Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday Stitching

I have been busy this week, stitching and finishing! I went by the Cross Stitch Peddler on Tuesday to pick up a few things. Marlene was back in the store after going through some medical issues with her husband.  Thankfully he is on the road to recovery! Decatur stitchers got a dose of what it is like when you have NO LNS.

I had preordered this Hands on Design by Cathy Habermann.

I picked up some of these...because

I needed them to store my fancy flosses.  They fit nicely on the rod in my craft closet.

I pressed my fabric that I dyed. The coffee aroma was nice.

I used this to release the wrinkles...

Another Vonna tip....this is what she uses in her finishing business. I like it because it doesn't  clog and splatter like some of the other spray starches.

I tried my hand at making a drum. Take my advice and do your finishing early in the morning when your mind is working at full speed. It is a fiddly finish.

It is not perfect but it works.

I decided to display it on a small cake plate in my china cabinet.  Here is my take on making a drum. First of all, watch Vonna's You Tube Tutorial. I am a visual learner and I need to see someone do a craft. Instructions sometimes do not make sense to me.   I am going to add some trim to the top to cover the slip stitches. You have to use a neutral thread but you will see the stitches and if you are OCD like me, you will not like that.  Even Vonna added trim to her drum. I am going to take my drum to Hobby Lobby to find something that looks good with the design. By the Way, this is Live Within Your Harvest by Hands on Design.  I did not make my top puffy like a pin cushion as I wanted it to be purely decorative.  It bugs  me that you cannot see all the cross stitching unless you pick it up and turn it around in your hands.  All that said, not sure if I will make another one or not. It may be like child birth, once you forget what a pain it was, you are ready to try again.:)

Here it is with the trim added to the drum. I should have finished it closer to the apples and sunflowers but as this was my first drum I wanted to leave some extra fabric just in case I made a mistake.  It is what it is and I am happy enough with it.

Here is my next finish...

I found this little tray at Hobby Lobby for half price making it $7.  I can switch out the stitching as I added a magnet to the back of the stitching. I was trying for matchy matchy ribbon but none really worked.  When in doubt, go with black and goes with everything. I added some berries from a Dollar Tree pick.  The vine I cut from a larger Hobby Lobby Pick. Right now their Fall Florals are on sale too.  I really liked how this one turned out!

I just added magnets to the back of this one and called it a day.  It will come out again in November.

I also started a wedding gift for my niece who recently became engaged. This is a long story so grab a cup of coffee!!

My Aunt Rachel made this for me as a Christmas gift a long time ago. My dear mother in law, Mama G, saw it and asked me to find out where my aunt found that crochet pattern. I procured the pattern and presented it to Mama G. She made names for all of her children and when her grandchildren started getting married, she made them for each grandchild. When Amelia and Nick divorced, Nick kept the Ledlow as he liked it so much.   When Mama G died there were still four grandchildren to go who did not have a crocheted name for their home. I decided I could not crochet but I could cross stitch so I did one for my two nephews when they got married. They were very touched and I was glad I could carry on Mama G's tradition.

So I had to get fabric for Maggie's gift.

Dusty Khaki and Oatmeal by Gentle Arts will make up her married name.

Her married name will be YOUMANS.  It is pronounced like Yeomans.  And look at this blast from the past....

I have had this chart cost $2 but I got it for a bargain as it was marked down.

I hope I can get this done this week so I can get it framed and take it to Maggie at Thanksgiving.

I also finished one Christmas ornament...

Thanks Chelsea at Real Housewives of Cross Stitch for sharing this one last week. I used Victorian Motto Threads Red Hot and Tropical Green to give it a retro feel.  I hope to finish some Christmas ornaments  over the weekend.  Happy Stitching!!


Phoebes World said...

Beautiful stitching as always...its a pleasure to see.

Have a wonderful weekend

Phoebe x

Barbara said...

Ohhh, I enjoyed your cross stitch projects so much! You do beautiful work!

We have a crochet version of our last name, too. My DIL's mother made one for her when she married my son, and then made one for us, too. So nice because I don't crochet, either.

Thank you for all of the inspiration!!

Sandy said...

You have been busy. I love love everything. That new pattern is simply adorable. I already told you I love the drum, but I do see what you mean about not being able to see it all. That is sweet of you to carry on the tradition. My mom-in-law bought all the little birthday girls for the grandgirls. They were little collectibles of the times.

Barbara said...

Your stitching really inspires me. I love your work! The drum is just as cute as can be! I hope to make one sometime.

Robin in Virginia said...

I truly wait and totally enjoy your Saturday Stitching posts, Arlene. Well done on the drum finish! I think it turned out great. Congratulations on the ornament finish; love the VMSS threads you used! What a wonderful tradition Mama G created and you are continuing! Enjoy your Saturday!

Terri D said...

Arlene, I really enjoy your Saturday posts with your finishes and new projects coming! So much talent and creativity!

Mari said...

I love your finishes and you're right about the black and white. :)
I also love your cross-stitch name. What a wonderful gift!

Mrs.T said...

The drum finish is so well done! I love the Christmas ornament too.

But my very favorite is the "windows winking cheerful lights" one. I simply adore that patttern, and I love how you finished it in the little tray. The black and white ribbon is really perfect with it.

Meg said...

Your dyed linen looks great! Is your Christmas ornament stitched on the coffee/tea-dyed linen? I really, REALLY like your PS November finish. I just returned from Hobby Lobby a couple hours ago. It was my first trip there. Heaven. I spent two hours looking at everything, measuring tape and project list in hand. Went in with the intention of getting pillow supplies but did a 180 when I saw all the cute objects I could embellish with stitching.

Your drum looks great! I wouldn’t have the courage.

Gina said...

Love that you put magnets on the back of a few of your stitchery beauties. Very smart! and I love that silver tray!

Carol said...

Wow, that's a lot of stitchy goodness in one post, Arlene :) I really love that little tray you put your PS finish on. I sure wish I was near a Hobby Lobby. And I have no LNS, BUT--there is a new cross stitch store moving into the town where I get my hair cut next month!!!! I can't begin to tell you how very excited I am at the prospect of visiting it once a month when I get my hair cut :)