Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday Five

1. The End of Soccer Season!

Landon's team finished their season on Tuesday evening as they fell to a better team in their division. I have to hand it to the Blue Strikers, they played hard, they learned a lot about soccer this season and as the days wound down, they played as a team. I felt sorry for them because they had a small team and they had to play the whole game. There was just one sub and  even if you are nine years old and full of energy, running for an hour is hard, especially in the Southern Heat!  Next week Landon starts practicing basketball. At least I understand basketball.:)  And it is indoors.

2. Christmas ornaments

Are these too cute or not? They will be headed to the tree at Grimmwood. ( Hobby Lobby)

3. Coffee Tea Dyed Cross Stitch Fabric

I got my inner Chelsea and Priscilla on this week and dyed some of the cheaper Hobby Lobby Fabric. I love how it makes my house smell!! I did end up tossing the blue fabric...I hated stitching on it and thought maybe I would over dye it. Well this fabric didn't  make the cut...even over dyed it was just ugly.

4. Ginny's Web Store

My blog friend, Ginny, at Small Things posted this beautiful photo of her hand dyed wool. Some of us non knitters suggested she sell that print. I purchased the PDF and now I can use it for a print or even some note cards.( you can find Ginny's blog along with a link to her Etsy shop on my Blog Roll.)

5.  My Crafty Spools

I took my Target Spools and spiffed them up! They are now in my dough bowl. I used a piece of fall fabric on the spool on the right and added some thread to hold it onto the spool. Some burnt umber dry brushed onto the spools gives them an antique look!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You are definitely 'Ms. Talent' in my book. I love coming to your blog to see your latest. I understand about your soccer play as my 11 year old grandson did the same and has already started bball practice. They are fun to watch. Hope you have a good day and upcoming weekend.

Sandy said...

I like the spools. I missed those at Target. They turned out cute.
I don't know when they play soccer in the schools up there, but here it is in the winter and outside. I was always glad Paul Allen gave up soccer after elementary school although I wouldn't have been as nervous as with football. He never liked basketball which was Jeff's sport.

Carol said...

Love how your spools turned out, Arlene! And what cute ornaments. I rarely buy them anymore as our tree is already way too crowded and we don't want another tree at this stage of our life :) Need to try the fabric dyeing one of these days!

Mrs.T said...

I can relate to Landon and soccer. We were able to watch our grandson's soccer game on last Saturday ... a very difficult loss. They are also a very small team and had no subs. That's a lot of running in the intense sun and heat of Nevada.

Loved the ornaments ... I can see I need to visit the nearest Hobby Lobby.

I've tea dyed fabric before and like how it comes out. Not sure if I have tried coffee or not ... just can't remember.

And your spools turned out so nice! You are so clever and crafty.

Robin in Virginia said...

Super Friday Five to read today, Arlene! I look forward to seeing what you stitch on your coffee/tea dyed fabric. Adorable ornaments you picked up! Congratulations to Landon and his soccer on a good season! Enjoy your Friday!

Meg said...

Oh, I am so glad you did the coffee/tea dyeing. Isn't it fun? I'm sorry the blue did not turn out, but sometimes things are just beyond saving. I'm stitching some Halloween ornaments on my coffee/tea-dyed linen and I am in love. Hard to believe that gorgeous brown and mottling was once a blah off-white.

The ornaments are super cute! And your spools turned out darling. I like how you painted them to antique them.

I re-read the paragraph about Landon's soccer team. That IS a long time for a 9-year-old to run in a game. Holy moly! Quite an athlete you've got there.

Beautiful photo of the wool. I wish I knew how to dye threads.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Terri D said...

The spools are so cute and so are those tree ornaments! I always enjoy seeing your creativity highlighted here!!

Gina said...

The spools are so cute. Love Ginny's yarn colors. She is so talented! Those ornaments are adorable. Red trucks with Christmas trees seem to be in this year! Congratulations to Landon!

Mari said...

Your spools are cute! That yarn is so pretty too - brilliant colors.
We had supper at Cracker Barrel tonight, and of course I thought of you! :)