Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I had a finishing day this week...

I had  been in a quandary as to how I would finish this piece. I thought maybe a wreath, a frame??? So  I went to Hobby Lobby and took a stroll for inspiration. I could not find a wreath...none appealed to me.  No frames that spoke to me either so I wandered back to the back of the store where they have baskets, trays etc.

I found a tray for $8 but used my HL coupon to bring the price down. I found some pretty fabric on sale in the sewing section and picked up a piece of 5 by 7 Sticky Board.

Here is the finished piece. I added some Easter Eggs I had on hand so I was able to finish this for under $10.  This is stitched on 32 count Patriot's Brew.  All the fancy flosses were in my collection...most were Colour and Cotton. I would say I finished this piece for under $10.

My vignette on the Breakfast bar....See the Easter Chimes book from Diane? I thought it was perfect for this area.

My LNS called me to say that some things I had ordered had finally arrived.

I had put in an order for the whole year of Brenda Gervais' s Word Play back in July 2018. Well better late than  This was my birthday present to myself last year! I think I will start with July.

I also picked up this piece of 32 count Crystal Relic for Yule Tide on Thistle Hill.  I have had this chart for a year or so and I was in no hurry to stitch it until I saw the Stitching Group at Cross Stitch Peddler stitching it!  I would have never picked this fabric on my has a bit of glitter in it.  Marlene ordered a piece for me.  I am using all the called for Fancy Flosses and I have to say that I want to just sit and stitch on this one. It is so much fun. I was going to leave off the border...until I saw it in person. It really makes this piece. Sometimes you just have to see a chart stitched to appreciate the beauty of it.

I really should work on some of my older WIPs but the struggle is real....once you find a piece that keeps calling your name, you have to answer!!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday Five

1. A Sweet Surprise in the Mail

My friend, Diane at Lavender Dreamer, sent me this sweet thank you. You might remember she had her blog taken down and we all rallied to her defense. I will be using the pretty ribbons in my finishing projects and the book is just charming. I have the note on my bulletin board so I see it daily. Diane, I had a problem this week. I kept getting a message from Instagram that I had a dangerous link on my profile. Well it was my blog address....we all know it is very subversive:) So I took the link off of my profile and no more messages. It does make it frustrating to try to enjoy social media when the powers that be allow robots to be in charge of decision making.

2. A picture from Cousin Scott

This was taken right after a storm passed through.  This road is one of my favorites in our county. It has retained its country charm.

3. A Chuckle for the Week

I may have to pass this on to Marlene at The Cross Stitch Peddler.

4. John Deere Time

Uncle Bruce had a helper at the farm this week. I am sure Elliott was on cloud nine to be on the tractor.

5. A Mountain Girl

Margaret enjoyed her days on the farm too!

Happy Birthday to Daughter in Law, Nancy. She has been super busy with work, school and being pregnant with baby boy Grimm. I hope her day is a blessed one.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Grimmlins on Spring Break

The Hoover Grimmlins are on spring break this week. Ben, Margaret and Elliott were on their way to Grimmwood when they stopped in Gadsden, Alabama to check out a children's museum there. Katy and Baylor traveled to the museum but then headed back to Birmingham when the others left for Georgia. Baylor does not sleep well when he is not at home and having just Baylor gives Katy a little break as well.  Margaret and Elliott love having Daddy to themselves for a day or two and Grandma loves seeing the grands and great grands.

Uncle Charles might like this as his middle name is Clifford.

Looks like Elliott has a bright future.

This boy loves trucks.

Baylor found a quiet spot to reflect.

Ready for a call!

Nana is getting this one framed.

 Our Beautiful boy.

Our Rascal

The Princess.

So glad the children are getting to enjoy some fun spring break activities. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Minialmist Guest Room

We all know I love and embrace color but this year I  decided to make my guest room a little more relaxing and welcoming.

First I worked on the guest bath that is attached to the guest room.

I have really enjoyed the white and it looks so fresh and clean.

I changed all the bedding to white and finally found some white covering for the bedside table as well. On the table I have a few books that I think guests will enjoy....Being Dead is No Excuse and The Majorettes are Back in Town.  During the Easter season I have a Quaker Easter Egg displayed and proclaims, He is Risen.

I finally painted the chest that was in this room. It had been a barn yard red and I had a rather splashy canvas above it.   Time for a change.

I found this cute farm house tray at Dollar General for just $5. I added a picture of Marvin and Mina, along with one of my favorite plates. The ceramic Cocker Spaniels are just too cute. I collect ceramic dogs of all sorts and you will find them all over my home.  Who would not like to indulge in a Miss Marple story before heading off to dreamland? My Country is one of the old school books that I have collected over the years.

I also have a luggage table in the room.

And on the luggage table is a notebook for our next guest, Margaret. Landon and I were doing some shopping when we saw a blue notebook with an owl on it. I picked it up for Kendall who LOVES owls. Landon picked this one up and reminded me that Margaret might enjoy this notebook. Landon is always looking out for his ladies.:)

Now that I have completed my guest room, I am thinking of my next project. We have quite a few things on the list.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pretty Girls

Since I seldom post pictures of Kendall any more, thought I would share these that Amelia took this weekend.

Even at a family fire pit night, that phone is in her hands. :)

She let Amelia do her hair for her on pretty!

Miss Audrey had a photo op on Saturday afternoon for spring pictures.

Nee dress and fancy headband. Mommy said that Audrey was not in a picture taking mood so the photographer had to be on her A Game.  Oh well....I think she is cute no matter her mood.

And here she is....Thanks to Victoria Nielson Photography for another beautiful shot.

Here is Margaret celebrating with Baylor in the Block Pit.

I am blessed with pretty grand girls...cant wait to have Margaret come for part of her spring break this week.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Baylor

Yesterday our Baylor Man turned 8 years old.

Here he is at the playground with his service dog, Ruby. She keeps a vigilant eye on him.

We contributed to this gift for Baylor for his birthday.

He loves to climb and it is good therapy for him since autistic children often struggle with limb placement issues so climbing helps with this sensory problem.

And Ruby is busy keeping watch even in the backyard.

Here are some photos from his celebration with his favorite people, his immediate family. Katy did not do a big party as she knows it stresses Baylor to have a lot of people around so he got to do all the things he loves.

Donuts for a birthday treat!!

Playing at an indoor play area that Baylor loves.

Foam Block pit is his favorite.

Again I have to thank all of you who remember Baylor in prayer. Sometimes we get discouraged because it seems that there is little forward progress, then he will make some strides that give us hope for a brighter future for our boy.   He has wonderful parents, loving siblings, teachers who want to see him grow and learn and grandparents who love on him even when he acts like he would rather we did

Happy Birthday Baylor Man...hoping 8 is great for you son.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I had a good finishing week so I will share some of my FFOs with you.

My Prairie Schooler Bunnies found a home in this pretty Easter Egg. The doily was a gift from my friend, Sharon, who lives up the street.

  Molly Pitcher is complete. I thought she would fit in my Pewter Bowl this summer but turns out I had forgotten about Betsy Ross. So now I need a bigger container for my Lady Patriots.

I made a mistake in choosing fabric for Abigail Adams so her pillow is small. OOPS.

I finished stitching Teacups by Shakespeares Peddler. I hope to have it FFO'd by next Saturday.

Easter Parade is finished too. I left off the blue birds that were charted. I wanted the Bunny and the Chick to be the stars of the piece. All the fancy flosses are Colour and Cotton Flosses I had on hand.

I blame this purchase on Barb and Leanne from Lost in Floss on You Tube. I saw their cute snow men and had to order these sweet guys.  They also were on sale last why not? I will not be stitching them until autumn.

Drum Roll Please! The winner of the give away was Robin from Virginia!! Robin I already put this in the mail so it should reach you soon.    I hope everyone has a good stitchy week!! Longer hours of Daylight means more stitching.:)

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday Five

1. A Happy Boy

Katy captured this picture of Baylor on the trampoline enjoying a spring afternoon.  Those blue eyes just get Nana every time. He will be turning 8 soon. Thanks to all of you who pray for our sweet spectrum boy.

2. Bai Water

My friend,Sharon, who lives up the street shared some of this water with me this week. It is pretty good and a change from soda.

3. A Jane Austen cross stitch chart

He is a gentleman and I am a gentleman's daughter, So far we are equals. I love Pride and Prejudice so I could not resist this sampler from Plum Street featuring Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy. I ordered this chart from Kitten and Teresa sent along a pretty card and the keys I ordered to embellish a future project. I think I may frame the card and put it next o my stitching spot.

4. A Sweet Grandson

I am truly blessed in the grandson department. Saturday afternoon, Landon came by our house to share two Krispy Kremes with Nana and Grandpa. He had earned a half dozen by getting A's on his report card and he gifted us with two! We were touched by his kindness.

5. A Future Trip

This summer Marvin and I are joining Amelia and Todd for a trip to Louisiana to stat at the house featured in Steel Magnolias. If I could spell the name of the town I would add it but believe me it is pronounced nothing like it is spelled there in lies the problem. Grandpa and I are staying in the Ouiser Room.  We had hoped to take a girls trip with Kendall but the establishment does not allow guests under the age of 17. So the adults are going!

And to add another favorite thing...happy birthday to my middle sister, Kristi. I won't say how old she is but she is younger than me by a little bit!!

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Changes have always been hard for me. I am a creature of habit and routine.  So I was very sad to hear that one of my favorite stores is closing.

Lifeway Christian Book Stores are closing all brick and mortar stores. It was not clear from the article I read if they will have an online store.  I admit I Love and utilize Amazon quite a bit but these big online retailers are proving to be the death to some of the smaller retail stores.  I purchased so many cards and small gifts from Lifeway in the years past. It is just up the road from my house and very convenient.

I was in a book club back in the early 80s and we read a book called Future Shock. That book predicted that in the future people would work from home and buy all their goods from home via the computer. At that time, I did not even have a clue what the internet would be! We had moved to Louisville Ky and for the first time in our lives we had cable tv and we were just amazed by that!! So I guess the future is here and the predictions of that weird book have come to pass.

I do my best to buy locally when I can...we have several lovely gift shops here in Decatur. And where would I be without The Cross Stitch Peddler? So many of my stitchy friends are jealous that I have a local needlework shop in my little town plus another one in Huntsville.  While online shopping is convenient, it is nice to be able to browse in a store, pick up an item and look at it. I get some of my best creative ideas from vignettes in stores.

I will miss you Life Way and I am hoping more of my favorite stores do not close their doors.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Just Lanai ing Around

Well my second pedicure of the season is in the books...flip flops are on and the color chosen was OPI's Just Lanai ing Around.  It is probably the closest I will get to Hawaii!!

This week is spring break. There was a change this year as Kendall and Landon are old enough to sleep in as Nick and Tara get ready for work and the little sisters head off to day care. Kendall and Landon text me once they are up, dressed, fed and chores are done and I drive over to their dad's house and pick them up.

On Monday Landon accompanied me to the grocery store while Kendall stayed home with Grandpa. The lady in the bakery offered him a free cookie. He thanked her for it and as we walked away, he carefully wrapped the cookie in the napkin and put it in his pocket. I asked if he was not hungry and he told me he wanted to share it with Kendall.  I told him we could buy a cookie for Kendall and we did. Now Kendall on the other hand would have eaten hers without a thought of little brother.:)  Landon reminds me a lot of my Granddaddy Tankersley. He has a pleasant and caring disposition.

Kendall was telling me that she had taken her little sisters on a walk in the neighborhood and the youngest sissy, pitched a fit. I asked if that reminded her of anyone????  Kendall smiled and said, "Me".When Kendall was little she was a ring tailed tooter as we say here in the south.  She was a firecracker and smart as a whip so it was difficult to pull anything off on her.  When she was about three we were on a trip with Amelia and we spent the night at a hotel that had an indoor pool. After riding in the car all day, Kendall was ready for some action and she was not going to get out of the pool when it was time to go to bed. She did have one weakness...she was scared of monkeys. Grandpa told her that he saw a sign that said Monkeys may swim after 9 pm. Well she was ready to get out when he told her that. ( Yes we were mean grandparents but we were exhausted and ready for bed.)  We all had a good laugh as we recalled other Kendall stories.

Yesterday K and L spent the afternoon with their Ledlow grandparents. They were so happy to be able to spend time with them. Their grandfather is battling lung cancer and now he is feeling better so he can visit with them without fear of catching some germ from the kiddos. Landon was ready for some of Mimi's fried potatoes.

I took the afternoon to do some errands and I managed to get my toes done while out.  I tried a new salon a friend recommended in Hartselle. It was a nice experience and I will be going back there. While I was out enjoying my afternoon, Marvin was having the first of two root canals that he must get done.  It was his first root canal and he was rather anxious but all went well.

Well the kiddos are off to Mimi and PaPaw's house again today so I have a day to myself. I think I hear my craft room calling me. Frankly it is a time to deal with it. Have a blessed day friends.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Blasts from the Past

I mentioned that Marvin had worked on having some old pictures digitized. Well we finally received them and what a nice trip down memory lane.

I love this picture of Marvin and his older sister, Mina. Quite the sailors.

The rest are more recent...

Yes that girl with brown hair is me. I think this was made not long after Marvin and I were married.

This is me and my cousin, Holly. She was the flower girl in my wedding.  I think I was 23 when this was made.

Marvin and I spent WAY too much money for this little cap for Ben for his first Easter.

Ben and Amelia...rady for bed on a Saturday night. Amelia has her curlers in her hair.

Charles at age two...he reminds me a lot of Elliott.  See the big wheel in the background?

No pictures of Marvin as he was doing all the picture taking in these family photos.  The only problem with looking at these pictures of the children, I miss those sweet little people. Ok, they were not sweet all the time but I still miss them.