Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Five

1, Old School Newsmen

A friend of mine posted this tribute to Walter Cronkite the other day.  I do miss Walter as well as David and Chet and Eric Sevareid at ABC.  I can remember that Walter reigned as the newsman at our home as I was growing up.  I still tear up when I see the clip of Walter Cronkite announcing that President Kennedy had died. ( You can find it on You Tube.)

2. Sweet Baby Calves

I said this one should be known as Hershey as it looks like a chocolate kiss. This poor baby lost its mama so Leta and Bruce have a Bottle Baby.  In the past these bottle fed calves really do think Bruce is their mama. They love him and will follow him in the pasture.

3.Alabama Colors

Margaret was decked out in her Tide Pride at school the other day!! I love that Margaret's teachers shares her pictures of the students in her class.

4. Pink Poinsettias

These beauties were on sale at Publix this week! In honor of Breast Cancer awareness, these holiday flowers are a pretty pink.

5. Fall

After thinking it was going to STAY summer here in NoAla, we are finally getting some fall temps!! Highs in the 70s and not in the 80s!! Hurray.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Like your 5 this morning. I too miss good reporters like Walter Cronkite. Margaret looks so cute in her Bama dress! Loving this cooler weather. Happy Friday!

Visits With Mary said...

Margaret looks so sweet in her Tide Pride! We always watched Walter Cronkite, seems the news wasn't so bias back then. Have a good Friday.

Carol said...

Yes, I certainly wish there were more reporters like good ol' Walter. I have yet to find a current unbiased reporter... somehow it always creeps into their stories in one way or another! Margaret is such a cutie :)

Terri D said...

Margaret is SO cute. Walter was great. I agree! That calf does look like chocolate!! Pink poinsettias or breast cancer awareness. Who would have thunk it??!

Gina said...

No doubt Margaret is a sweetie pie! So cute! I've never seen pink poinsettias. Very pretty!

Mari said...

I miss the old newscasters. Love the tribute!
Margaret is so cute and she has a great smile!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed reading your Friday Five! Oh my goodness, that sweet brown calf looks precious. Margaret is a cutie!

RJ said...

Margaret is a doll. I want to adopt that pretty calf. RJ