Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Five

1. Oops...forgot to share my April/After Easter Breakfast Bar Vignette.

A Prairie Schooler April Chart, Surrounded by my Cracker Barrel Houses.

2. A Coon Skin Hat and An Astronaut's Helmet.

Baylor likes his coon skin cap right now while Margaret is obsessed with the book and the movie, Wonder. She made a deal with her mom to do chores to help pay for an Astronaut Helmet like Auggie wore in Wonder. I am sure her teacher will be thrilled.:)

3.My Spring Tobacco Basket.

I took out all the references to Easter and added a candle ring, some moss rocks as well as a bird and a watering can.

4. Coffee with Friends.

I met some of my Weekday school friends for coffee this week at Panera. Panera has redone the coffee bar and these are the new green cups.  There are days that I miss being a preschool teacher. I was blessed to work with many dear ladies at the school.

5. Daphne's Diary

I saw this magazine at Publix when I was shopping. It caught my eye immediately but it was pretty pricy.($15). I walked away but found myself going back to look at it again. I finally decided that with all the crafts inside, the price was not too high. It is printed on quality paper and I found several little goodies inside that I can use for happies.  They do have a Facebook page...look for the English Version.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your PS April piece looks fabulous with the CB houses, Arlene. I really like the looks of your tobacco basket contents as well. So, what did you have to drink at Panera? It is always nice to gather with friend. Love the picture of Baylor and Margaret! I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Mrs.T said...

Always fun to read your Friday Five, Arlene! That magazine looks lovely. I would really have to talk myself into spending $15 on a magazine. Glad you think it will be worth it; guess I should check our local stores to see if they have that magazine.

Mari said...

Baylor and Margaret are so cute! I love the movie Wonder,
That magazine looks like a good one. Your Spring basket is so cute.

RJ said...

Love your Prairie Schooler stitch. It looks fantastic with your Cracker Barrel houses. Love, love, love your tobacco basket. What a great job you did filling it in. Can you believe I've never had a cup of coffee ever? I know you had a great time with your friends. Baylor and Margaret look so sweet in their chosen head apparel. Have a super week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Terri D said...

Your tobacco basket looks SO pretty! I haven't been to Panera for a long time and I don't know why. It's not too far from where we live. The kids look cute wearing their 'hats'. Let us know how Margeret gets along with her helmet at school!

RJ said...

Arlene, I love your PS April Showers, everytime I see one of your PS stitches it tempts me more and more to stitch one. Your vignette is great with the CB houses. I leave for FL in 10 days and I have a CB near me and I always make a point to visit. Joe and I both love their store.
Your Spring Tobacco basket is beautifully decorated!! What a great photo of Baylor and Margaret!! I loved watching Daniel Boone on Disney when I was a child...I had a crush on Fess Parker too!!
I'll look for that magazine in Publix too....