Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Five

1. Whiskey in a Tea Cup

I picked this book up at the local library in the New Books section. Part cook book and part tales of growing up in Nashville, Tennessee.  While Reese grew up in a wealthy family, I saw that all Southern Ladies embrace hospitality. Reese shares that at a young age she learned if you had a guest in your home, you offered them a drink, usually Sweet Tea as well as a nibble of a savory or sweet.  Yes, I can identify with that...Southerners believe in feeding everyone.  My mother always had a sweet of some sort on hand and I rather miss that in my home. If I had a sweet on hand, I would eat it myself. This is just a pretty book and one I think you will enjoy. BTW, instead of describing southern belles as steel magnolias, her grandmother described them as whiskey in a teacup. I would say that is also an apt description of a lot os southern women I know.

2. Getting my Hair Done...

I decided to go back to the long bob after trying layers for a while. Thankfully my hair grows fast!  I learned my lesson and will just leave my hair alone even if I am wanting to try a new style.   This is one I can handle myself although Kudos to Suzanna, my stylist. If I were a millionaire I would go every week for a blow out.

3. The Endless Adventure

My VLOG friend, Suzanne, recommended this You Tube Channel to those of us who prefer traveling by armchair. Eric and Allison are a young couple who were working their fingers to the bone at start up companies in the San Francisco area when they decided that life was passing them by! While they were young and childless, they decided to hit the road. Eric works at an online job bringing in enough money to cover their monthly expenses while Allison manages their You Tube channel, blog and Instagram.  Now that they are becoming well known, many travels are sponsored by travel businesses.  My biggest question is how many clothes do they own and how do they do their laundry? Check them out...they just did a trip to New England and now are on a cruise to Puerto Rico.

4. OPI Hand Lotion

I seldom check out the TJ Maxx Beauty/Skin product aisle but when I saw OPI lotion, I had to give it a try as I love OPI nail polish. This is the perfect light weight lotion for these cold winter days. I have my bottle by my cozy chair.  I chose the Coconut Melon scent and it is just delightful.

5. Caren Hand Cream

I love the Red Cocoa Hand Cream by Caren Original.  It comes in the perfect purse size and the smell is just heavenly. I need to get a new one for this winter.


Sandy said...

I like that description of whiskey in a teacup too. Southern women are very strong but know to put in a cute vessel. Jeff always uses steel wrapped in velvet when talking to young administrators. I love our southern descriptions.
Your hair looks great. I too wish I could go once a week and get my girl to do mine. The old days of beauty shop living. They did do that.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed your Friday Five, Arlene! I have seen that book around the internet of late, so I think I will look into it. You look fabulous with your bob. Thanks for the hand cream bits! Enjoy your Friday!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh I love seeing your favorite things. Would love to try that last hand cream. I use unscented mostly but like a nice fragrance from time to time. And I really need cream for winter! That hair style really suits you and it's nice to have one easy to take care of. Same here! Hugs!

Mrs.T said...

Your hair looks lovely and that is a really cute picture of you! That lotion looks wonderful and I can just imagine how it smells.

I always enjoy reading your Friday five! Thanks for sharing!

Dianna said...

I am in the perfect place to appreciate your comments about going back to the long bob. Mine is in layers...and it is short. What was I thinking? it really isn't a bad cut, but I do miss my other style.

Thank you for sharing about the lotion and hand cream. I always appreciate your suggestions because they always turn out so well for me.

Terri D said...

I like Reece Witherspoon and will look for that book. Your hair looks fabulous!! Thanks for the tips on the hand lotions!

Gina said...

Your hairdo is perfect. Simply gorgeous!

RJ said...

Some of the descriptions of a Southern woman also fit Italian women in the north. You never leave an Italian home hungry and they can't wait to offer you something. I LOVE your haircut and would love to wear my hair that way. Unfortunately the humid down here makes my hair wavy and not suitable for that great cut. I love the sound of both of your hand creams. Another great 5! RJ

Mari said...

Whiskey in a teacup - I like that!
Your hair looks fabulous!

Carol said...

I have Reece's book on my Kindle, but haven't read it yet, Arlene. She is so darling! Your hair looks great--so wonderful to have a stylist you trust :)

Mary said...

I have always liked Reese Witherspoon. The first time I saw her in a movie I told my sister she is going to be a big star...she laughed and told me she already is!!!

Your bob is perfect for you!!! I love it.