Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Five

1. The Flag at the Tybee Lighthouse. My niece, Maggie, snapped this photo. I love it.

2. Praise from Vonna. I posted this picture on Instagram over the weekend and Vonna ( The Twisted Stitcher) commented with a word of praise. It made my day.

3. My friend, Carolyn, gifted me this book written by her daughter who was a missionary nurse for many years. I have read the first chapter and I must say, I am impressed with her knowledge and depth.

4. I found this Longaberger Basket for a steal while out junking over Memorial Day Weekend. We are using it to hold all our remotes at Grimmwood.

5. Our Samuai Swimmer. Katy pulled his hair up out of his face for swimming. I am sure it was a little loud for Baylor at the pool but this boy loves the water.  And pretty Margaret...she is always close by her brother.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fall at Hobby Lobby

I had to make a Hobby Lobby run for some essentials....yes, essentials. I had to gt a spool of thread, a small piece of red fabric and a birthday gift.  Hold on to your hats Ladies. While it is a balmy 90 plus degrees here in NoAla, it is fall at our favorite craft store.

Looks like trucks are still a big decorative theme going into fall. I was thinking this would be cute with a fall cross stitch piece where it says Give Thanks...hmmmm. Where is my 40% off coupon?

Here is a cute would be easy to replicate but for the price of it, purchasing might be easier.

Lots of signs for the home.

I really liked this rustic swag. It would be perfect at Grimmwood.

Cotton is still King at Hobby Lobby. I love this pretty plate with the birds, butterflies and cotton bolls.

And Christmas is being rushed to the shelves. I was shopping ( and listening) in Aisle two. The store manager and his area boss were discussing where to put all the Christmas merchandise.

It is near the end of May but before we know it...Christmas will be here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Day in Canton

We enjoyed a nice Memorial Day Weekend at Grimmwood. I will try to get back to commenting on everyone's blogs this week. I read them all but as I have said before, typing on a phone can lead to many mistakes so I prefer to wait until I am back at my laptop.

Sunday we were blessed to spend some time with Baby J and family.

Audrey was mesmerized by the Paw Patrol tape dvd that Nana  brought her. Apparently she has a little friend at school who has told her all about Paw Patrol and while she has some of the Paw Patrol toys, she had never seen the program. It lived up to the HYPE!lol We also spent some time coloring. Audrey had a Frozen coloring book while Nana had a Flintstones coloring book. I don't think Audrey believed that Flintstones was a cartoon that was on when Nana was a girl.

Joshua is such a pretty baby and so sweet. He had his eyes open a lot on this visit.

I asked Audrey if I could take him home with me but she said no....he was THEIR baby!!

The Grimm Mens Club and the newest member.

We had such a nice day with Charles and Nancy. We had lunch, dessert then a nice ride home through the mountains. We stopped in Ellijay to get some apple cider for Grandpa, Apple Cider donuts for Amelia and an Apple pie for Nana. We did enjoy it on Memorial Day along with our Hot Dogs.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Etsy Favorites

I try to stay away from Etsy because...Well you know it is ETSY. ( Extra Tempting Stuff 4 You)

But every now and then when I cannot find a gift for a hard to buy for person, I will check out ETSY for ideas.

I thought I would share six of my favorite Sites.  I will let you make the decision if you want to go and take a look at these sites.

1. Mad for Minders    if you are looking for unique needle minders this is the place for you. They make great gifts for your stitching friends as well.

2. Spoon Flower    This site specializes in beautiful fabrics. I was looking for some toile fabric without success until I found this shop on Etsy.

3. Tonya's Sewing Room.   Tonya is one of my floss tube/stitching friends. Right now you are safe from her shop because she is taking a break while she remodels her sewing room. I have purchased some of her cute banners.

4. Song Sparrow Treasures.   This shop belongs to my blog friend, Betsy. She is the mom of triplet sons who are on the spectrum.  She is a real inspiration to me.  Her shop is full of beautiful glass ware and home decor. I ordered a yellow  tiered tray from her that I put out in August.

5. On The Wings Paperie.   Kelli was a friend of mine back in the home forum days. She was the admin over a forum that was popular with homemakers. In fact some of my blog friends were active on Kelli's forum.  Kelli does beautiful paper products for weddings. Her shop is so sure and stop by and take a look. It is not too tempting to me as I am not planning any weddings.:)

6. Amber Lynn's Door Decor   If you are looking for a cute door hanging that won't break the bank, this is the shop for you. These are great gifts for the hard to buy for friends. Most everyone loves to make their front door welcoming to visitors.

If you have a favorite shop....comment below so we can all go and gawk!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

Remembering those who paid the highest price for my freedom.Even with all the problems in our country, I am proud to be an American and I value my freedom.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Finally I can share this Horse country Christmas that I stitched for my friend, Deborah and her husband, Don, for their 50th wedding anniversary.  I really wanted to keep it myself but I resisted. My LNS owner suggested I just stitch one for me but you know how it is...once you have stitched something then you are not in the mood to do it one more time. Or at least I am not. This was a fun stitch and as it is a Christmas Stitch, they can just display it at Christmas.

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for some DMC and while I was there I noted that the patriotic fabrics were on sale.

I picked up these two.  The yardage manager told me that she has Fall and Christmas in the storage area, just waiting a bit to put it out.  Crafters do work ahead of the seasons so for a Craft Store to put out Christmas in June or July, that is a okay with me. I will be looking for my round mat board pieces as soon as they hit the floor. I will share a picture of a package of them with y'all when I  come across them in the store. They are so handy for finishing round pieces.

Speaking of Christmas.....I am loving this Abby Rose design. Yule Tide on Thistle Hill is the name of the chart. Marlene at Cross Stitch Peddler suggested this fabric( Picture this Pluse Crystal Relic 32 count) and it is perfect for this piece. She also picked the fabric for Horse Country Christmas( Picture this Plus Valor 28 count). She definitely has an eye for fabric selection.

My only recent purchase. I had not heard of this pattern until I saw it at The Peddler. I am looking forward to stitching this come July or August.

My finish for Farm Sampler by Lizzie Kate. I found the tray at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon so it was a bargain. I will take it to Grimmwood and display it there.

Another finish...Keys by Shakespeare's Peddler.

I did order the old keys from Kitten which is Teresa Venette's online store.

Here is an old finish that I pulled out this week.

These smalls are pretty "LEANERS". You can prop them wherever you like.

This is not a cross stitch finish but one that Margaret and Elliott helped with....they made it just for me and Grandpa.

Great Aunt Kristi got this at Hobby Lobby and helped the Grimmlins do it for Grimmwood. I found the frame at Dollar General. It had another wooden sign on it but I used wire cutters to clip it off.  Aleene's Tacky Glue helped me glue the foam to the frame. I found the cute wooden Bee at Hobby Lobby so I added it to the top. The true story on this is that Marvin told me the beehive was not centered. That would have driven me crazy so I added to bee!! I was trying to glue the bee hive over the cut pieces of wire to hide them.  But I think it looks cute and I will find the perfect spot for it at Grimmwood as well.

I saw this on Silver Creek Samplery's Facebook page. It is very true for me.

Happy Stitching Friends.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Five

1. My pretty birthday cake compliments to Molly Moo Cakes in Hartselle  and my sweet husband for ordering it for me.

2. A Girl in a Gunny Sack! Field Day is always a fun day at school.

3. A beautifully stitched card that came from my friend, Barbara. The Liberty Light House goes perfectly with my other patriotic stitches.  I had seen the card on her blog but had no idea it was coming to Alabama. Thanks Barbara....I will treasure it.

4. Someone who was happy to get AB Honor Roll award at school this year. He was also noted for being a PE aide with the kindergartners.

5. Celebrating a sweet bride to be. I have known Allie since she was a toddler and I was honored to be asked to help with a bridal shower for her at our church.  Pictured with me and Allie is my friend, Deborah. She and I had the privilege of mentoring Allie as a young teenager. Allie will be getting married in South Carolina and I will not be able to attend the ceremony but many prayers will be going up for this sweet young couple. It was so fun watching her open all her gifts. Even though I have been married almost 43 years, I can remember the excitement  of our first apartment in Atlanta. It was a basement apartment in a house but we were happy as clams.

On a side note, loved all your comments on reading. It seems many of us love the same series. Any time you have a book to recommend, contact me at I am also on Good Reads. I find it is a good way to keep track of the books I have read as well as finding new books that I might enjoy.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

On My Bedside Table

Most people keep various miscellaneous things on their bedside table but you will always find a stack of books on my table. I get them at the library and my book enabler friend, Susan, keeps me in good supply as well. Monday was our neighborhood book club where we discussed Louise Penny mysteries set in Three Pines, Canada.  When I got home two hours later I told Marvin that I loved my book club because all these ladies love to read as much as I do. And they are like me in that they are eclectic readers and this widens my range in reading.

I have been complaining that I cant find a good book and right now I have so many I am scrambling to read them all.   Here are a few I have enjoyed.

This has been my favorite. If you liked the book, The Help, you will enjoy Rush. Set at Ole Miss it tells the story of Mamas and Daughters who are determined to get into the best sororities. We also get the view point of the black women who cook and clean there.  The one character I identified with was Cali. Cali comes from a small town, has no pedigree and scrambled to get the recommendations needed to even be considered for a sorority.  Also she is a scolarship student and has saved her baby sitting money to be able to afford to be a member of a sorority.  I will admit I have always thought it would be fun to be a member of a sorority and experience "sincere sisterhood". The nursing school I attended had no sororities but our whole school was rather like a sorority. We had big sisters and little sisters and face it, once you have gone through the horrors of nursing school together you are bonded for life. Puke and other bodily fluids being heaved onto your nice starched uniform will toughen you up!  Rush would be a great read while sitting under an umbrella at the beach.

This mystery really held my attention and as a voracious mystery reader I can usually figure out Who Done It but this one completed shocked me while it made perfect sense.  Set at a high school in England, a teacher is murdered and there are plenty of suspects on faculty and in the student body. To make the book even more interesting we are introduced to gothic writer, RM Holland and one of his spooky stories that eerily shadows the murder.

After reading this book, I found out that Elly Griffiths has a series about a forensic archeologist named Ruth Galloway.

I am working my way through this series now.

I have been waiting for this one to become available at our library and there it was the other day.  I have just read a few chapters, mainly dealing with the illness and death of her daughter, Robin.  I have long admired Barbara Bush as a mother and grandmother. She was a Mama Bear for sure.

My friend, Lori, loaned me this book.  It gets down to the nitty gritty of your faith walk when things do not go as you thought they would. I think we have all been there at one point in our lives and will probably find more of these occurrences as we grow older.  One thing I admire about Lysa Terkeurst is that she does not try to act as though she is a super Christian, writing from her superior spot above the reader. She is not afraid to be transparent about her thoughts and feelings.

I also picked up the latest Katherine Hall Page book at the library the other day. If you like cozy New England mysteries you will love Faith Fairchild. She is the wife of a minister, mother of two children and runs a catering business where most people consider Ritz Crackers and Cheese Whiz to be a delicacy.  If you are not familiar with this series, I would encourage you to read them in the order they were written.

Sit down, put your feet up and take some time to enjoy a good book today.

PS...I just had to add that I saw the trailer for the Downton Abbey movie that will come out later this summer. Oh My Goodness.....I cannot wait.:) I so miss my "story" every Sunday evening.  One funny line had Robert admonishing his mother( Maggie Smith) not to argue with someone she was chatting with.....she gives him the eye and says,"I am not arguing . I am explaining." Julian Fellowes certainly comes up with some great one liners for Granny.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Grimmlins

Some pictures Katy took of their crew on a visit to the country.

First Baylor Man....

He loves being outside.

Margaret with her American Girl Doll, Ivy Ling. This was our Christmas gift to Margaret so I am glad to see she is still enjoying it.

Our is hard to believe he will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Of course he says he is not going. We will see!:)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kon Mari Instagram Style

      I know many of you are familiar with Marie Kondo and her tidying craze that is sweeping the nation due to her new Netflix show on the subject of getting rid of things you do not need. Or as she puts it getting rid of things that do not bring you joy.  While I do not ascribe to her general theory I do agree that we often hold onto things that we could do without! So Sunday evening I spent some time on my computer going through the Instagram accounts that I follow.  My first question you think you are a millionaire? I tend to follow a lot of accounts that feature high end items. Am I going to purchase them? No, so why am I allowing myself to look at them and wish I could have something I cant afford and frankly do not need? After unfollowing the various stores, I looked at all the magazines that were cluttering my Instagram feed.  Most of them fell to the axe as well. Last to go were the accounts of people I really do not know. One of my old nursing school friends posted this on FB and I think it says it all.

  My daughter, Amelia, is thinking of getting rid of Facebook and using Instagram as her  only social media account. She likes it because it is generally a less drama filled area on the Internet.  Her comment made me stop and consider following her example. But there are many of my family members who do not use Instagram and they are on Facebook. I so enjoy seeing pictures of their families and their activities. Many of our family members are scattered across the miles and the internet makes us feel more connected. So for now I will keep both Instagram and Facebook but I am going to take a long hard look at those who are my "friends". I may have to unfollow some who seem to make it their mission to be negative.  I am not a Pollyanna but I do think your mindset and attitude is shaped by those around you.

I think as I am getting rid of a lot of clutter in my home, it is leading me to want to live more simply. I think I should be going for quality and not quantity in this season of life. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

And now on to the more positive aspects of life....

Baby Joshua headed home  to be with his family...or PAMILY as we refer to it. When Kendall was a toddler she called her family her Pamily.  I know I am prejudiced but he is such a cutie and he even looks like a boy...I don't think anyone would think he was a girl.  Who can resist a rowdy little boy?  Being raised in a family of girls it took me a while to adjust to having sons. By the time the grandsons came along,  I felt like an expert. I am looking forward to getting to know this new little one.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Stitching

Before getting to the stitching....had to share this picture

I got so many lovely birthday cards.  Thanks friends.

I did have some finishes but I must admit they were very close to being finished when I picked them up this week.

Frist I will share The Farm, a small by Lizzie Kate.

Still musing on how to FFO this one. It had a border on it but I did not feel it added to the stitching so I left it off. I loved the Sunflower on this piece. In fact I liked it so much I did a small one for my tart pan from Fat Quarter Shop.

I added a Blessed charm to the botton of the pan. And it fits perfectly in the piece I got at the Paris Market in Savannah.  I stitched it on some of my tea/coffee dyed fabric. Now I plan to do a pumpkin for fall...something for Christmas and all the holidays, add to the tart pan and I have a quick FFO.  The fabric I used for "crust" is from Hobby Lobby and it has bees on it.

I also finished Keys by Shakespeares Peddler. I know how I want to finish this one. I just need to sit down and do it.

I also finished Landon's Christmas ornament that I worked on at North Alabama Stitchers group.

Stitched on Coffee/Tea dyed even weave. Landon is always Merry so this is a good one for him.

I finished God Save the Queen by Shakespeares Peddler.  And after I stitched it I realized it does not really go with my decor so I decided to make it a small banner and hang it in my craft closet so I can enjoy it.

Every time I open the closet where all my craft supplies are, it makes me happy.  I might add some other pieces to my closet!!

I promised a look at the Stitching Journal. It really does help keep track of your stitching. It holds pages for 50 projects which means it is good for me for about a year. There are boxes for notes about the piece, flosses used etc.  If you change flosses and someone asked what fosses you have used, you can just check your notes.

Still stitching on Patriotic pieces as well as Joshua's birth sampler. Now I have a name and date to add to the piece!

Happy Stitching Friends.