Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Five

Well as it is officially time to talk about Christmas, my Friday Five features some Christmas pictures.

1. Charles and Audrey

Victoria Nielson Photography captured the joy of a Daddy and his Darling Daughter. 

2. Mina's Nurcracker Collection

While in Savannah we were able to help Mina get her living room decorated for Christmas. When you are a widow with some health challenges, your big family can come in handy!! Will and Douglas were very meticulous in placing the nutcrackers just so in front of the fireplace. And aren't those big ornaments just gorgeous? Mina hangs them by the fireplace every year as the fire place is not operational and there is no danger of fire destroying her pretty things.

3. Epworth United Methodist Church

This was Marvin's home church. Our oldest son was baptized here and we have so many fond memories of this lovely old building. It is no longer a church as it was sold and now is a venue for concerts and programs of all sorts. I remember so many Moravian love feasts held in the church fellowship fall at Christmas. The ladies of the church made Moravian buns and they were served with hot chocolate on the Sunday evening before Christmas. We also attended many Christmas Eve communion services where families came as one and received communion together.  I know times change but some changes are challenging. This one certainly was for all of the Grimms. 

4. My First Christmas Card

I received my first Christmas card this week. My friend, Carolyn, is moving and she wanted to get her new address out so she would not miss any pretty Christmas greetings. 

5. Solar Farms

While driving from Columbus, Ga to Interstate 16 we came across this solar farm. Acres "planted" with solar panels which produce energy for many homes. It looked pretty amazing to me. This part of Georgia has limited uses for planting of crops so this is a win win for the farmers and the community. It made me wonder how many solar farms there are over the USA at this time. Maybe I should GOOGLE that!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

By Saturday evening most everyone had headed back home so the stragglers had dinner at Driftaway Cafe.

Nephew, Douglas, and girl friend, Abbie.  Abbie attends college at Methodist College in Lakeland, Florida so she came up to be with the Grimms.  Douglas attends UNC Greensboro.

Barbara and William.

Will and Mina.

Mar and Ar

We also got to see Alabama beat Auburn while we were there so Win Win.

After dinner we helped Mina get her Christmas tree up.

WE had fun listing to carols while decorating. Well maybe some were listing as they had egg nog while decorating...the rest of us LISTENED to the music. No matter how many times I read over a post to edit things, I miss something. In this case it was listing vs

We had to work on the lights for a bit. Will figured out the problem.

Festive hats make decorating more fun. Our Army man was not afraid to show his fun side!!

It was very pretty when finished. Mina had so many elegant ornaments.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast at Sunny Side Up before hitting the road. We just made one stop in Fort Valley Georgia.

It did not have a Giant Peach like the one in Clanton, Alabama! They had lots of pecans...

 Marvin purchased some boiled peanuts for the road and I had a chocolate truffle.  It was a cute store and if you are ever in Central Georgia, check out Lane Orchards.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Savannah Shopping

We headed out Friday to do some shopping and sight seeing on our own while other family members were busy.

First we stopped on Tybee Island at Three Sisters. It is a shop owned by Mary Kay Andrews, a well known Georgia author.

All of her books were there.

The shop was filled with all sorts of cute items. I picked up a Wet It...

It will go to Grimmwood.

I also found this cute Christmas ornament.

Then we headed to Riverstreet for some Pralines.

It was a windy and rainy afternoon but it did not stop the tourists.

We were looking a little worse for wear after an hour!

You can always keep an eye on the time on Riverstreet.

When Marvin was growing up in Savannah the waterfront was derelict and not a place you would want to hang out. The times have changed.

We stopped to pay our respects at the World War 2 monument. Marvin's dad has a brick there but we could not find it.

After finishing our shopping we headed out for lunch.

We chose The Pirate House. It is the oldest inn in Savannah.  The place mat gives you the history of the Inn and Restaurant.

Here is my pirate.

Our suggestion is to get the Shrimp and Grits....delicious.

We stopped to get a picture of Marvin's home church. Sadly, it is no longer a church and was sold for venue for concerts and weddings.  We have so many memories there.

And one final stop was at Byrd's Cookie Company.

Byrds sells cookies as well as beautiful containers for your cookies.

More cookies....

and a tray with a picture of the old Byrd's Cookie Shanty.

It sure is!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tables Full of Grimms and Friends

I took so many pictures over the weekend that this will be a Grimm/Savannah week here at Nanaland.

The Grimms are a big family...six children of which half were in attendance at Thanksgiving, Mina, Marvin and William.   Marvin and I rented a VRBO with William and Barbara so we could visit and have meals at the rental house. It was located on the north end of Tybee Island and we had three bedrooms, two baths and a nice porch. However, it was so chilly we did not sit on the porch while we were there.  We did chuckle over the fact that the owner of the Beach House wanted to be sure that we knew it was a BEACH house. The walls were all painted Beachy colors....Beach items covered every wall and surface.   There was a pretty pillow in our bedroom that reminded me of Amelia and Margaret, lovers of all things flamingo.

Meanwhile, back to the Thanksgiving Feast.

The Dining Room Table. 

Dining Room Table

Living Room Table

On the back porch

The Smith Brothers ended up with their own table. 

We are thankful that Mina has a home that is big enough to hold the clan and she was so gracious in allowing us to spend Thanksgiving there. We all chipped in with the dishes and the cleaning before and after so we just had a good time enjoying our family and renewing the ties that bind!

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Grimm Thanksgiving

Sorry to be late posting today but we got in late last night. We sailed through our long trip home from Savannah until we got to Birmingham and it was bumper to bumper traffic going north. Marvin and I got off at the Cullman exit and made it home safely. We took a new route to Savannah to avoid Atlanta. I am sure if we had gone through the Big City, we would have been even later.  If you are interested in how we got to Savannah from Decatur, Marvin mapped us a route that took us to Birmingham then down highway 280 to Columbus, Ga where we took Hwy 96 across the central part of Georgia to Interstate 16 which takes us to Savannah. It is probably an hour longer driving but if you have been in Atlanta lately, you know it is better on the blood pressure!

I love the big old trees with the Spanish Moss hanging down.  This is Washington Avenue, my favorite tree in Savannah. The streets are lined by old homes that are so lovely.

We partied in Midtown at Mina's house. We had five tables of family and friends in attendance.

Marvin and Mina's brother in law, Robert.  They were having out having appetizers while waiting for the feast.

Oldest nephew, Stephen, and his lovely wife, Aaron.  Stephen and his brother, Benjamin cooked THREE turkeys. One was roasted, one smoked on the grill and one deep fried. They were all delicious.

Nephew Benjamin and soon to be nephew, Seth, checking out the fried turkey they collaborated on Thursday morning.

Mina, nephew Will, sis in law, Barbara and niece, Ami.

The cousins along with inlays and baby Greta.

Gathering for prayer before the meal.

Grammy Barbara with Ella.  The Grimm Tribe is increasing.  While we were ar Mina's having Dinner, our granddaughter, Audrey announced on Facebook that she is getting a Little Bruder. lol We will welcome a new grandson in June.  Very Thankful for another blessing.

Ami and Benjamin along with Maggie. Maggie and Seth are engaged and getting married next year. She is the niece I did the cross stitch piece for recently. She loved it and even Seth thanked me for the gift which touched my heart.

This is Marvin's cousin, Dewilla. She and I have been friends since we first met over 42 years ago. It was good to spend time with her this weekend.

And one final picture of Marvin's favorite part of the meal.....

He loved Deviled Eggs and there were several platters on the buffet.

So thankful for our family. One of the reasons we were all there was to let Will know we will be praying for him, his wife, Jennifer and baby Greta while he is deployed to Afghanistan.

We are thankful for young men like Will who serve our country. By the way, Jennifer serves our country as well in the National Guard.  Will deploys at the end of December and will be gone 400 days. He is commander of an Artillery Battery from Savannah.  I am going to admit that this aunt shed a few tears when she hugged her nephew's neck on Saturday evening. We will be praying for Will's safety as well as the safety of the men he commands.  We will also pray for Jennifer and Greta while they are waiting at home.

I hope all my blog friends had a lovely and meaningful Thanksgiving.