Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Stream

Good COLD morning friends...we will just pretend we are in the Stream. I think it is too cold even for skating today!

1. Thanks to all of you who prayed the snow away yesterday so that Marvin could get his epidural. I will keep you updated as to its effectiveness.  We were very pleased with the surgical center where we had it done. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Our last experience at a different surgery center caused us to look elsewhere. Different center, different doctor and we hope a good result.

2.  I posted the picture of the book club book but then did not say a word about the book itself. It is a fictionalized account of a trip Agatha Christie took on the Orient Express to get over her divorce. She meets two other women who are also facing difficult days and they form a friendship that sees them through a dangerous situation.  It was a good book and I will be looking for more books by Lindsay Ashford.

3. My grands were all very disappointed that there was NO SNOW! Katy said the Hoover Grimmlins were up at six o'clock to see the snow. They did get a dusting.

In the south, this is about as much snow as we

4. I am cooking a roast in the crock pot today. The weather is very cold even with no snow and I am concerned for all my friends who live up north. This really was an arctic blast.  Here in Alabama we are supposed to have temps in the 60s next week.  Come on 60s!

5. I just watched the latest episode of Victoria. Is it just me or is it much darker this season? I do not like it when Victoria and Albert are squabbling.  And poor little Bertie. Some think he might have had dyslexia  and that is the reason he did not do well at his studies.  I think it was providential that Victoria lived a long life and Bertie only had a short reign of nine years.

6. It was 33 years ago this week that the Challenger disaster took place. I can remember sitting at home with Charles doing a puzzle, watching the launch and seeing the explosion.  Such a sad day. We lived in Huntsville at the time and it was big news there as NASA has such a presence in Huntsville.

7. And here it is the end of January already. Time is flying by again...I have my fingers crossed Mr Groundhog...give us an early spring!

Hope you all are keeping safe and warm wherever you are today!!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Praying the epidural works....we didnt get a flake on the ground where I am, but there was some on the mountains around us. We will stay inside today and fight the teens but look forward to the 60's coming soon.

Mary said...

Well, it's 13 degrees here and going to get lots colder. Got another 5 inches of snow last night, I rather have the dusting your grands got.
I was in Florida with my mother and sister visiting my grandmother when Challenger went down. I'll never forget it.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad they at least got a dusting! But it's mostly just cold everywhere. It's only supposed to be in the 50s here today and I need a day cleaning house! lol That was a sad day that I remember well too. In some ways it doesn't seem that long ago!

Robin in Virginia said...

The picture of the Grands in the snow is adorable. Hard to believe that January is just about over! Continuing to pray for Marvin; glad he was able to get the injection for his sciatica.

Sandy said...

I know all the kiddos were disappointed by no snow, but not me. I am glad y'all were able to get the epidural. I still remember both space shuttle incidents like they were yesterday. Always sad to think about.
AS for spring, I just saw an entire yard of robins. Bring it on!!!!

Dianna said...

I enjoyed our pretend walk in the stream. I am so glad that you didn't get the snow but sorry that you are having to endure the cold temps. We are having more snow today and at times it looks like a blizzard out there. Our temperature tonight with the wind chill factored in is to be between -40 to -50 degrees F.

I, too, remember exactly what I was doing when the Challenger disaster took place. Such a sad time.

Have a great remainder of your day, Arlene, and enjoy that yummy roast you have going in the slow cooker.

Mrs.T said...

So thankful that Marvin could get his epidural. My aunt used to have them periodically for spinal stenosis. It was always a relief to her. Will continue to pray for a good result for Marvin.

When the Challenger went down I was in a newspaper office on a field trip with my daughters' Christian school, and that's where we got the news. There was a big New Hampshire connection with the Challenger because Christa McAuliffe, the "teacher in space" was from here. A tragic incident for sure.

Visits With Mary said...

I often cook roast in the crock pot, always turns out so good. Sorry the grands didn't get their snow, they sure look great in their winter hats. Hope Marvin's procedure is successful.

Jan said...

I remember that for some reason, I didn't have either the TV or radio on that day so I didn't know about Challenger until I went to pick my daughter up from kindergarten. Sad day.

Meg said...

Your grandkids are SO CUTE, Arlene! Cute, cute, cute! Love those hats. My 16-year-old is disappointed that we are not having snow in Boise. When it snowed a few inches the first week of December, he got ambitious and shoveled the driveways of a few neighbors, who were very generous with him and told him to come back whenever it snowed. He started dreaming of all the money he was going to make this winter. We have not had any significant snowfall since then.

Roast in the crock pot.... yum!

Have not watched Victoria, but we are always looking for titles to borrow from the library. Will watch for that!

When the Challenger exploded, I was in 7th grade. We used to have to take a bus from our little junior high to the high school for home ec classes, and I was getting off the bus to go back to my jr high classes. The kids boarding the bus told us what had happened. At first I thought they were kidding. I was heartbroken. Christa McAuliffe, a teacher/astronaut who was part of the crew, was from Idaho so we had a vested interest in the mission.

So glad the procedure went well. I hope Marvin has great results!


Anonymous said...

No snow here either, Arlene. But we are do for 16 degree temperatures overnight. I am so thankful for a warm home.

I didn't read the Victoria tidbit as I haven't watched it yet. :-)

Mari said...

We have snow to share!
I have to catch up on Victoria. I only saw the first season. Do you know if it's on Netflix? I'll have to look for it.

Terri D said...

I can't wrap my mind around it being the end of January already! Whooosh!! I too remember Challenger day. It was so sad... and still is. We have low 60s this week and I am cold!! haha It doesn't take long to get used to Florida heat!

Carol said...

So hoping Marvin's pain is finding some relief, Arlene! I well remember the Challenger explosion as my middle son was just 7 weeks old and we were up in New York visiting my parents. I remember sitting in their kitchen with him on my shoulder and just crying as I watched the news coverage...

RJ said...

Praying for relief for Marvin. It was such a horrible day when the Challenger went down. We lost so many wonderful people that day. RJ