Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Stream

Well the weather is warming up a bit but along with the warmer temps we get more rain.....I feel for the farmers who will have to wait quite a while to plant their crops this year unless they are planting rice.

1. Don't forget to leave your answer to the Questions listed yesterday to be entered in the give away. I have everything purchased and ready to pack up for the winner. It is alway fun to give back to the people who mean so much to you.

2. Landon's soccer practice was cancelled for this week. It was TOO Cold and the fields were Too Wet.  I really enjoy soccer...we can take our chairs and sit outside and enjoy the games. We usually stop for ice Cream on the way home.

3. This week, Marvin received the digitalized versions of his family home movies from Kodak. What fun we have had watching these silent movies from the 1950s and 1960s.  It seems most were made at Easter or Christmas. One of our favorites is an Easter Morning ...all the Grimm boys in their Sunday best. Lee who was about five and William who was three were standing on the walkway from the front door showing off their cuteness when in the background the front door swings open and Marvin comes barreling down the walk pushing aside the little brothers and stands there looking very proud of himself.  We also have some films of Marvin as a toddler just learning to walk...he wobbles all over the screen. Of course these films make us miss many family members who are gone on to heaven. It is bitter sweet for sure.  Landon did get a kick out of seeing that Grandpa had once been a bossy big brother.

4. It was good to see all my stitchy friends at the Market Night at Cross Stitch Peddler...more about this on Saturday Stitching. We added a few members to North Alabama Stitchers and we got to chat about our favorite designers. Once things settle down at the shop, I plan to go back and hear of Marlene's adventures in Nashville. She gets to interact with the designers and she usually has some good stories to tell.

5. I was in Target yesterday just browsing. I saw that Dylan's Candy Bar on display It is a small area that sells candies from the Dylans Candy Bar in NYC. While it was pretty, it had NYC prices if you know what I mean. If any of you mama's or nana's are looking for some sturdy plastic plates for you little ones, Target has a good sale on their children's dinnerware.  I also picked up a few pretty plastic glasses on sale. I use these in our master bath for our pill taking needs.  Target does have out all the Easter Candy and Decorative items but I am trying not to add to my seasonal decor addiction.

6. We plan to head off to Grimmwood to celebrate two birthdays....Niece, Laura and Sister Kristi. We are also having a Henderson Cousins dinner. We have been trying to get together more often as an extended family. We always have the best time.  On March 24th we will celebrate Baylor's 8th birthday in Birmingham. Then DIL, Nancy has a birthday on the 29th. My bestie Deb has a birthday on the 27th so I have lots of celebrating to do this month.

Beware the Ides of March!!( the only thing I remember from the play Julius Caesar that I read in high school!)


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I know you enjoyed the home movies......they are always fun. I never knew what the 'ides of march' were but remember where it came from! I played yesterday for the favorite day of the week. Sure would like to win!!! lol Happy Thursday.

Miss Dishywoo said...

You WILL be busy celebrating this month! I love that Marvin had his family photos digitized. We need to do that, too. In the movie "Christmas Vacation", do you remember when Chevy Chase is trapped in the attic and decides to watch old home movies? Gets me every time. My favorite color is red.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I enjoyed walking through the stream today. It sounds like March is a good birthday month for you with celebrating family and friends. Enjoy your time at Grimmwood!

My favorite color as always been blue. I do love rich jewel tones along with autumn colors and good old red, white, and blue.

Mrs.T said...

Hmmm ... my favorite color? It is a toss-up between blue or green. For years my favorite color was blue, but in the last 15 years or so I have begun to favor various shades of green. Not sure why; I am just more drawn to them.

Could just picture that Easter movie! You did a fantastic job of describing the scene.

Is Baylor's actual birthday on March 24? If so, how fun -- that is my granddaughter Emily's birthday also!

Enjoyed dipping a toe into the stream today!

Deb said...

I wish I had friends to cross stitch with, it would be so much fun! I do read your blog everyday, just do not comment too often!
My favourite colour is Ocean Blue!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Enjoy your time with family! You'll have fun I know! And my favorite color is blue. Am I supposed to answer on the original post. I'll go do that just to make sure! lol Hugs!

Darleen said...

My favorite color is blue.

Annsterw said...

Have fun with the family! I cannot wait to spent time with mine next week! YIPPEE!
My favorite color is YELLOW!!!!! Bright and vibrant and represents sunshine and joy!
Hugs! Annster's Domain

Dianna said...

I loved reading about the digitalization of Marvin's childhood...and Landon's reaction to seeing his Grandpa being a bossy big brother. :)

You do have a busy birthday month! Enjoy all of the celebrations!

My favorite color is blue. :)

Terri D said...

My favorite color has always been green - any shade of green. My eyes are green so maybe that has something to do with me gravitating to green! I love your #3! How fun! It really is a blessing to have loved ones and memories digitized. I just wish I had a recording of my dad's and mom's voices. I haven't forgotten them, but would sure love hearing their voices again. Happy birthday to all your March birthdays!! I enjoyed your stream!!

Anonymous said...

Blue is my favorite color.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I need to go to Target now! :-)

Watching old home movies is such a hoot! The clothing & culture seem so alien to what happens now. The grands do find them quite funny!

Enjoy your birthdays weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oops - favorite color is blush pink!

Mari said...

I can only imagine how fun it was to watch those old movies.
My favorite color is blue. I have a lot of gray in my house now, but I still accent with blue, and I seem to wear blue all the time!

Carol said...

I've been in Florida and then caught a nasty cold/flu bug on the way home so I am WAY behind on reading/commenting, Arlene! So good to be home and catching up with you and my stitching friends again :)

You always have such interesting things for us in your Friday post! I will be looking for the Dylan's Candy Bar at my local Target. Surprised that a store known for its bargains would stock expensive candies. I wonder how they will sell?

Enjoy your Grimmwood birthday celebrations! We have a lot of March birthdays, too :)

Carol said...

Forgot to mention my favorite color is blue--but I think you knew that from my blog :)