Thursday, May 23, 2019

On My Bedside Table

Most people keep various miscellaneous things on their bedside table but you will always find a stack of books on my table. I get them at the library and my book enabler friend, Susan, keeps me in good supply as well. Monday was our neighborhood book club where we discussed Louise Penny mysteries set in Three Pines, Canada.  When I got home two hours later I told Marvin that I loved my book club because all these ladies love to read as much as I do. And they are like me in that they are eclectic readers and this widens my range in reading.

I have been complaining that I cant find a good book and right now I have so many I am scrambling to read them all.   Here are a few I have enjoyed.

This has been my favorite. If you liked the book, The Help, you will enjoy Rush. Set at Ole Miss it tells the story of Mamas and Daughters who are determined to get into the best sororities. We also get the view point of the black women who cook and clean there.  The one character I identified with was Cali. Cali comes from a small town, has no pedigree and scrambled to get the recommendations needed to even be considered for a sorority.  Also she is a scolarship student and has saved her baby sitting money to be able to afford to be a member of a sorority.  I will admit I have always thought it would be fun to be a member of a sorority and experience "sincere sisterhood". The nursing school I attended had no sororities but our whole school was rather like a sorority. We had big sisters and little sisters and face it, once you have gone through the horrors of nursing school together you are bonded for life. Puke and other bodily fluids being heaved onto your nice starched uniform will toughen you up!  Rush would be a great read while sitting under an umbrella at the beach.

This mystery really held my attention and as a voracious mystery reader I can usually figure out Who Done It but this one completed shocked me while it made perfect sense.  Set at a high school in England, a teacher is murdered and there are plenty of suspects on faculty and in the student body. To make the book even more interesting we are introduced to gothic writer, RM Holland and one of his spooky stories that eerily shadows the murder.

After reading this book, I found out that Elly Griffiths has a series about a forensic archeologist named Ruth Galloway.

I am working my way through this series now.

I have been waiting for this one to become available at our library and there it was the other day.  I have just read a few chapters, mainly dealing with the illness and death of her daughter, Robin.  I have long admired Barbara Bush as a mother and grandmother. She was a Mama Bear for sure.

My friend, Lori, loaned me this book.  It gets down to the nitty gritty of your faith walk when things do not go as you thought they would. I think we have all been there at one point in our lives and will probably find more of these occurrences as we grow older.  One thing I admire about Lysa Terkeurst is that she does not try to act as though she is a super Christian, writing from her superior spot above the reader. She is not afraid to be transparent about her thoughts and feelings.

I also picked up the latest Katherine Hall Page book at the library the other day. If you like cozy New England mysteries you will love Faith Fairchild. She is the wife of a minister, mother of two children and runs a catering business where most people consider Ritz Crackers and Cheese Whiz to be a delicacy.  If you are not familiar with this series, I would encourage you to read them in the order they were written.

Sit down, put your feet up and take some time to enjoy a good book today.

PS...I just had to add that I saw the trailer for the Downton Abbey movie that will come out later this summer. Oh My Goodness.....I cannot wait.:) I so miss my "story" every Sunday evening.  One funny line had Robert admonishing his mother( Maggie Smith) not to argue with someone she was chatting with.....she gives him the eye and says,"I am not arguing . I am explaining." Julian Fellowes certainly comes up with some great one liners for Granny.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I love mysteries and know I would enjoy a couple of the books you recommended. My bedside table doesnt hold my books tho...I cant read in bed because it puts me to sleep immediately!

Miss Dishywoo said...

Arlene, loving to read is another thing we have in common. Our public library is fantastic and has activities for all age groups throughout the year. Right now, I am in two different book clubs at the library and we are reading so many books that are new to me. I just love it. Please let me know, have you read Jan Karon's Mitford (Father Tim) series? You would like them, I think.

Anonymous said...

some great book suggestions!! I am a constant reader, well now its audio but books have always been my best of friends, I am really looking forward to the movie as well,

Sandy said...

I have placed a hold on Rush at the library. I am hoping they call me today as we are going to Auburn tomorrow. I need to read something so if not I will head down and just see what I can find today:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thank you for sharing your book recommendations! I am adding to my list of books. I need to get to the library soon and get a new card.

Terri D said...

I love mysteries so a couple of your books caught my eye! Thanks for the reviews!! I am reading "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. Our Pastor recommended it and it is quite eye-opening about what the Bible tells us Heaven will be like.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I'll check and see if my library has these books! I see a couple of authors I haven't read and I've wondered about. I just finished a book and gave it 5 stars...and KNOW you would like it too! Ordinary Grace by Krueger. It is outstanding! Set in 1961....I like books set in that time frame. Can't wait for the Downton movie! YAY!!!

Joyce F said...

We must be kindred spirits! I have read all the Elly Griffiths books except her newest which I have on hold at our library and will be read soon. I've read all of Louise Penney's books and am reading Katharine Hall Page now -with The Body in Boudoir in the stack by my chair right now (I'm reading them in order.) The Barbara Bush one is toward the top of my TBR list. I've always been a bookworm! I do other things as well. Love seeing your cross stitch projects though I don't do that. I did some knitting and crocheting this winter but now am waiting for it to stop raining so I can work in the yard and flower beds.