Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Five

1. The Flag at the Tybee Lighthouse. My niece, Maggie, snapped this photo. I love it.

2. Praise from Vonna. I posted this picture on Instagram over the weekend and Vonna ( The Twisted Stitcher) commented with a word of praise. It made my day.

3. My friend, Carolyn, gifted me this book written by her daughter who was a missionary nurse for many years. I have read the first chapter and I must say, I am impressed with her knowledge and depth.

4. I found this Longaberger Basket for a steal while out junking over Memorial Day Weekend. We are using it to hold all our remotes at Grimmwood.

5. Our Samuai Swimmer. Katy pulled his hair up out of his face for swimming. I am sure it was a little loud for Baylor at the pool but this boy loves the water.  And pretty Margaret...she is always close by her brother.


Anonymous said...

Great Friday five! The last one melts my heart😊

Robin in Virginia said...

Where to start? I love the picture of Margaret and Baylor. Great find with the Longaberger Basket! Did you know they have closed down? The gifted book looks like a wonderful read. Your 'spool' finish looks super, Arlene. What a beautiful photo of the lighthouse flying the red, white, and blue. Enjoy your Friday, Arlene!

Sandy said...

I love your little remote basket. Have a fun weekend.

Terri D said...

I love my Longaberger baskets! They are made so well and when you find one that is a bargain... Yippee!! That picture of Margaret and Baylor is beyond precious! That is indeed a beautiful picture of the flag on the lighthouse. Wow!

Mari said...

That photo of Margaret and Baylor is so very sweet! Hooray for praise from Vonna. :)

I love the idea of putting the remotes in that basket.

Susan Graben said...

Was that my Cliffside, NC mill spindle?

Barbara said...

Noteworthy pictures, all. The one of the huge flag on the lighthouse at Tybee Island is especially striking.

It's good to see Baylor and his sister having fun together. May they always be there for each other.

Your stitching is great, and Congrats on the kudos from Vonna!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

love the last one of the grandkids.