Friday, April 5, 2019

Friday Five

1. Publix Breakfast Bread

If you have not tried Publix Breakfast Bread, you are missing out on a lovely breakfast treat. Filled with nuts and dried fruits it is delicious. I cannot buy it very often as I would eat the whole loaf if left alone with it.

2. My New Purse

Several of you noticed it sitting by my side as we ate lunch at Tip Top Grill.  You caught me....I could not resist this new design by Dooney and Bourke.  It looks like straw but it is actually leather. I have really enjoyed carrying this purse every day.

3. Book Mark with Ribbon

I ordered this Toile Ribbon on ETSY and it came on a pretty tea dyed tag with french writing across the front of it. After I put my ribbon in my embellishments basket in the craft room, I kept the tag to use as a book mark.

4. Bless Your Heart

One of my local friends has a business that makes shirts of all shapes, sizes and designs. I ordered this one from her. I am known for saying Bless Your Heart and my friend, Susan, has gifted me with several lovely mementos with this inscription on the front. Now when I say Bless your Heart, most of the time I mean it in the nicest way. The rest of the time  it is in a Snarky way....only I know the real meaning.  So always be suspicious if a Southern Belle blesses your heart, it could go either way!!

5. On the Farm Whirlygig

I got not resist this Heart in Hand design. I am not sure how I will finish it but I just loved that big black hen. It will be going to Grimmwood.

Do you like my new font? I am getting older and I appreciate bigger print so I googled how to enlarge the font on my blog.  Cherry Cream Soda is the name of the new font. How could I NOT use this one ? The name alone makes me happy.  I could not live without Google. It tells me how to do everything on the computer.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love your Friday Five......the bread and bag and shirt all look great. And I use a large font too....the old eyes 'aint' what they used to be....and bless your heart is a saying I use all the time for both good and bad! The person has to decipher the meaning.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful bag, wow, it’s lovely! Bless your heart is such a tender loving saying and I can’t think of a nicer print to have on a shirt, lovely collection of items to show us today, thank you for sharing,

Miss Dishywoo said...

I thought something was different as I was reading! Yes, the new font is great. I wish everything I read was in this style. LOL Your new handbag is a dream. Happy weekend.

Angela S. said...

That bread is awesome, especially with a little mascarpone 😉! Your sweatshirt looks like a Rae Dunn mug, I love the font she used! Happy weekend!

Sandy said...

Yes, I like the font. I need bigger. You should see my phone font:)
I did notice that purse and it is adorable. IT looks like straw.
That black hen is so cute. At one time I was obsessed with chickens. I have toned it down a bit, but they still catch my eye. I cross stitched some back in the day on a shirt with the removable cross stitch linen. Forgot the name of it.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed this week's Friday Five, Arlene! Love your new font and the name makes me smile! I thought your new bag was straw; very interesting that it is leather. I love the 'bless your heart' on the sweatshirt. Does your friend have a web site? I look forward to seeing your finish of On the Farm Whirlygig! Enjoy your Friday!

Linda said...

I love Publix but sadly we don’t have any in Texas! They have the best blueberry wine I’ve ever tasted!
Love your purse! And that cross stitch! I say Bless your heart, too. Always in a nice way! I don’t want to confuse people!
We will be home for Easter and then come back down to the ranch. Our bees were supposed to have been here mid April not it’s end of April. Have you already received yours?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

YES! I love your new font! And Publix really does have the best bakery. We got the Five grain bread today and some blueberry bagels. Hubby might have gotten the doughnut on get one free! heehee! He shopped today so I won't complain...not a bit! Bless his heart! heehee! Hugs!

Meg said...

Your purse is divine!

A Texas friend introduced me to saying “bless your heart” as a response to mean people. Love her!

Terri D said...

I love your new sweatshirt!! Bless your heart!! Perfect! I enjoyed your post today!! Well, I enjoy your posts every day! Hugs!!

Mari said...

I love the new font, and the sweatshirt too. Bless your heart! (meant in the nicest possible way!)

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I used to say Bless Your Heart all the time. Now I have to watch myself. Here in NC, it usually means the mean snarky way. yikes!

RJ said...

Love your 5 as always Arlene. Great looking purse. RJ