Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stitching Saturday

Well it was a Finishing week at Nanaland this week. After agonizing for months about how to finish my Farmhouse Christmas I decided to just go with ornaments and hang them on the tree at Grimmwood.

Are they perfect? No I see some things I would change if I was doing it again but I am happy with them and I think they will look great on the Tree. I left off the border on these pieces because frankly when there is a border, it is hard to get that border straight when I am finishing my pieces.

This is my favorite finish....The shiny brites are stitched with Colour and Cotton November flosses. I did not add the little border at the bottom and I do not think they are needed if you want to leave them off. I used Crushed Walnut shells for the first time and I am a fan. I had to add a bit of fiber fill along with them to smooth it out a bit but I think I will be using this filling from now on. My friend, Sandy, likes Saw Dust so I may have to give that a try before fully committing.

I decided to leave my Winter by Lizzie Kate plain for now. I might embellish it in January.

And finally my Waxing Moon Cottage.

I left it plain as is hard to see but I stitched it close to the border so that acts as embellishment.

My Christmas Dough Bowl is complete....

Merry Stitchy Christmas my Blog Friends.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I love them all. Such a good job and cheery!

Sandy said...

IT is all just perfect. I haven't mastered the bowl yet. I bought a basket, but not sure where I can put it. I can't put it on my coffee table because of Gus:(

Barbara said...

Your ornaments are beautiful, very well-stitched. Don’t change a thing! Thanks for the tip about borders when finishing. I didn’t know that but I can see how that would be a problem.

Love the Lizze Kate Christmas as is. All of your projects are perfect from the perspective of my computer screen -- I've asked Santa (hubby) for a dough bowl for Christmas, so I can make pretty presentations such as you have done.

Merry December!

Brenda said...

What are the ornaments on? Frames. Lids ? Stuffed ???

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, your Christmas dough bowl looks fabulous. I love the simple elegance of the Farmhouse Christmas rounds you created. I really like them without the border. Your Hands On Design stitch looks super and I love the floss you used for the ornaments. Well done! Enjoy your Saturday!

Carol said...

I love the way you finished your Farmhouse ornaments, Arlene--the red and white cording is perfect for them, too! I am stitching one (also as a round ornament!) for a friend right now. Totally agree on the difficulty in getting things with borders straight!

Your dough bowl looks lovely as does your tree--looks like you can just sit back and relax now :)

Terri D said...

Great finishes! You do such good work and I love how you improvise and make the pieces even better for your purposes! The dough bowl looks fabulous!

Mary said...

Arlene, You had quite the finishing week!! So much eye candy it's impossible to pick a favorite. I love the photos of your dough bowl and tree! I have never used the walnut shells, I bought them but was intimated in using them. I will try since you had success with them. Love the Shiny Brite ornament. I went to a fundraising sale today and bought a bunch of Shiny Brites and other old ornaments. I'll have to add this pattern to my ever growing list. I wouldn't change a thing to the Farmhouse ornaments, they are simple and the simple cording is the perfect accent.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've made so many beautiful things for the holidays. And they will be enjoyed for years to come. I'm determined to get back to stitching tomorrow. I'm looking forward to working on a Santa I started. Hugs!

Mari said...

I love your farmhouse ornaments. It's been fun watching them progress. I love the dough bowl too!

RJ said...

What a great job you did with all of your ornaments, Arlene. I love the 5 round farmhouse ornaments done in the round. Is that bakers twine that you used and did you use two rows of it?

I love hear the is a beauty. Is that ribbon for the trim and how did you put it on to make it look like that?

I too like using crushed walnuts. I usually stuff the corners with poly, then I fill it in with crushed walnuts most of the way and finish the back with poly again.

Your dough bowl is perfect. It looks totally wonderful. RJ