Monday, March 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Baylor

Yesterday our Baylor Man turned 8 years old.

Here he is at the playground with his service dog, Ruby. She keeps a vigilant eye on him.

We contributed to this gift for Baylor for his birthday.

He loves to climb and it is good therapy for him since autistic children often struggle with limb placement issues so climbing helps with this sensory problem.

And Ruby is busy keeping watch even in the backyard.

Here are some photos from his celebration with his favorite people, his immediate family. Katy did not do a big party as she knows it stresses Baylor to have a lot of people around so he got to do all the things he loves.

Donuts for a birthday treat!!

Playing at an indoor play area that Baylor loves.

Foam Block pit is his favorite.

Again I have to thank all of you who remember Baylor in prayer. Sometimes we get discouraged because it seems that there is little forward progress, then he will make some strides that give us hope for a brighter future for our boy.   He has wonderful parents, loving siblings, teachers who want to see him grow and learn and grandparents who love on him even when he acts like he would rather we did

Happy Birthday Baylor Man...hoping 8 is great for you son.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Looks like it was his kind of birthday, and that is what is important for Baylor.

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy birthday wishes to Baylor! It looks like he had a fabulous celebration. He is one lucky boy to be surrounded by wonderful family and teachers.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYLOR Wishing you a joyous day and a year of blessings.

Mary said...

Baylor had a great 8th Birthday Celebration. He is one handsome, happy looking child!! I hope his 8th year is a great one.

Dianna said...

Such good pictures of Baylor and what special parents he has. It is such a blessing to read how he was able to do the things he really enjoys with those he loves to celebrate his birthday. It looks as if he definitely enjoyed it all. What a blessing the service dog Ruby is!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday Baylor! I love all those smiles from him. He's blessed to have such supportive people around him.

Carol said...

Looks like Baylor had a wonderful birthday... I love the look of pure joy on his face as he swings away with his loyal pup beside him :)