Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Visit with Grandma

One week ago today we were in Canton visiting baby Joshua. Audrey was at day care. Charles and Nancy are sending her to her 'school" as that is the place where she does not have to deal with little brother and all the attention he is receiving. Both Charles and Nancy are off this summer. Charles is not teaching summer classes at Georgia Highlands and is using this time to work on his PhD dissertation. Nancy is enjoying her time at home just being a mama.

I asked my mother if she would like to go with us to see the baby and she was ready and waiting when we pulled up!  She seldom wants to go anywhere these days so we were happy she decided to come along.

She got to give Joshua a bottle....

She still has the touch!!

We were all baby hogs!!

Talking to Nana.

We had a nice time in Georgia. On Monday I helped with Hope for the Hungry at Leta's church. We gave out 50 boxes of groceries. The kitchen crew prepared and served 91 meals in the fellowship hall. Some were eaten at the church while others were take out. We let the clients decide what they are more comfortable with in lunch decisions.  I get a blessing every time I help at Smyrna Baptist. The ladies working in the "lunch room" are so kind. I am reminded of how blessed I am and that I am not grateful enough for my blessings.

Wednesday I spent the morning giving Grimmwood a good cleaning. Marvin worked outside, mowing and checking on his bees. We hope to have a good harvest in July.  On Wednesday night we enjoyed supper at the local Mexican restaurant in Eton. We even persuaded Mother to go with us. She ate a taco!

There was a feeding frenzy when Marvin fed the fish on Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning we were up early and on the road to Savannah. We are too old to deal with Atlanta so we have a new route that takes a bit longer but is much less stressful. We made it into town around three thirty. I always forget how HOT Savannah is! With the high temps and the humidity it is almost unbearable.  We are looking forward to Marvin's reunion festivities. It looks to be a fun weekend.


Sandy said...

Those pictures of your mom and Joshua are wonderful. You can tell she has the touch. Mom lights up when Tucker comes on the scene. He has been so good for her. A whole taco...that sounds familiar as well. The backroads anywhere are more exciting than fast lanes. We did that last year going to Tampa and I enjoyed it immensely.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the photo of you holding the baby....straight on shot. You look color coordinated with everything! So cute! We avoid driving through Atlanta too! It's just crazy! Enjoy your reunion fun!

Dianna said...

Hello Arlene! It looks as if you had a delightful week last week. That sweet little grandson is so adorable and it is good that Audrey has her own "school" to go to. I love that idea.

I'm so glad that your mother made the decision to go along and I loved the pictures of her and Joshua. Precious memories for sure!

We never have to look very far to see just how blessed we are, do we? I totally get that!

Have a wonderful remainder of your day, Friend!

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoy journeying the back roads or the less traveled ones. You are right about the less stress part. Love the pictures of you, Marvin, and your Mom with Joshua! Glad you convinced your Mom to go out for a bite to eat.

Annsterw said...

Those pictures are awesome! Joshua is so super adorable - I would want to hog him too! Such great memories!

Visits With Mary said...

The pictures of your mom and the baby are precious. It's wonderful she decided to go on the trip with you.

Meg said...

Awww, I love seeing all the generations together. What a lucky baby to be surrounded by so much love.

Have a wonderful time in Savannah!

Mari said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! I'm so glad your mom came along.

Terri D said...

It is so great that your mom went along and got to hold and feed the baby! Pictures worth a thousand words! It is hot and humid all over the south. Awful here, too.

Kim said...

Josh looks so cute and adorable!

RJ said...

Oh my gosh Arlene, little Joshua is beyond adorable. LOve the photo with your Mom and her sweet newest grandchild. RJ