Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Stream

Well last week we could barely stand the cold and the temp here this morning is 61 degrees!! Daffodils and Forsythia are blooming in my neighborhood. Let's go for a wade.

1. Well after I reported that Steel Magnolias is being re released in theaters, I see that Gone with The Wind is coming back to the big screen for a limited time as well.  I love Gone with the Wind but I have seen it in the Big Theater twice so not sure that I will return for the showing. Four hours is a long time to sit for an old lady.:)

2.I have become addicted to cleaning videos on You Tube.  There is something very calming about watching these young wives and mothers cleaning their houses. It is supposed to motivate me to clean and I have to admit, some days it does! I have found some new cleaning products thanks to these channels.

3. On the retirement front...we are still adjusting. Right now it seems we are on a continual weekend. We stay up late and sleep late. And while this has been nice I am a creature of habit and being off "schedule" has been hard for me.  I tell myself we have worked all our lives to enjoy this season of life so just relax a bit.

4.I am seeing a lot of posts about Kon Mari.  Basically getting rid of things that do not bring you joy. I read a little about Marie Kondo who started the craze and its seems she is almost obsessed by tidying. As a girl, she would become very anxious if she could not find something to tidy and toss. Sorry ladies but as an old nurse, when I read this I was troubled by her actions.  It just seems that we are a world of extremes lately. Crazes come and go. Diets are the same way. Why don't we all just calm down and enjoy our lives?

5. We continue to sort through photographs.  Ours and Marvin's parents photos. One of our Sunday School Friends said that they scanned their old photos and put them on a flash drive. That maybe an answer for us, allowing us to get rid of the paper copies without guilt.

6.One of my third cousins celebrated her birthday for the second time in one week. She has two birthdays. She was born at the end of January but her father did not get to the records office to record her birth until the following week, He put down her birthday as February 5th as that was the day he went to the registry.  So she gets to celebrate twice, her real birthday and her legal birthday.  Sounds like a win win to me.

Have a blessed day Friends.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Retirement was hard for me to get used to as well. After you have worked for such a long time, you feel like you are almost playing hookey! Now I dont know what I would do if I had to get up and go. I have put some pics on a flash drive and it sure saves space. I have seen Gone With the Wind so many times I doubt I would go to the theater to see it again. I did love it tho! Hope you enjoy the weather today as it is to change drastically by tomorrow.

Sandy said...

I loved your wading in the stream today.
First of all, you beat me to talking about the Marie Kondo. I am saving my comments for a blog post very soon on this very topic!
You Tube can be addictive period especially to someone like me who can be a bit obsessed with real people. That in itself is a funny statement since I abhor reality TV, but I love biographies and real people talking about stuff. I can fritter away hours on there. I have put into practice some things I have learned.
I have truly decided the kids will have to deal with the pictures. I have been sorting through houses for ten years or more now with losing parents and if I outlive Mom I will have another to do. I will take care of it all but pictures.
I am looking to you to get this retirement thing figured out before Jeff retires. I have no clue how we will make it go. The weekends wear me it. I love our vacations and trips away. Maybe we should just travel for a year until we figure it out. Of course, I am grateful to have him. I know many who have divorced or lost their spouse to death, so it is worth figuring it all out. You go girl!

Robin in Virginia said...

We have been having a taste of spring here, but they say the cold and a possible wintery mix will be returning Monday/Tuesday. I am all for decluttering, but not to the extreme that Kon Mari and others focus and share. You will settle into a routine (probably a mix of old and new) once the newness of Marvin's retirement wears off.

Meg said...

Oh, Arlene, you crack me up. For the answer to dilemma #3, see the last sentence in #4. Haha!

#5: It really bothers me that your old photos seem to be unwanted. I mean, REALLY bothers me. I come from a journalistic background, so I know how vitally important those are. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer when I was 12, and I only have one blurry photo of her. I loved her so much, but she lived out of state so I didn’t get to see her as much as I would have liked. I think if I had more photos, not just studio portraits but real life candies, I could hold on to my memories and know her better. Please don’t throw out the originals. Scanning them and uploading them to the cloud is a great idea, as hard drives and thumb drives fail.

#6: Why not celebrate a birthday month? Works for me! :-)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It does take some adjustment and finding your own way....having things you enjoy doing together but also things you do apart! It sure is nice to have choices in how you spend your time though. What a blessing. I like your thoughts of's all about balance I think. And I wouldn't want to throw old photos away even in I had them saved. Do you have anyone to pass them on to that wants them? Hugs!

Terri D said...

Joe likes to sleep later than I do so that has been our biggest adjustment. I had visions of preparing a nice breakfast and reading the paper together over the second cup of coffee. Nope. I eat alone but have adjusted and use the quiet mornings for prayers and devotions before the paper and (now) off to work most mornings while he sleeps away!

If you have a good camera you might want to try just taking a picture of the old photos. It was easier for me to do that than to scan them, and they turned out better. You can then crop them and clean them up. The lighting has to be just right so you don't get reflections. I did ours on the patio table on an over-cast day. Good luck!!

Linda said...

Some people like a lot of stuff and some are the opposite. Live and let live!
I hope y’all get the hang of retirement.....we have such a good time. Go and do while you can. I’m glad we did the cruise last year and that long road trip home but I don’t think we would be up to doing it again. I love that y’all have Grimmwood! Nothing wrong with just being. I love to just be at the ranch.

Meg said...

Oh, my... just saw a typo in my earlier comment. I meant to say I had more CANDIDS (as in candid photos) of my grandmother, not candies! Lord.....

Mrs.T said...

I always enjoy wading in the stream with you, Arlene.

One of my cousins has scanned many,many family photos. I have done quite a few myself. I put many on a jump drive for my nephews.

Retirement ... yes, we are looking forward to it so much, but I hope we can also still enjoy doing things separately. It will be a learning curve for sure.

I like your thought of just settling down and enjoying life!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I am surprised that they are going to show Gone With the Wind in theaters again. I love that movie! It is not terribly politically correct. I wonder if there will be protests? Ugh!

Mari said...

I want to start scanning photos as well. I have a lot of old photos I want to save.
You got me started on the You tube videos and I've been enjoying them too.

Mary said...

Funny you mention Marie Kondo, I just heard of her the first time this past week!! Yes, I live under a rock with no tv!

I have been frantic because I'm going to have a house guest and I just have far too much stuff and clutter, I'm trying to eliminate the unnecessary but I have to do it my own way. I saw a video of Marie's where they put all of your clothes on a bed and go through it that way. No way could I do that!! No extremes for me either!!