Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cracker Barrel Day

Summer is in full swing at my favorite combo restaurant/store, Cracker Barrel. I snapped this pics at the Cracker Barrel in Dalton, Ga.

It seems a nautical theme is the most popular at the store.

Flip flops? Of course.

UMMM...I might need this one.

Mermaids are still quite popular as well. Who doesn't love this pretty aqua color?

Vacation themes are everywhere.

Of course Owls remind me of my favorite gal, Kendall.

I thought this post box was cute. It would be nice to place on the porch so friends could leave notes and cards for you.

Marvin and I both loved this floating fountain.

Eat....the perfect sign for Cracker Barrel. I love the jadeite pieces as well.

Hope you enjoyed strolling through Cracker Barrel today.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Nana Bragging

Ok, the title says it all. Todays post is all about the family.. As I had so much catching up to do I did not have an Easter post so some are Easter snaps and some are just random pictures of the children and their parents.

It seems a lot of churches have an Easter backdrop for their Easter services so that parents can snap pictures. It was a bit chilly on Easter norming so Audrey has a sweater on over her Easter frock.

A picture of the Roberts/Ledlow grands seeing what they got in their Easter Eggs. Todd and Amelia decided to have some fun with them this year and instead of finding Candy and money in their eggs, there were random things. Kendall said she got a bobby pin and a rubber band in one of hers. The kids did not find it as amusing as the parents. After the Easter Egg hung they had a scavenger hunt and when they got back with the suggested items they each got a pack of Peeps. I am sure Todd and Amela were just laughing and laughing. In the end the kids did get some Easter Candy and not just Peeps. Believe me, none of them wanted peeps at all. I told them to save them for Grandpa!

The Hoover Grimmlins all dressed up for Easter.

Margaret found the golden egg.

Elliott tried to be a good sport. It was hard as he wanted to find the Golden Egg.

Amelia had these balloons for Kendall on her birthday.

Kendall's daddy took all these girls to the movies for Kendall's birthday.

The Earthquakes ...Elliott keep looking at his family instead of paying attention.:)

Baylor took in the game but he had his iPad and was watching cooking videos. Katy says that is his new obsession. 

Grandpa and Margaret.

Love this picture of Ben and Katy as they get a night out !

Landon on the field at his soccer game. Priceville Bulldogs won! 

Daddy took Landon fishing. He caught this big bass and 8 more!

Enough bragging....but isn't that what Nana's are for????

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Grab a cup of coffee as this is a long post.

I had to snap a picture of this cross stitch done by my sis in law, Mina, back in the 80s.

It was stitched on the 11 count fabric that was popular back then. I think it is still a lovely piece and I am wondering if anyone knows who this designer might be? She has another one that is similar but it has a Pineapple in the middle of the welcome. This one is my favorite.

While I was at Grimmwood I got some stitching in.

I finished Summer Whirly Gig by Heart in Hand.

I worked on Christmas Quaker 2.

I finished Faithful and Star of Wonder is a work in progress. I wonder how it was that all my stitching met up Using Aida has its advantages.

I also stitched on My Christmas List by Silver Creek Samplers. I see an end in sight.

Speaking of finishes...I thought I would share my finish of Summer Whirlygig.

First I went to Home Depot to pick up some washers and magnets. This is where Priscilla purchases her hardware.

My friend, Susan, gifted me with this old spool from a chenille plant in North Carolina. She gave me three and two are used as candleholders at Grimmwood so I was glad to come up with an idea to use this one.

I glued this washer to the top of the spool with my glue gun.

I put the finished piece on this round sticky board circle from Hobby Lobby. I added a piece of batting to the sticky side of the circle. Packages of these tag board circles will be showing up in the stores with the Christmas crafts. HL usually starts putting out their Christmas products at the end of July. I found mine on a rack with a lot of other craft items for children. I always stock up on these great boards because cutting a circle is one of the hardest things ever for me. You do have to clip the little tab on the top off of this round but that is easy peasy. Here is how I glue my circles. I glue down every other tab. I also use a popsicle stick to push the fabric down in the hot glue. I have been burned before and I learned my lesson.

Here it is completed.

Then I tear my homespun for the trim.

 I like using checks as it is easier to do a straight running stitch on this fabric. I like the tea dyed look as well. I got this fabric at Hobby Lobby.

I do a running stitch about 1/2" inside and pull it up to make a circle. I attach it to the board with these pins. I then glue what I can with the pins in place. Once the glue has set I take the pins out and glue any spots that did not adhere to the board.

I add a magnet to the middle back of the piece.

And here it is on the spool. I know the designer has done spring and summer so I am looking forward to fall and winter. I will just pop them on and off with the magnets.

Here it is waiting to go to Grimmwood with our My Pillows for our house there. Have I said how much I love my My Pillow???

I had another will be made into a drum sometime soon...after I watch Vonna's tutorial again.  Pardon the creases.:) I wanted to get it added to the post and did not take time to iron it.

Speaking of Hands on Design....I am doing a give away. If you would like to be entered just answer this question.  What floss do you use most often? Fancy Floss or DMC? Please do not use the word give away in your answer.

This is the chart you will receive if you win. Priscilla just stitched this one and left off the fabric that is included....stitching the grass in fancy floss instead.

The Fabric is included with the chart....your decision as to whether you will use it or not! I will announce the winner next Saturday.

Some Stash this week...

I had been looking and looking for Weather Wise by Prairie Schooler and it popped up on Etsy at a very reasonable price. Yes PLEASE!! I am stitching the harbor scene on the top but I am leaving out the words. You all know my fondness for houses and villages.

And since I had two finishes I allowed myself a new start.

Where Liberty Dwells by With thy Needle and Thread ( Brenda Gervais). I am doing the top chart with Uncle Sam and the Queen of Liberty. I picked flosses from my stash as I need to use up some fancy floss. It will be stitched in Colour and Cotton and Victorian Motto Threads.

And finally a picture of me in my new Stitching with the Housewives Shirt. I was rather disappointed that no stitchers stopped to ask me about it. I guess our tribe is not as big as we sometimes think it is.

Well if you are still around...thanks for taking the time to visit today!! Happy Stitching.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Five

1. Teachers who share pictures of their class with parents and grandparents.

Here is my Margaret at school working on a fun project with a friend.

2. A New Spring Centerpiece

The Bunny went back to the attic until next Easter but I kept the candle ring and doily and added a small hurricane and candle.

3. The Masters Grimm

Nancy is getting her MBA soon so Charles put on his Masters Robes and Audrey could not be left out so she is wearing her Disney hat and a bathrobe. So proud of Nancy as she receives her diploma. Hopefully this time next year, Charles will be Dr Grimm as he finishes his doctoral work.


We got about a pint of honey from the one frame we brought home on Monday. These are small jars and we filled up four. I did the processing and while it is a sticky endeavor, I felt very proud of my jarred honey. I do plan to purchase a double sieve for the next batch. I am glad  I "learned" on a small batch and I have watched a lot of You Tube tutorials that will be of help with a larger batch. I also want to render the beeswax from now on so I can make some beeswax thread conditioner for my stitching friends.

5. My childhood baby doll, Shirlynn

I got this baby doll when I was four so she is 60 this year.  Don't ask how I came up with the name Shirlynn but being southern  I would say I mixed Shirley and Lynn together. I have had her stored away but I recently took her down, gave her a bath and ordered her some new bloomers and a dress. Her dress even has an S monogram on the front right side of the dress. I don't think it shows up in this picture. She will be traveling to Grimmwood to add to the Children's Corner. But I will remind the girlies that she is very old and to handle her with care.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Kendall

It is hard to believe that Kendall is 13 years old today.

Here is the first picture of Kendall on my blog back in 2012.

We were going to the library and she had her book bag on her shoulder.

And another one...

Oh she still had her baby teeth. Let me pause and wipe away a tear.:)

Here she is at her birthday dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

She is sitting by her favorite brother, Hudson. They have the same quirky sense of humor and get along very well.  I am sure she is drinking her favorite beverage, Dr Pepper.

Oh how we love this girlie who taught us how to be grandparents.  I will admit that the oldest grandchild  will always be special as you could not wait for them to arrive and you wanted to see them every day. Not that I don't want to see my other grands every day but as you add to the tribe, you calm down from that first Nana Mania.

At 13, she continues to be very smart. She has a brain like a steel trap. She is good at math, though history is probably her favorite subject. She watches you tube a lot and enjoys attending the local Huntsville Comicon, dressed as her favorite anime character. Quirky, sweet and artistic too. After school on Wednesday we went to Hobby Lobby so she could choose her own art supplies. She is a great pencil artist so I want her to have the kind of pencils she favors. And the bonus was getting time to spend with just me and my girl. I know as she gets older, she will pull away just as my own children did so I am reminding myself to cherish the moment.