two packs of these clear lights that I will use in my December dough bowl.  I am going back to see if they might have colored ones as well.

We are going to Savannah to have Thanksgiving with the Grimms so I picked up this platter and two leaves to carry along for serving my portion of the meal.

I found these jar like ornaments at the Dollar Tree in Chatsworth. I take my mother for her appointment at the beauty salon and while she is getting her hair done, I check out the Dollar Tree. I will be using the faux snow in these jars. Ornaments to come.


Miss Dishywoo said...

Isn't it the truth that you never know what you'll find at Dollar Tree? You found some cute things. I agree that each Dollar Tree is different from the others as far as what they have in stock. I've been "forced" to become an expert on Dollar Trees in my area because of preparing a craft for Kids Church each week. I like seeing what other people find. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the fake snow.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I enjoy shopping at the Dollar Tree too, and you found some really nice things. Cant wait to see what you do with them.

Sandy said...

Those owl socks are so cute.

Robin in Virginia said...

What great finds you picked up, Arlene! I hit the Dollar Tree on Monday and was sadly disappointed. While it used to be a nice store, it looked like a bomb had gone off -- cluttered and dirty.

Visits With Mary said...

Great dollar store finds, love the socks!!

Meg said...

Oooh! Great finds! A good friend of mine is a nurse, and she likes to wear novelty socks to entertain her patients. I will have to check out our local Dollar Tree to see if they have these.

I love dollar stores for inexpensive serving utensils and dishes. When I bring something to a party, I don't have to worry if I will get them back. My favorite cookie spatula came from a dollar store! I like it so much I bought one for my mom and MIL for stocking stuffers.

The bottle-brush trees ARE a steal! Those little suckers can be expensive!


Anonymous said...

Great buys. I love that Fall plate and the two leave mini plates. Those little trees and the snowflakes are lovely. Enjoy your purchases. The fake snow should come in handy.

Terri D said...

I just love the great deals you can find at Dollar Tree!! Those owl socks are great!! Fun post!!

Mari said...

You find the best stuff at your Dollar Tree! I love the trees, the socks and the snowflakes will be fun to use!

Gina said...

Arlene, I need to go to Dollar Tree soon. Love those jar like ornaments best! Cute socks. :-)

Laurel Wood said...

Good Morning, Thanks for this post. I picked up some of the LED lights for one of my fall arrangements yesterday, thanks to your post! They are flying off the shelf fast! Have a good day. xoMildred

RJ said...

You find the best things in Dollar Tree. I went to two different ones in different towns and only got reading glasses. I told George...Arlene always finds the best stuff...where is it? RJ