Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I had a good stitching week even though we were traveling.

I finished this Lizzie Kate Flip It.  I changed the colors from those charted. The Gold stitches around August were originally the same green as the grass. I like my August stitching to lead me into fall!

Here is my finish. My corners are good now but this one got a bit off center. I am my own worse critic. I am improving in some areas and I am finding that having the correct tools makes a big difference.  I made a covered button for the bow. I watched Java Girl Stitches( Christie) on You Tube and she showed how simple it was! Why did I let that intimidate me. Now I will be using them on lots of things. I had the little berries from an old floral arrangement.  I think the Black and White check goes with just about anything.  The stand is from Hobby Lobby. I got three of them last year and painted them white, brown and black,.

I finished two word plays.

I am displaying them on a tray I got on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I went ahead and finished July and put it out as it will be here soon. I put a ruffle around my June piece but I am not sure I am leaving it there. I think these stitches are "busy" and look better without embellishment. I did tear some strips of Patriotic fabric I had on hand and added bows to the handles of the tray.  I am trying to make my borders smaller as Priscilla suggests. I do think it makes a big difference. Now if I can learn to measure

I finished Where Liberty Dwells by Hands on Design. I changed a lot of the colors on this one as I wanted it to be BOLD. I changed the daisies to Black Eyed Susans, the fence to brown and I used a bolder red for the top portion. I love it. Hope to get it finished into a drum this week.  I am trying to decide if I will do Put on the Hat in a Drum style or a little pillow. Your opinions are valued.

While I was at Hobby Lobby I checked out the Christmas Craft section that is slowly coming to life at the back of the store.  I found these embellishments for Christmas ornaments...

These will look good at the tops of some of my ornaments with rusty jingle bells attached.  I plan to do a lot of ornament stitching in Jolly July. I am also monogamously stitching on Joshua's birth sampler until it is completed. I think I can have it done in two weeks tops.

Hope you all have a good stitchy week and that the Frog stays far from your door.

PS...I had a few questions from previous posts.

First the Centerpieces at the Reunion. The ladies who put them together put clear plastic jewels in the vases with a blue LED light at the bottom which made them glow blue. I am not sure if they got them from a craft store or a florist. I would be hesitant to use just any light in water so I am sure these were made for that purpose.  They were so nice!!  Byrds Cookie Store in Savannah sells oatmeal cookies that my husband loved as a child so we always stop for a treat. They do have a web page and you can order from them online. My favorites are the Benne wafers( Made with sesame seeds called Benne seeds down there) and Key Lime Coolers. Many gift shops sell Byrds Products but the Byrds name is not on the box. So you might find some in stores near you.  Savannah Sweets also has a web page that you can order from online. Sorry that I am making your diets useless but you

Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Five

1. A good picture to frame!

I needed a good photo of the Roberts clan and this one will be perfect. Love that background.

2. Moon Pies

There was a Moon Pie Basket at Marvin's reunion!!

3. Pralines

Unfortunately we found out there was a Savannah Sweets very near Mina's house where we stayed for the reunion. These goodies are delectable.

4. Byrd's Cookie Company

We never come to Savannah without making a stop at Byrds.

5. Peaches and Dadgum Bread

Okay I am cheating but we found both of these favorites on the way home from Savannah. We stopped at Lane Orchards in Fort Valley Georgia for some good Georgia Peaches. Now I know I am naturalized Alabamian but the Georgia part of me will always say that Georgia Peaches are the BEST EVER.  After stopping at the orchard we were wondering where we could eat lunch. We did not want a I hopped on Trip Advisor and found Brick Oven Pizza Co in Opelika, Alabama.  Dadgum Bread is on the menu for starters because it is Dadgum Good. The name is appropriate. Garlicy goodness and a delightful marinara sauce for dipping. We also had a small pizza but we ended up bringing some of it home because we were full after the Dadgum Bread. Great restaurant and great atmosphere. If you are ever in the Opelika/Auburn area, check it out.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Savannah High Reunion Part Two

The second evening of the event we enjoyed a lovely buffet at the Savannah Yacht Club.

We signed in with the help of these lovely ladies.

The decorating committee did such a nice job with the centerpieces.

A view of our table looking out on the river. It was rather windy but the rain held off for which all the ladies were grateful. Having nice hair in Savannah is a challenge with the humidity. We did not need rain to add to it.

Our cookie to take home.

There was a memorial table set up to remember those who did not live to make it to the reunion. Be grateful for every day that God grants you!

Here we are....we clean up good.

Our meal consisted of London Broil, Chicken Piccata, Fried Shrimp served with roasted potatoes and mixed veggies. Dessert was a luscious chocolate bread pudding with a vanilla sauce.

Here is one of my favorite photos of the evening....

Marvin and his two best friends from elementary school.  On the left is Charles Clarke...our Charles is named after him.  He and Marvin got into all sorts of things that their mamas had NO clue about!! Ricky Welch is in the middle.  He was another close friend from the old neighborhood.  All of us wives agreed that we got some fine husbands.

We made it home Sunday afternoon around four and after putting everything away, we both dropped gracefully into our Our first trip of the summer is in the books. Hope the other trips are as much fun as this one.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Savannah High Reunion Part One

We motored down to Savannah on Thursday afternoon to be rested and ready for Marvin's 50th class reunion.  A Big Shout Out to my sis in law, Mina, for allowing us to stay at her home while she was out of town traveling. We have the best family!!

Friday afternoon we met with the other members of the Class of 1969 for a buffet meal. This was casual night and a lot of the "kids" wore their Savannah High tees.

In addition to the dinner there were boiled peanuts for those who enjoy them!

There was a nice memory table as well.

The reunion committee spent a year getting ready for this weekend and their attention to detail was amazing.

We had a Three Star Marine General with us for the evening. He is pictured with Sissy, one of the planning committee members. The General was one of the distinguished class members who were saluted this weekend.

Here is Marvin with his old friends from elementary school through high school.

Everyone had a good time visiting and renewing old ties. You can tell by the smile on Marvin's face he was so happy to be there! Ed and Susan Johnson are on Marvin's left. Marvin and Susan went to elementary school together . Ed and Marvin were high school friends and GT alumni. Susan and Ed were high school sweethearts who are still together after all these years. Paul Freundt is on Marvin's right. He is a talented artist and has a piece in the Smithsonian!

The Class of 1969 is certainly a distinguished class at Savannah High.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Visit with Grandma

One week ago today we were in Canton visiting baby Joshua. Audrey was at day care. Charles and Nancy are sending her to her 'school" as that is the place where she does not have to deal with little brother and all the attention he is receiving. Both Charles and Nancy are off this summer. Charles is not teaching summer classes at Georgia Highlands and is using this time to work on his PhD dissertation. Nancy is enjoying her time at home just being a mama.

I asked my mother if she would like to go with us to see the baby and she was ready and waiting when we pulled up!  She seldom wants to go anywhere these days so we were happy she decided to come along.

She got to give Joshua a bottle....

She still has the touch!!

We were all baby hogs!!

Talking to Nana.

We had a nice time in Georgia. On Monday I helped with Hope for the Hungry at Leta's church. We gave out 50 boxes of groceries. The kitchen crew prepared and served 91 meals in the fellowship hall. Some were eaten at the church while others were take out. We let the clients decide what they are more comfortable with in lunch decisions.  I get a blessing every time I help at Smyrna Baptist. The ladies working in the "lunch room" are so kind. I am reminded of how blessed I am and that I am not grateful enough for my blessings.

Wednesday I spent the morning giving Grimmwood a good cleaning. Marvin worked outside, mowing and checking on his bees. We hope to have a good harvest in July.  On Wednesday night we enjoyed supper at the local Mexican restaurant in Eton. We even persuaded Mother to go with us. She ate a taco!

There was a feeding frenzy when Marvin fed the fish on Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning we were up early and on the road to Savannah. We are too old to deal with Atlanta so we have a new route that takes a bit longer but is much less stressful. We made it into town around three thirty. I always forget how HOT Savannah is! With the high temps and the humidity it is almost unbearable.  We are looking forward to Marvin's reunion festivities. It looks to be a fun weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Birthday North Alabama Stitchers!

We had 22 ladies in attendance for our second birthday party today at the Decatur Library. Stitchers came from all over North Alabama for the festivities. It was really like a Mini Retreat.

A gift for Brenda Greer( On the left)our fearless leader and the admin for our Facebook group. Brenda can also be found at Brenda's Minders and More on Facebook. She brought some of her wares to our meeting. Karla, on the right, helped put today's party together.

She had some new grime guards and some new needle minders.

Of course I had to add to my own collection.

Kay Kirn brought her beautiful project bags and at $24 for this large size it was a bargain. I am now the owner of Kay bag with a Paris motif.

Lots of shopping going on!

Brandon comes with his mom, Leslie. He is a very sweet guy !!

We had a great Freebie table.

We all received this free chart as we are making name tags to wear for our meet ups.  You know the Saturn rockets were made in Huntsville so we wanted a Rocket motif.

And some stitching got done too!

Cupcakes and candy were enjoyed by the group.

Here is a picture of our birthday gifts. Many more came in as the morning passed on. We each brought six DMC flosses to share. I put mine in a shiny IPSY bag.

Karla, on the right in the first picture, brought us these nice treats.

Brenda brought each of us a goody bag as well. It was such a fun day!

I also wanted to show Stitcher Andie's great idea for her flosses. She is doing a big project and here is her floss keeper.

She puts a letter on each slot of her coupon holder and added that letter to her floss graft.

It folds up very neatly and she has a sticker with the name of the project on the coupon holder.

That is one of the nice things about a stitching group, you learn so many new things.:) If you are a stitcher and live in the north Alabama area, please feel free to join our group. We have some ladies who live in Birmingham and some who live near the Tennessee border...we are happy to have you join us for our Stitching Days.

I have a sad addition to this post. One of our members passed away suddenly over the weekend. I do not have the details but we were all so sad to hear of Charmaine's passing. She was a lovely lady and a passionate stitcher.  Another reminder to enjoy each day you are given.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Happy Stitchy Day.  I did have two finishes this week!

Neither of these are stitched strictly by the chart. I changed up things for my taste.

I needed some inspiration so I headed to Hobby Lobby. Right now they are having a great sale with many things that are 75% off!

I got this cutting board for $4. But I thought it could be used like a hornbook. So I glued a washer to the middle of the piece and then I changed it up a bit.

I moved the Where Liberty Dwells to the hornbook and added Long May She Wave to my red tin bucket.

I like it much better with the flags. I did not stitch the border that surrounds this piece, I just did not think it was necessary.

I finished Old Glory into a pillow and used the navy blue trim that Sandy made for me for my birthday. I am saving the red trim for one of the Christmas ornaments that I plan to make in Jolly July.

And here it is in the pewter bowl...

I just have the Where Liberty Dwells Drum to finish and I will be done with Patriotic stitching for this year. I am taking that piece and Joshua's birth sampler with me to stitch on next week.

While I was at HL I also picked up this big Doll Sculpting Needle that I saw Priscilla using for gathering trim.

I think these will really make gathering fabric much easier.

So that is all for this week....I plan to be back on Monday the 24th. I hope to have recharged a bit and will have some fun things to share!