Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Stream

Fall has finally arrived here in No Ala so we will just sit by the stream this morning.

1. Since fall has finally arrived, I decided it was time to look for some new winter jammies. I went to three stores before I found what I wanted at Ross. And let me tell you, Christmas is OUT this week at all the stores I visited. I know many of you do not want to rush the seasons but I have learned from experience that if you do not pick up some things now, the inventory is limited later on.

2. I woke to messages from some of my nursing school friends that there are new grand babies in the group. What an exciting time for my friends. There is nothing like a new baby.  One of the babies was born in France!! ( the parents are missionaries there) so we decided it might be time for a trip to Europe!! I'm not sure Europe is ready for the Mini Reunion Gals....this is what we call ourselves since we try to have mini reunions now and then.

3. Speaking of Nursing School, I had another crazy dream that I was back in school and I had lost all my uniforms.  I am sure I would make a good study for a psychiatrist.  It has been 40 something years since I was a young student at Georgia Baptist but it really made an impression on me.

4. Fall always makes me want to bake but the real problem is I want to eat what I bake. I have been on the hunt for the best chocolate cake( my favorite). I tried a Southern Living recipe that was pretty good but still not as good as the cupcakes at Muddy's Bakery in Memphis.  If you are ever in the Memphis area, check out their chocolate chocolate cupcake called Prozac. It is the BEST I have ever tasted.  I did cut up my chocolate cake to share with neighbors as well as Amelia and Todd so I did not eat the whole thing myself.

5. Only one week until Halloween. I picked up my candy at Walmart yesterday. I always do full size bars of candy as we get so few trick or treaters.  I got Hershey bars and Reeses Cups.   When I was a child it was normal in our area to get  a full size bar of candy but back in the OLDEN DAYS I am not sure they made the smaller pieces of candy. And there were those houses who gave out APPLES or popcorn balls. We knew everyone we visited as we lived in the country and had to trick or treat by car.  So no worries about razor blades etc. Now we have to worry about peanut allergies.  Do people make pop corn balls these days? I am not a fan of them myself but they are cute treats.

6. I am also trying to get back into a walking routine by going to the Mall where it is heated and I can get a lot of steps in at one time.  I have to say that I had not been to our mall in a while and I was surprised to see there are very few shops there these days. I believe that Belk's and the AMC movie theater are the businesses that are keeping our mall open.  I remember when I went to Atlanta to school and saw my FIRST mall...I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was just overwhelming to this little country girl.  Another reminder that times do change!!  Now that Decatur has Target and other stores located away from the mall, people just do not go to the Decatur Mall.  A company recently purchased it with hopes of bringing it back. They have done so many improvements but still empty stores.

Well time to get busy around the house. Today is early dismissal day for the kiddos so Nana will have to get her chores done before lunch. Is is me or does it seem like kids do not go to school as much as we did? There is early dismissal or  holiday or break every week or so!! Lucky ducks!!


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, it is always fun to sit and visit at the stream with you. You are lucky to have a mall nearby. The closest one to me is a good 40-45 away. I hope they are able to bring back your mall to full again.

Linda said...

Louis Dean was both a baker and later a school teacher and he has a recurring dream that he can’t find any of his whites (clothes) for work or he dreams he can’t find the classroom or his lesson plans. We’ve tried to figure out what the dreams mean and he doesn’t have them all the time. Probably only when he’s overwhelmed and feels no control.....

Our mall is much like yours.....sadly vacant!
Enjoy your grand babies today!

Terri D said...

Yes, baking does indeed lead to eating here at our house. I have had a couple of recurring dreams lately. Silly stuff. So silly, I'm not going to mention it again! LOL Happy Wednesday!

Meg said...

Oh, Arlene, you have taken me down memory lane. When I was a kid, we lived out in the country. We never got trick or treaters. One year, though, this mom with her two kids showed up at our front door trick-or treating! We were shocked. Since we had not gone out yet ourselves, we had no candy in the house to give them, so my mom took some oranges or apples from the fridge and gave them to the kids.

When we would trick or treat in town, I loved going to the older homes (our town population was about 700). The senior citizens were the BEST. They made the best homemade popcorn balls. You could count on them year after year. One or two houses would give out nickels and dimes instead of candy.

When my son was little, my boss here in Boise decided to give out nickels and dimes, so we drove clear across town to trick or treat at her house (nostalgia!). As we approached her house, parents were walking away with their kids, saying, "That lady is giving out money. That's just WEIRD." I was sad for those people.

I avoid our mall - too tempting to spend money! haha... But ours does open at 5:00 a.m. for walkers. I have talked to my sis-in-law about walking there this winter. We shall see if my feet will cooperate and let me.


Jan said...

At 62, I still have dreams about high school! I either can't find my class or my locker, or it's final exam day and I haven't been to class all semester!

Mari said...

I still have dreams about nursing school and high school too! And it's always about not being able to find things or get things done!

Sandy said...

Catching up with my reading tonight. I miss my mall so much. It used to be the most wonderful, it is all in Destin. I don't think it is coming back ever. I think it will eventually turn into something else. There is still a large population of walkers in there though.
As much as I hate how the seasons get started in stores so early, you are right about getting what you want when you want it.
Lindsay is doing much better so I think we will get out some next week and venture out into some stores.

Dianna said...

Christmas is OUT here, too. I couldn't believe it today when I went to the Family Dollar store and saw their Christmas things right next to the Halloween stuff! No room for Thanksgiving anymore. I do know what you are saying though about if you see it and want it now is the time to get it.

I had a chuckle about your dream. I seldom ever dream that I can recall anymore, but when I do they are doozies. :)

I have that same problem with baking...I always want to eat it. But I seriously need to get busy with cookie baking and stockpiling in the freezer because hunting season will be here soon and my hubby likes to take some along for "snacks". :)

I enjoyed walking by the stream with you today.

Gina said...

Arlene, oh I need a prozac cupcake!!! I do miss my mall walking. There were lots of mall in NJ to explore. The nearest one here is at least 45 minutes away. Too far!!

RJ said...

We have a mall right in town but I hardly ever go anymore. It is a great place for walking though when the weather is not good. RJ