Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Five

1. My pretty birthday cake compliments to Molly Moo Cakes in Hartselle  and my sweet husband for ordering it for me.

2. A Girl in a Gunny Sack! Field Day is always a fun day at school.

3. A beautifully stitched card that came from my friend, Barbara. The Liberty Light House goes perfectly with my other patriotic stitches.  I had seen the card on her blog but had no idea it was coming to Alabama. Thanks Barbara....I will treasure it.

4. Someone who was happy to get AB Honor Roll award at school this year. He was also noted for being a PE aide with the kindergartners.

5. Celebrating a sweet bride to be. I have known Allie since she was a toddler and I was honored to be asked to help with a bridal shower for her at our church.  Pictured with me and Allie is my friend, Deborah. She and I had the privilege of mentoring Allie as a young teenager. Allie will be getting married in South Carolina and I will not be able to attend the ceremony but many prayers will be going up for this sweet young couple. It was so fun watching her open all her gifts. Even though I have been married almost 43 years, I can remember the excitement  of our first apartment in Atlanta. It was a basement apartment in a house but we were happy as clams.

On a side note, loved all your comments on reading. It seems many of us love the same series. Any time you have a book to recommend, contact me at I am also on Good Reads. I find it is a good way to keep track of the books I have read as well as finding new books that I might enjoy.


Anonymous said...

That is a delicious looking cake., what a lovely photo of you, your friend and the pretty bride to be! You must have a very special bond, lovely memories oh and it’s been a long time since I have seen a gunny sac race!, thank you for bringing us a happy uplifting Friday post! You made me Smile!

Sandy said...

Enjoy that delicious looking cake. That card is so pretty. I saw those somewhere and it does look perfect with your pillows. I remember when I saw it that I hoped whoever got something like that appreciated the work that went into it.

Robin in Virginia said...

Hope you had a most enjoyable birthday, Arlene! That cake looks incredible. Congratulations to Landon on making the AB Honor Roll! What a beautiful addition from Barbara to your patriotic bowl. Best wishes to Allie and her husband to be. What a fabulous Friday post!

Barbara said...

I felt sure you would have other patriotic things to pair with the lighthouse stitch. You inspire me!

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend.

Terri D said...

Your birthday cake looks beyond delicious! All that luscious chocolate icing! Fun field day and congrats to the honor roll boy! The patriotic lighthouse from Barbara is perfect! Wishing you a good holiday weekend!

Meg said...

Happy belated birthday! And yummmm... your cake looks amazing! They did a spectacular job with the piping.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Hope you had a happy birthday and with a cake like that, who wouldnt?

Mari said...

Happy Birthday! The cake is making me hungry. :)