Monday, June 10, 2019

Bob the Bobble Head Goes to Georgia

Amelia and her family took a trip to Marietta over the weekend so Kendall could see a Percy Jackson play with her friend, Beth.  Guess who went along with them? The Bob Ross Bobblehead I got for Hampton

Bob had lunch at the big KFC in Marietta.

Bob is also an Atlanta Braves Fan....can you spot him on the sign?

The family headed to Grimmwood for the night before going home to NoAla.

Kendall and Beth decided to walk up the driveway to the house.

I think Bob liked Grimmwood.

And here is a picture that makes Nana's heart go pitter patter.

When we built Grimmwood, our desire was that our whole family would be able to enjoy fun times there. It makes me happy to see the children and their families making memories there.


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves so much, it’s a beautiful place, even bobble head bob! Happy memory making place you have created!

Dianna said...

I enjoyed seeing where Bob's travels took him. And the last picture is my favorite...nothing like having family enjoying one another, is there?

Sandy said...

It is like Flat Stanley. Wonder if they will keep it up. Good times and good memories.

Terri D said...

So fun that Bob can travel with the kids! What a hoot! Makes for fun memories. Grimmwood turns into Grinnwood when the kiddos are there!

Robin in Virginia said...

Bob reminds me of Flat Stanley with all his adventures. I am glad your family enjoys Grimmwood. What wonderful memories they are making!

Mari said...

Lucky Bob! He's having a good time. I love seeing your family enjoying Grimmwood too. :)