Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Grab a cup of coffee as this is a long post.

I had to snap a picture of this cross stitch done by my sis in law, Mina, back in the 80s.

It was stitched on the 11 count fabric that was popular back then. I think it is still a lovely piece and I am wondering if anyone knows who this designer might be? She has another one that is similar but it has a Pineapple in the middle of the welcome. This one is my favorite.

While I was at Grimmwood I got some stitching in.

I finished Summer Whirly Gig by Heart in Hand.

I worked on Christmas Quaker 2.

I finished Faithful and Star of Wonder is a work in progress. I wonder how it was that all my stitching met up Using Aida has its advantages.

I also stitched on My Christmas List by Silver Creek Samplers. I see an end in sight.

Speaking of finishes...I thought I would share my finish of Summer Whirlygig.

First I went to Home Depot to pick up some washers and magnets. This is where Priscilla purchases her hardware.

My friend, Susan, gifted me with this old spool from a chenille plant in North Carolina. She gave me three and two are used as candleholders at Grimmwood so I was glad to come up with an idea to use this one.

I glued this washer to the top of the spool with my glue gun.

I put the finished piece on this round sticky board circle from Hobby Lobby. I added a piece of batting to the sticky side of the circle. Packages of these tag board circles will be showing up in the stores with the Christmas crafts. HL usually starts putting out their Christmas products at the end of July. I found mine on a rack with a lot of other craft items for children. I always stock up on these great boards because cutting a circle is one of the hardest things ever for me. You do have to clip the little tab on the top off of this round but that is easy peasy. Here is how I glue my circles. I glue down every other tab. I also use a popsicle stick to push the fabric down in the hot glue. I have been burned before and I learned my lesson.

Here it is completed.

Then I tear my homespun for the trim.

 I like using checks as it is easier to do a straight running stitch on this fabric. I like the tea dyed look as well. I got this fabric at Hobby Lobby.

I do a running stitch about 1/2" inside and pull it up to make a circle. I attach it to the board with these pins. I then glue what I can with the pins in place. Once the glue has set I take the pins out and glue any spots that did not adhere to the board.

I add a magnet to the middle back of the piece.

And here it is on the spool. I know the designer has done spring and summer so I am looking forward to fall and winter. I will just pop them on and off with the magnets.

Here it is waiting to go to Grimmwood with our My Pillows for our house there. Have I said how much I love my My Pillow???

I had another will be made into a drum sometime soon...after I watch Vonna's tutorial again.  Pardon the creases.:) I wanted to get it added to the post and did not take time to iron it.

Speaking of Hands on Design....I am doing a give away. If you would like to be entered just answer this question.  What floss do you use most often? Fancy Floss or DMC? Please do not use the word give away in your answer.

This is the chart you will receive if you win. Priscilla just stitched this one and left off the fabric that is included....stitching the grass in fancy floss instead.

The Fabric is included with the chart....your decision as to whether you will use it or not! I will announce the winner next Saturday.

Some Stash this week...

I had been looking and looking for Weather Wise by Prairie Schooler and it popped up on Etsy at a very reasonable price. Yes PLEASE!! I am stitching the harbor scene on the top but I am leaving out the words. You all know my fondness for houses and villages.

And since I had two finishes I allowed myself a new start.

Where Liberty Dwells by With thy Needle and Thread ( Brenda Gervais). I am doing the top chart with Uncle Sam and the Queen of Liberty. I picked flosses from my stash as I need to use up some fancy floss. It will be stitched in Colour and Cotton and Victorian Motto Threads.

And finally a picture of me in my new Stitching with the Housewives Shirt. I was rather disappointed that no stitchers stopped to ask me about it. I guess our tribe is not as big as we sometimes think it is.

Well if you are still around...thanks for taking the time to visit today!! Happy Stitching.


Mary said...

My goodness Arlene, You have been busy!!! I love that Welcome stich, it is timeless. I can't wait to see your drum, I'm hoping you take step by step photos like you did with your whirly gig. That was very helpful. I didn't realize the round ornaments had sticky board on them. I"m curious as to why you put the stitch on the sticky part and not the backing on the sticky part. I loved that finish on the spool. Love your Christmas List, can't wait to see how you finish that. I am becoming tempted to get the Heart in Hand Monthly stitches too..They would be an easy finish to attach to a stand. The PS Harbor is gorgeous, you must have been thrilled to find it at good price. Thank you for posting pics of the magnet and washers, I took a photo of it with my phone. I was hoping to do my first magnet/washer finish this weekend. Great photo of you in your shirt, you must have been disappointed when no one asked about it! I would love to see someone wearing one! Enjoy your weekend. Mary

Anonymous said...

so much beautiful stitching! You have been busy and so creative,, I love to see the process of how a project takes shape, I no longer to needle work
( my eyes are past that ) but I once enjoyed it very much, I relive that joy through my visits here!

Sandy said...

Wonderful post! I love the little spool idea. That is going to be fun to change out. I really need to do some of those PS ones. They are lovely...really simple and yet so pretty. Your Quaker Christmas piece is going to be so great. You are the best at sharing things. I have learned so much from you. Thank YOU! I know no one around here would have a clue about the shirt. I just live in a bubble and my Internet world with stitching, but I so love my hobby. I am so grateful for the Internet world to have someone to share it with and learn new stuff.
I still am having all kinds of comment issues. So dang frustrating.
Oh and you might try an eBay search for the Welcome pattern. I will keep my eye out at Goodwill too:)

Jan said...

Love the finish on Summer Whirligig. I've found a number of patterns on etsy and ebay at good prices. I prefer using DMC.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a great post to enjoy this morning with my coffee, Arlene! Love the Welcome stitch that you shared by your sister in law. It sort of looks like Homespun Elegance, but also some of the early Leisure Arts designs. Your spool stitch and finish is darling. Well done! You have made good progress on your Christmas stitches. I look forward to seeing your new patriotic stitch underway. If my stitching pals didn't keep me informed and if I wasn't on the Fat Quarter Shop's mail list, I wouldn't have known about your shirt. Now that being said, I would have asked you about it. Enjoy your Saturday!

Terri D said...

All of your finishes are wonderful and the t-shirt is very cute!

Meg said...

Phew! Arlene, you have accomplished a lot this week. I can honestly say that my husband would know what your shirt refers to. He loves to see baby Cash on the Real Housewives of XS.

Had no idea HL sold sticky-board circles. Great idea!

I love to stitch with fancy floss, and because of your blog, I subscribed to the Colour & Cotton monthly floss club. It’s fun to substitute colors, and they are so beautifully variegated. I have quite a collection now!

Have a great weekend!

Mari said...

I love your shirt! I also love your creative finishes. That spool is ingenious. The Welcome by Mina has stood the test of time. I really like it too.
I've never tried the my pillow. It seems people either love or hate it. :)

RJ said...

Arlene, I love this post as it was filled with so much great stitching and ideas. Your spool is how you finished it. Great tips on the finish...thank you. Your welcome stitch is such a great pattern done by your sister. Great progress on all of your holiday stitching. Can't wait to see your drum finish. I have been scared to try that one.

Lastly, you look adorable in your housewives shirt. I almost always stitch with over dyed floss. I think because they are better organized and I still need to get a better way of storing all of my DMC. RJ

Laurel Wood said...

Great photo of you, Arlene, with your pretty shirt. I enjoyed seeing all of your projects. I hope you enjoy your Sunday. Mildred

Barbara said...

Your stitching is superb! I just love seeing what you've been up to. If I saw you (or anybody) in that T-shirt, I would speak up!!! Maybe you need to wear it EVERYTIME YOU GO OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE!!

To answer the question, I use DMC exclusively because I have so much of it and it gets along well with me. I just wish I had more time to sit and stitch!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Miriam said...

I like the T- shirt. I use DMC. Can I enter ? I am from Italy

Carol said...

You look so cute in your T-shirt, Arlene--and I'm sure eventually you'll run across some fellow stitchers who will comment on it :) Love your Christmas List project--that looks like an especially fun piece to stitch. And your finish on the spool is so cute. I bought a wooden candlestick at Goodwill a while back thinking I might use it in a finish some day. We'll see :) Hope you have a wonderful month of May!