Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Five

1. A picture of me, my Daddy and my sister, Kristi. This was before baby sister, Leta, was born.

Remembering my Daddy this Father's Day week.

2. My new 31 tote

31 bags now has a half size Utility Tote. I got this one for Marvin and myself to take to the beach in September...It will hold our towels and our snacks.

3. Joshua at three weeks.

He is growing so fast. We hope to get to see him next week.

4. Patriotic Dish Towel

A birthday gift from my friend, Deborah. She knows how I love a pretty dish towel.

5. Gifts for Grimmwood

Susan got me the pretty red lantern while Deborah added some chicken napkins.  Like I said before, these girls know me well. And your birthday is not over until you receive the last gift.  But now I have to wait until next May for my birthday!


Anonymous said...

That baby is so lovely, and growing! You received some lovely presents!

Sandy said...

Joshua is quite adorable indeed!

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, Joshua is simply adorable. What a super patriotic dish towel you were gifted. It is a lovely picture of you and your sister with your Daddy! Off to check out your 31 bag!

Kim said...

Joshua is so cute and adorable :)

sharon said...

Joshua is just precious! It is great having friends who know you so well and your 31 bag looks the perfect size for the beach!

Mari said...

Joshua is so cute! Must be related to Audrey. :)
I love your tote, the towel and the gifts. Everyone has good taste.
Cute pic of you and your Daddy.

Terri D said...

More pictures of that sweet baby, please!! I enjoyed your five today!

RJ said...

I love everything but especially baby Joshua. I was gone when he was born and I missed the big day. I have been out of town for about five weeks and I'm just now catching up with all of my blogging friends.

Joshua is beautiful Arlene. You must be so proud of him. RJ