Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Stream

Well it is chilly here in NoAla so we will just pretend we are at the Stream this morning.

1. I got a lot of comments on Hannah's portrayal of the Queen. She did a wonderful job!  I have long had a fascination with Queen Elizabeth. I think she is someone who embodies every thing it means to be a Queen.  If she has a failing, I would say that it is in motherhood. From all I have read, she put being a queen first as she saw that as her duty.  Her children were well cared for and I must say she seems to have a close relationship with all her grandchildren. I love one picture I saw of her giggling with Prince Harry. I just bet he is a character.

2. To answer a reader's question, The wreath from the Dollar Tree is about 10 inches in diameter. They are a good buy for one dollar.  I think Dollar Tree has done a good job with their craft section this year.  This wreath would be pretty to embellish and hang on the windows inside your home.  Target has some very pretty greenery for $3 that would look great on these little wreaths.

3. I got a real kick out of Meg's comment on my Saturday Stitching this week. She reminded me that the worst I have to fear is the Cross Stitch Police coming for me for gluing a piece of my stitching.  She heard Priscilla Blain share that on her You Tube Channel.  My thought is that if my kids will be selling these pieces for $1 at the Estate Sale when I am gone, I am not worrying about gluing in my finishing.

4. This week I heard that an old friend from Nursing School was missing. She was a year older than me and while we were not close friends, all the girls at GBH were friends. Our school was small and we knew everyone and usually worked together in the hospital at some point in our schooling there. I remember Lynn as a sweet soft spoken girl who was active in her church.  Apparently she drove to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled and never reached the drugstore.  After searching all week her van was found and she was deceased. No foul play was involved but it is still a very sad thing for all of us who knew her.  And it was rather sobering as they described her as a senior citizen. I never really think of myself as a senior citizen but I guess I am!! Inside I still fill like that young girl  in nursing school.

5. I said that we attended our last Home Game for the Jackets. Georgia Tech  will be playing in Athens, Ga Thanksgiving weekend as they face The DAWGS.   Season Tickets are just for the Home Games and every other year they do play in Atlanta. It is hard to get excited about a game where you are almost certain you are going to lose.  But Alabama is doing great so I will just have to be happy about that...and fingers crossed they will beat the DAWGS in Atlanta in the SEC playoff.  Roll Tide!

6. I am hoping to get some of my online Christmas shopping done this week while we are home to receive the packages.  I must say that having all the gifts delivered to my door is a bonus. While some love the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, I like being at home in front of the logs, wrapping my gifts.  Grandson Hampton asked for a Bob Ross Toaster! And yes, Walmart carries them so I am hoping to nab one for him.

Hope you are all having a good week as you make your lists for the Thanksgiving Dinner.


Sandy said...

I really try to shop locally, but that online shopping is so easy. I am probably going to be doing more of it this year than usual.
That is really sad about the lady from nursing school. It is hard to think sometimes of age. I don't feel old except in my body occasionally. I know I probably qualify for discounts, but I rarely ever think to ask for them. Maybe I need to do that.

Robin in Virginia said...

I was sorry to read about your nursing school pal. As Sandy mentioned, I also try to shop locally, but for some things it has to be taken care of via the internet. I am not a fan of the hustle or the bustle and definitely not a fan of the rudeness that happens during holiday shopping season.

Mrs.T said...

So sorry to read of your nursing school classmate, Arlene. We just don't expect things like that to happen to folks we know.

Aside from that sadness, it is always fun to step into the stream with you. I am so with you on the cross stitch finishing. It is no one's business whether I use glue or not, and as you said, if your kids will just be taking them to thrift stores (which I highly doubt they would do), then what does it matter?

I have some of my Christmas shopping done but there is much more to go. For our married kids we tend to do things like gift cards to local places they like, or a membership to a local science center or museum. I should get on the ball with the Amazon wish lists very soon!

Terri D said...

A Bob Ross toaster? Now I need to go look that up. I watched him on TV when I was a kid and wanted to be able to paint like him. Happy little clouds!! What great memories! I am with you on shopping from my chair. I am not a shopper any time of the year and especially when the stores are crowded and tempers are short. Happy hump day!

Gina said...

Arlene, I am so sorry for your loss. How very sad. It is a big wakeup call to all of us that our days are numbered and only God knows how long we have here.

We are almost done Christmas shopping. Lately we've only bought for the grandchildren. Everyone else gets something homemade - hopefully - like cookies etc. It makes Christmas much less stressful and enjoyable.

Mari said...

I'm sorry about your friend. Isn't it funny how we still feel young?
I used to watch Bob Ross. Now I have to check out that toaster.

RJ said...

I was so sorry to hear about your friend Arlene. I too hate when they call people our age seniors. I only like it when we get a discount. RJ