Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Stream

Good Morning...time to dip into the stream and meander along.

1. Unforgotten on PBS ended Sunday evening and while Marvin and  I had figured out who the murderer was we were shocked to realize that he was a serial killer.  We were both rather sad as it seems as though this mystery series is coming to an end until next year.  We do enjoy Masterpiece and Mystery.  Now we are counting down to Endeavor's return in June.

2. We  had a good day at North Alabama Stitchers group on Saturday. As we stitched we chatted about some of the British TV series we have enjoyed.  Keeping up Appearances with Patricia Routledge was brought up. If you have not seen Hyacinth Bucket( Its Boo Kay) in all her glory you need to watch this wonderful actress. In addition to Keeping Up Appearances, Ms Routledge surprised me with her range of acting when she portrayed Hetty Wainthrop in the Hetty Waintrhrop Mysteries on PBS. A few years ago I saw the movie To Sir with Love and guess who was a teacher at the high school? A Young Patricia.  I had always heard about To Sir with Love but I had never seen the move until it aired on Turner Classics.  A bit dated but a good movie for a rainy afternoon.

3. Amelia and the children came by on Mothers Day afternoon to visit. They brought me a gift, Thritysomething at Thirty. I loved the tv show thirtysomething and this book goes behind the scenes of the show. I am looking forward to reading it.

4. Well unless you think all I do is watch television I should add something different. This week is my birthday week. I celebrate on the 17th. This is my last year before But I am looking forward to Medicare and the Silver Sneakers. Marvin has Silver Sneakers as part of his medicare supplemental insurance and he goes to the gym every morning. I am hoping to take advantage of the water aerobics that is available at one of the gyms.  I have to admit my joints are not what they used to be and water aerobics is a good exercise for seniors.

5. Speaking of Seniors, my favorite physical therapists on You Tube( Bob and Brad) did a recent video on how to fall.  Okay, stop laughing.  After my fall last year I thought I could use some hints. They say you should act like Superman, hold your head up and put your arms out like you are going to slap the floor. This avoids putting all the pressure on your wrists and shoulders. In theory it is good but how do you stop the instinct from kicking in and putting those hands out? I guess I need to practice falling to build some muscle memory.

6. I had a call from my former neighbor, John. He is 93 years old and still as sharp as a tack.  His wife died earlier this year and he was feeling rather sad on Mothers Day. He lives in an assisted living where he is one of the few who is still active and oriented. He did tell me there is a 90 year old lady who he eats breakfast with every day. She too is one of the minority. I am so glad he likes to call me and chat. I try to send him some snail mail every now and then just to keep in touch.

7. I am helping with a bridal shower on Saturday. After being married 40 something years, this has brought back some memories of how exciting it was to be getting married. The parties, the gifts and the first apartment. I do remember feeling like I was playing house when we were newlyweds. All my new things and I could decorate as I liked.  I debated getting her a gift or a gift card but I went with a gift. I still remember  the gifts and the givers from my showers. And I do still have a few of those wedding gifts. I went to Tammy Eddy Antiques and Gifts on Bank Street here in Decatur and Tammy helped me to choose an antique wooden tray/bowl. She told me that the young people use them as cheese platters for drink parties but many place them on their coffee tables to hold remotes etc.  My young friend is a retro type girlie so I hope she will enjoy it for years to come.

Well time to get up and get busy!! Have a blessed day my blog friends.


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Arlene... Enjoy your day!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Early birthday wishes to you! It appears you and I have the same favourite tv shows! , it’s nice you still hear from the older fella, I talk every week to a dear friend of my aunts, she’s almost 90 and I enjoy our visits very much so I understand you joy in visiting with him, choosing gifts for showers and weddings has gotten harder, I find many just prefer money, giving money takes the fun out of the search lol have a wonderful day!

Miss Dishywoo said...

You and I definitely have the same taste in TV shows. Besides LOVING Thirtysomething, I adore Keeping Up Appearances and still occasionally watch an episode or two even though I've seen them all many times. Speaking of older shows, were you a "Dallas" fan? And probably my all-time favorite, most repeatedly watched show is The Golden Girls. Nowadays I have a hard time finding anything I want to watch!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy early birthday wishes to you! I hope you have a wonderful day on the 17th. What a lovely gift you purchased for the bride to be! Enjoyed strolling in the stream this AM!

Terri D said...

Well, early happy birthday to you!! The gift you chose for the bride-to-be sounds great! I never think of an antique shop for a shower gift but will from now on! Great idea! Joe and I are TV addicts and also love many of the PBS shows. Glad to hear Endeavor is coming back in a few weeks! Enjoy your day on Friday!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I enjoy most of the British tv programs and watch them on Netflix all the time. How nice that your friend called and you could play catch up. I need to learn how to fall because one of these days, it is going to hit and I dread that day. I like the idea of the gift you got the young couple...can be used for so many things. Hope you have a really good day.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Being British born but living in Canada, we love watching all things British. We also love Australian tv programmes also. Sending you early birthday greetings!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy to celebrate early...and late too! heehee! I read what you wrote about falling to my hubby and we had a nice little discussion. When I tripped on an uneven sidewalk a few years ago...wearing flip arms flew out and I landed...ON the concrete...ON MY FACE! My face was tender and bruised for a few weeks. I had a black eye and I couldn't touch my cheekbone. When I think of the damage I could have done, I feel sick! So any fall is damaging and we don't usually have time to react. Good to have this info though. Hope your day is FUN today! Hugs!

Carol said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Arlene! We are now the same age :) Hard to believe Medicare is looming, isn't it!!??