Thursday, January 31, 2019

Winter Wonderland

We are really missing our visits to Grimmwood so sister, Kristi, sent me these photographs. The first one was made last week.

I love the way the clouds and the sun are playing on the mountaintop.

This was yesterday. While the valley did not get any snow, the mountains look so pretty. This is Grassy Mountain. Marvin, ever the comedian, said it should be Snowy Mountain.

And finally a picture from Cousin Scott.

I loved the picture of this fluffy cardinal enjoying the snow.  I often think what a blessing cardinals are in the dark winter days. They brighten the landscape and lift the spirits. Thank you God for giving us beauty to enjoy in every season.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Stream

Good COLD morning friends...we will just pretend we are in the Stream. I think it is too cold even for skating today!

1. Thanks to all of you who prayed the snow away yesterday so that Marvin could get his epidural. I will keep you updated as to its effectiveness.  We were very pleased with the surgical center where we had it done. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Our last experience at a different surgery center caused us to look elsewhere. Different center, different doctor and we hope a good result.

2.  I posted the picture of the book club book but then did not say a word about the book itself. It is a fictionalized account of a trip Agatha Christie took on the Orient Express to get over her divorce. She meets two other women who are also facing difficult days and they form a friendship that sees them through a dangerous situation.  It was a good book and I will be looking for more books by Lindsay Ashford.

3. My grands were all very disappointed that there was NO SNOW! Katy said the Hoover Grimmlins were up at six o'clock to see the snow. They did get a dusting.

In the south, this is about as much snow as we

4. I am cooking a roast in the crock pot today. The weather is very cold even with no snow and I am concerned for all my friends who live up north. This really was an arctic blast.  Here in Alabama we are supposed to have temps in the 60s next week.  Come on 60s!

5. I just watched the latest episode of Victoria. Is it just me or is it much darker this season? I do not like it when Victoria and Albert are squabbling.  And poor little Bertie. Some think he might have had dyslexia  and that is the reason he did not do well at his studies.  I think it was providential that Victoria lived a long life and Bertie only had a short reign of nine years.

6. It was 33 years ago this week that the Challenger disaster took place. I can remember sitting at home with Charles doing a puzzle, watching the launch and seeing the explosion.  Such a sad day. We lived in Huntsville at the time and it was big news there as NASA has such a presence in Huntsville.

7. And here it is the end of January already. Time is flying by again...I have my fingers crossed Mr Groundhog...give us an early spring!

Hope you all are keeping safe and warm wherever you are today!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January Book Club

It was my turn to host book club this month....

We read The Woman on the Orient Express. I tried to recreate an English Tea. I did hot cider instead of hot tea however.

I used Mama G's pretty Haviland china. I picked up some pretty cocktail napkins at Tuesday Morning.

 I was going for an artistic table.

I bought the little cupcakes but  I made the cheese straws, cookies and salted Pecans.

These are Little Debbie cakes but they taste yummy and are much cheaper than the petit fours I looked at the other day at Publix.

Some interesting facts about Agatha Christie...
She was homeschooled for her early education.
She married Archie Christie after only knowing him for a short time. He left the day after they were married to serve as a pilot in the RAF in WW1.
She has one daughter, Rosalind.
On learning her husband wanted a divorce in order to marry his mistress, she had a nervous breakdown and disappeared for a short time. This caused a media frenzy.
She did take the Orient Express in 1928....visiting many exotic places.
On her 1930 trip on the Orient Express to the desert, she met Max Mallowan. Max was 13 years her junior but they married and lived together until Ms Christie's death in 1976.
She spent many years with Max in the desert, doing archeological digs. Max was awarded a knighthood for his service in that field.
Agatha Christie is the Best Selling Novelist in the world of all time. Only the Bible and Works of Shakespeare have outsold her works.

A question for all you Agatha Christie fans....who is your favorite character created by this wonderful author? Mine is Miss Marple with Hercule Poirot coming in a close second. Judy at Cranberry Morning had two kitties named Tommy and Tuppence if I remember correctly. I knew at once who they were named for!!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Snow in the South

I know some of you are laughing at us Sassy Southerners as we run to the store for Snow Supplies. ( I made it to the store on Saturday to beat the rush.)   But in reality we are not prepared for snow or extreme cold weather down here. There are no snow plows....we do manage to get sand and salt on the bridges. We all hunker down until it melts which is usually just two or three days. But we all remember the March Blizzard that left us stuck inside for about a week so we don't take the forecast lightly.  Snow in the South is like a holiday. We don't have snow boots but plastic bread bags over the socks and under the shoes will do in a pinch. No sled? Grab a sturdy box, break it down, sit on it and slide down the hills until your box is in shreds. We know how to make do! The best part of snow days to me is just sitting inside with the gas logs on, sipping a hot beverage and enjoying the peace of the day.

And as much as I like a good snow day, I am supposed to take Marvin to Huntsville on Tuesday for his epidural. I would like to get this taken care of but I know that we have put up with this for much of the month and extra day or two is not going to make a lot of difference in out plans.  Thanks to all of you who are praying for Marvin to have good results from the procedure. We appreciate your prayers.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I have had a productive stitching week....

I finished my February Hands on Design.

It has a new home in the dough bowl.

I moved a few things around....I hung Baby Its Cold Outside on the wall so Winter and February are now the Breakfast Bar stars.

This is my garbage can cabinet but the top houses Nana's Snack Bowl. Don't all Nana's have treats out for their grands? I also added Jolly Happy Soul to the kitchen decor.

I think he is the perfect addition to this corner of the kitchen.

We were talking about Victoria earlier in the week so I thought I would share God Save the Queen. I did not take it completely out of the q snaps. ( I am lazy that way!)  I am closing in on an ending. It is supposed to have a picture of Albert on the right side but it was rather creepy looking so I am going to put 63 in its place. Victoria was on the throne for 63 years...amazing for that time period and all of the children she bore. Maybe we should all gobble our food!( I wish)

Just finished this quilt flag that was stitched from the Hands on Design Knee High by the Fourth of July.  Now to fully finish it.

I did pick up two pieces of stash..

I am purchasing all the Prairie Schoolers that I do not have. I am thinking of doing this one for the grands for Christmas 2019.

I saw this stitched and decided that I would  stitch it into a drum. Now that I have one drum finish under my belt I know what to do and what NOT to do which might just be more important.

Off to stitch with the North Alabama Stitchers it is a good Saturday in my book.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Five..Er, Make it Six

1. My new walking stick

My friend Deborah presented me with this walking stick that was crafted by her husband, Don. If you enlarge the photo you can see it is personalized with my name! It will be going to Chatsworth with us. We have not been since Christmas as Marvin has had a severe bout of Sciatica. We are going for an epidural on Tuesday so I ask all my prayer warriors to send up prayers for healing.

2,  New Pajamas

I was shopping at TJ Maxx and came across these pretty Carole Hockman pjs for a great price. When My children were younger, I did not purchase things for myself. I would sleep in a tee shirt and shorts or maybe a cheap gown from Walmart.  Recently I purchased some nice owl pajamas and ladies I do think I sleep better in my pjs.  Blue and white are some of my favorite color combinations and I fell in love with this pretty ensemble.

3. New Shoes

Zulily had all their Bernie Men shoes on sale and mine finally arrived this week.  Only stylish Nana's can get away with Leopard Spots.

4. Scrub Daddy

Target has Scrub Daddies now! I was so excited. I had been purchasing them at Bed Bath and Beyond but now they are in stock at one of my favorite and convenient stores.

5.  Salt and Pepper

I had seen lots of people using little pots of salt and pepper in their kitchens.  It is so convenient to get S and P from these containers when cooking. Charles and Nancy brought me a pretty blue and white tea set from China and I decided to use these two cups from the set as they match my blue and white theme in my kitchen.

6. My pantry.

My pantry was a MESS after Christmas so I practiced some Marie Kondo's tidying and not it looks much better. Ms Kondo says do not use up your shelves with things you only use every now and then. So some of my things went to the cabinet in the garage and other things were donated .  Having shelves and the floor of the pantry tidied makes me happy. Also I used my new Conair hand half vacuum and it is perfect for getting into tight places.   You do see two cake plates and covers I am going to donate one of them....I no longer make a lot of cakes and I can use that spot on my shelf.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Grands

  Here are some recent photos of the grands...Elliott and Hampton are missing from the round up but maybe I will have some of them the next time I do a Bragging Nana post.

Hudson and Landon donned their Dumb and Dumber outfits for the Huntsville Comic Con. Amelia said they were very popular and everyone wanted to get their picture.

Baylor's teacher sent this photo to Katy. Baylor was playing the xylophone.

Audrey was out with Daddy on a date while Mommy was on a business trip.  She is carefully selecting her crayon for the color page.

A selfie for Mommy.

Margaret at school....the children were studying germination of seeds.

Kendall got a phone for Christmas. I think that is a nice smile for a girl who does not like photo ops these days.

Both Kendall and Hampton are allergic to photos lately. I guess that is normal for their age but when I see a good picture of either of them it makes me smile.  Happy Thursday Blog Friends.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40!

This year 4 young men in the extended Tankersley family turned 40! Back in December and January of 1978 and 1979, my grandparents made the Chatsworth Times as an article appeared about their 4 great grandsons who were born in a six week time period.

Left to right, my late cousin Pam holding Matthew who was born on Dec18th, Me holding Ben who was born on Dec 6th, my cousin Steve's wife, Gail holding Ian who was born on Dec 29th and my cousin Brent's wife, Marilyn who is holding David who was born on January 13th.  Ian's older brother, Adam is standing behind his mom.

Here all are the boys with Cousin Adam and Cousin Jody who is on the far left.

Here are the boys all grown up...

Ian with his son, Lincoln. Lincoln is special because he is the only Tankersley boy in his generation. Also he was born on the day that my daddy died so we think Lincoln is very special for that reason.

Matt and his boys.

David and one of his sons.

And here is my 39 year challenge....if you have been looking at Facebook you know everyone is posting a picture from 10 years ago and one now. Well I am an over achiever...Here is Ben and me in 1979.

And us on Ben's birthday...

We look pretty good in my opinion.

This post reminds me again of how rapidly time flies by!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Stream

Get out your ice skates dearies as it is COLD in Sweet Home Alabama! Of course we get our coldest weather in January and February so we are not surprised. And usually in several days, the cold will let go and we will have some nice days as well.

1. Victoria on Masterpiece....I am so glad one of my favorite programs is back on PBS. My blog friend, Gina, and I were have a discussion about the program. She is team Lord M where I am team Albert.  I told Gina I had a hard time warming to Lord M because he played the despicable Jasper in the movie, The Holiday. :)  That just shows what a good actor he is...he can make me dislike him! I am working on a Cross Stitch piece right now called God Save the Queen which is a homage to Victoria. I will try to remember to post a picture this Stitching Saturday.

2. Victoria and Albert's Wedding Recreated...I watched Lucy Worsley's program about the wedding of the Royal couple.  She set about to recreate the wedding. This included all the food and the wedding dress, music etc. It was very interesting to learn about all the foods served...being the picky eater I am, I would have had a hard time! Lucy noted that when Victoria put down her fork, the plates were whisked away and many guests hated eating with Victoria because she gobbled her food.:) In later years you could see that Victoria truly did love her food as she was quite rotund.  Another interesting fact...Victoria wore a white wedding dress which was unheard of in 1840. She is the reason brides wear white today.

3. Marvin and I bundled up and hobbled outside to see the Lunar Eclipse. It was quite spectacular. One wonders what ancient people thought when solar and lunar eclipses occurred as they had no way of knowing what was going on! I am sure it was frightening to them.

4.I told you all I would give you my opinion on The Grove Collaborative after I had been a member for a period of time.  I give it a thumbs up for a Nana who loves to try new cleaning things and enjoyed having it delivered to the door. I can find products there that I cannot find in my stores. But I will say, I have splurged on Caldrea. It is not inexpensive but at this season of life I am able to treat myself to a few things. I will say the Rosewater Driftwood Scent is my absolute favorite and all I will be ordering from Caldrea in the future.

5. I have found another you tube channel that I enjoy. Diane in Denmark. She is a Scottish lady who lives in Denmark with her family. I will say she is a little fast talking and  She took her viewers to the Grocery store in Denmark the other day and it was very interesting. I am not sure I could live in the Scandanavian countries where daylight is in short supply at this time of the year. I do enjoy seeing how other people live and I can sit in my cozy chair as I travel around the globe.

6. I am heading out to breakfast with my friend, Deborah, this morning. We always go to Mr Henrys in Hartselle, Alabama. We are known to the waitresses as regulars and we always order biscuits and gravy.  When I first met Marvin and he came to visit me in North Georgia, he had never heard of biscuits and gravy.  It is a southern thing that seems to have spread across the USA now.  Back in the day when people did a lot of physical work on farms, gravy and biscuits was a good dish to hold you until lunchtime. Now it is one that I eat just once a week but growing up, my mother served us biscuits and gravy every morning. ( And a  buttered Jelly Biscuit for dessert) Oh to have the metabolism to eat this yummy dish daily now!! Biscuits and gravy can vary greatly according to the type of biscuits you like...I like mine smaller and fluffy. Gravy can vary as well...lots of people like sausage in their gravy but I like mine plain with lots of black pepper. I also like some bacon or tenderloin on the side.   My favorite biscuits other than my own or my mothers can be found at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN. There is always a wait but it is worth it.  So what are your thoughts on Biscuits and Gravy?

Have a grand day friends.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Valentine Dough Bowl

I got busy over the weekend putting up some Valentine decorations beginning with my dough bowl.

I hope to finish one more Valentine pillow this weekend.

I used some old Valentines that belonged to Marvin. His mother had saved them for him.

Old time Valentines were so pretty.

I liked this one...Its Time you are my Valentine.

The pink and red has brightened up my living room!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Stitching Retreat was a lot of fun. I met some new stitchers from Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee. The Drury Hotel where the retreat was held was so nice. All the employees went out of their way to check on all the guests and I never saw a frown. I told one of my friends I might just run away every now and then to stay there over night and

We had a snack table that was very tempting.

Mystery boxes and bags were also delegated to their own spot.

Ryan charted this cute book mark to commemorate out January Retreat.

We had a large room to ourselves. These are some of the ladies at my table.

This was my start and to fully finish.

We all took time to go to the other tables and visit  The sweet lady in blue is Chelsea who gave me my mystery box.  As you can see, lots of people brought their own lights.  Several brought along camp chairs to sit in while they stitched. I will say that sitting in the hotel chairs for two days did make my back sore in spite of getting up and moving around pretty often.  And I could not stay up stitching until all hours like the younger stitchers.

This is a portion of the shop that Katrina Boyd brought to the Retreat. She gave us a great deal on our shopping as a substitute for a swag bag.

Here is what I got...

I got this one to stitch for Kendall for Christmas. She loves owls.

I had never seen these Erica Michaels patterns so I picked up three of them.  I hope to make some strawberries this Christmas.

While I doubt I will become one of those stitchers who travels to retreats all over the USA, I will definitely come to the Huntsville Retreat again should it become a yearly event.