Monday, December 31, 2018

A few last pictures from 2018

It is hard to believe this is New Years Eve! Everyone says it, the older you get the faster times flies by. I am old enough now to know that is true.

A few more photos from the holidays...

Charles, Audrey and Nancy....little baby boy is starting to make his presence known as well.  Nancy said that Audrey was playing with a little girl and was telling her that she was going to be a big sister and she was getting a brother. So I guess the disappointment at not having a sister is wearing off.

The Hoover Grimms with Grimmwood in the background.

Baylor got this neat chair for Christmas. I think I would like one too but not sure I could get out of it unless jet propelled.

More Christmas Elves!

And finally...

My Thirtyone bag packed for a day of stitching at the Decatur Public Library.  There were six of us in attendance. I always enjoy seeing everyone's stitching and their plans for the new year. All of us are going to the January Retreat so we were busy discussing how fun it will be for us stitchaholics.

When I got home I found a pretty New Years Card in my mail box from blog friend, Robin in Virginia. It is on my kitchen hutch and is perfect as it had a lovey snowman on the front. I decorate with snow men for January. February is Valentines Day and this year I will have to decorate for March as Easter is not until April 21st this year.  I see some shamrocks in my future.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Well Santa came with some Stitchy Goodness for me.

My sisters always check out my 123 Stitch Wish List.

Now I need to go and update my list again! I am really looking forward to stitching Red Bird along with some Spring things. Because for me, once Chtistmas is over,  I am ready for spring. If  I cannot have it outside, I will just stitch up some spring.

I did purchase a few things from Kitten Stitcher.

I purchased this new Plum Street chart because...HOUSES!

Kitten Stitcher is also doing a fund raiser for her local animal shelter. I purchased these two charts donated by other stitchers to raise money for this charity.

I love this Lizzie Kate Seasons leaflet.

I could not resist this cute chart. I was not familiar with his designer but her design just called out to me.

I won a  pass the stash give away at Key X Stitch on Floss Tube. She is one of my favorite floss tubers.

I can't resist Prairie Schooler.

As it is the end of the year, I got out my stitching journal to see how many pieces I had completed this year. The Total was 41!  Some were small and some were gifts so I did not keep all of them.  I do have some Works in Progress that are going with me into 2019.
                   Prairie Schooler May
                   Molly Pitcher...Little House Needleworks Patriots
                   My Christmas List by Silver Creek Samplery
                   Christmas Quaker Bygone Stitches
                    Jolly Happy Soul by With Thy Needle and Thread
                   Bleu Skin by Plum Street Samplers
                   February  Hands on Designs

As you are reading this I will be gathering all my stitching supplies together to join the North Alabama Stitchers at the Decatur Public Library. We are supposed to bring some of our recent finishes to share. I think I am going to take, I Heard the Bells by Hands on Design. It was my first pillow to use crushed walnut shells and I love how it turned out.  I look forward to seeing all the projects completed by my stitching friends.  And I will be looking forward to January 11th when I get to attend my first Stitching Retreat.  Here's to 2019!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday Five

1. My new red purse....Amelia and Todd gifted me with this pretty bag and I love the cherry red color.

2. My kids and grand kids enjoying some time feeding the fish at Grimmwood. These will be the good old days for the grands, as they look back their childhood. Or at least I hope it will be!

3.One of our favorite snacks this Christmas season was Firecrackers made with this seasoning.

I used the small saltine crackers rather than the bigger saltines and everyone loved them.

4. We went out for a Christmas afternoon movie and we saw Mary Poppins Returns

Emily Blunt was practically perfect in every way as Mary Poppins. 

5. A good picture of my Sweetheart.

Sister Kristi, captured this picture of Marvin out with the kids at the pond. I am very thankful for a loving husband who has provided well for his family. He will be retiring completely on January 4th. He got lots of tee shirts for Christmas as he is trading in the business attire for the casual look.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas with the Roberts

Christmas Eve we found ourselves at the Roberts home.

Amelia and Todd prepared a nice buffet for us to enjoy before opening gifts.

Gifts are in sight!

I love this picture of was taken at her dad's house.

Pictures with the grands.

The boys with their beanies.

Grandpa with his moose mug....he has always admired Clark Griswold's mugs.

You may remember that Hampton dressed as Bob Ross for Halloween and he wanted a Bob Ross toaster. Well Nana and Grandpa came through....if you ever wondered what Bob Ross toast looks like, wonder no more.

Hampton put on his beanie to join the boys.  Doesn't Hampton have gorgeous hair...Girls would kill for it. It is hard to tell but he is wearing a black beanie.

It is hard to believe these kids are growing up so quickly.  As I look at the pictures I realize that I need to take more time with each one of my grands.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas in Chatsworth

Wow...the anticipation is over and now it is time to reflect on the days with the family. We had a nice time in Chatsworth with the family.

My sister, Kristi, took this photo of our little house. We took some trees down and it really changed the appearance of the front of the house.  We also have a new gate that allows us to go over to the other side of the pond so we can take pictures of the front of the house.

Grandpa and Elliott were both wearing red plaid at Grandma Margie's house. That Elliott can make some of the silliest faces and just when Nana wants to snap a picture.

Uncle Charles is showing Margaret how to draw a cow.

Trying to coral all these kids for a picture is a chore for sure.

Kristi snapped this one for us at the little house.

Audrey and Baylor enjoying the swing.

Waiting patiently for their gifts at the little house.

Oops...another one from Grandma Margie's house..Ben with Elliott and Audrey. Elliott kept calling Audrey, Aud! And Grandpa became Gramps. He told Marvin that was the nick name for Grandpa.

Aunt Kristi took this picture of Margaret with her gift from Nana and Grandpa, Ivy Ling, An American Girl Doll.  It was out of production so Nana had to find one on Ebay. She had her heart set on a Chinese American Girl Doll.

Amelia and her family were unable to make it as Todd has to work unexpectedly on Saturday. But we went to their house on Christmas to come.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

This year we had pictures at Grimmwood with the young grands. Christmas Eve night we were in Decatur with the older grands.

The Grimm Clan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Year of Blessings in 2019.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Taking a Blogging Break

I am taking some days off to enjoy the holidays with my family. I will be back to wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Princess Post

Charles and Nancy took Audrey to Disney World this week and the pictures were so cute, I had to share them.

Audrey loves all the Disney princesses and she will tell you she is a princess as well!! So royalty met royalty at the home of Mickey.

Well of course you cant go to Disney World and not see the MOUSE.

And his girlfriend, Minnie.

Anna and Elsa are some of her favorite princesses.

Snow White is one of my personal favorites.

And Audrey got to visit Mulan  at Epcot...

I loved seeing the excitement on this little one's face!! And if I have not announced it here on my blog, Audrey is getting a little brother in June so this trip with Mommy and Daddy is a special one. Got to soak up all the time left being an only child!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Movies

Tonight Marvin and I are going to Huntsville to see a touring production of Charlie Brown Christmas. We try to take in one Christmas show each year. Last year it was one of my favorite groups, Home Free.

Marvin and I both love the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon so we thought this live production might be right up our alley.  I will be sure and do a review for you.

Right now we are watching a Christmas movie each evening. Last night it was White Christmas. White Christmas came to silver screen on January 4, 1954 and here in Alabama several theaters were showing it again on the big screen.  The song, Sisters, has to be one of my favorites and who can resist Bing singing White Christmas. Some friends and I were talking about the fact that now days, Bing just would not cut it as a leading man. Times have changed a lot since 1954.

We also enjoy Christmas is a little naughty but a good look at a dysfunctional family Christmas. When Clark drives his car under the logging truck, we do chuckle a bit. And the cousins who show up in the RV...oh my!

I admit that I still enjoy Home Alone. I can remember taking my children to see this one in the theater and we all thought it was just great.  Ernest Saves Christmas is another one we saw in the theater. I can remember we took Mama G with us and she just laughed and laughed at Ernest.

On Christmas eve night we always watch A Christmas Carol with George C Scott performing the role of Scrooge. It is just beautifully filmed and so touching with its many reminders that some things are much more important than money.

Lastly, my favorite chick flick movie at Christmas is While You Were Sleeping.  I have always like Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman so to have both in one movie is a delight to me.

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite Christmas movie is....I love to learn more about my blog friends.

Monday, December 17, 2018

ABF Christmas Party

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas party with our ABF...Adult Bible Fellowship, or what our church calls
Sunday School.

We met in Alan and Pam's beautiful patio home that was just the right size for the gathering which included a snack supper and a rousing game of Dirty Santa. I came home with a lovely ornament while Marvin chose a Decatur Christmas ornament. Our tree is looking very festive.

Here are the ladies of Kindred Spirits ABF.

And the fellas...

Everyone looks pretty good for the older crowd. We were glad to have two of our widower members in attendance. We do miss Robin and is hard when your contemporaries have passed away. So thankful to know we will see them again one day. Our class has been together for a long time, some have been members for 20 plus years.  We have shared a lot of joy as well as sorrow and it has made us FAMILY as well as friends.

I hosted a brunch on Saturday for some of my Church Lady friends and this is the only picture I took...

We had a really good time visiting together.

And one final picture of Margaret doing an experiment at school, shared by her teacher on Facebook,

As you can see our family love of Christmas knows no bounds!!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Stitching Saturday

I thought I would do a Works in Progress today. I have two Christmas Cross Stitch Projects that I have decided to take to Grimmwood and I will work on them when I visit there and no more lugging a stitching bag with me on our trips.

This is my Christmas will probably take me a year or more to finish this one. I am stitching it on 14 count Aida with Classic Color Works Cupid and Classic Color Works Pine. I do enjoy stitching on it as Quakers never leave you bored!!

Another Christmas Stitch that will probably be done fairly soon and then I can work solely on the Quaker.

I do enjoy this one as well and lettering tends to go pretty fast so maybe by spring it will be done.

Onto my Winter Stitching.

I started Bleu Skin by Plum Street.

I am stitching it on 28 count Arctic. I am stitching one over two for a more primitive look. I am not sure how I will finish it but hopefully it will be on display for Washington's birthday in February. Bleu Skin was the name of President Washington's favorite horse.

And lastly, Brenda Gervais' FROSTY.( Jolly Happy Soul is the name of the chart)

I am stitching it on Tin Roof and I am using only three colors. Cupid, Pine and Bright White.  I am not stitching the little cardinals that are one over one. I am replacing them with small snowflakes.  Classic Color Works Cupid and Pine are highly variegated and I think they are perfect for this piece. I also changed the brown FROSTY to a red FROSTY. I love these brighter colors in the dark winter days.

Hope you are making your Stitchy Wish lists...I had one on 123 Stitch as stitching is my favorite.