Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Five

1. A good picture to frame!

I needed a good photo of the Roberts clan and this one will be perfect. Love that background.

2. Moon Pies

There was a Moon Pie Basket at Marvin's reunion!!

3. Pralines

Unfortunately we found out there was a Savannah Sweets very near Mina's house where we stayed for the reunion. These goodies are delectable.

4. Byrd's Cookie Company

We never come to Savannah without making a stop at Byrds.

5. Peaches and Dadgum Bread

Okay I am cheating but we found both of these favorites on the way home from Savannah. We stopped at Lane Orchards in Fort Valley Georgia for some good Georgia Peaches. Now I know I am naturalized Alabamian but the Georgia part of me will always say that Georgia Peaches are the BEST EVER.  After stopping at the orchard we were wondering where we could eat lunch. We did not want a I hopped on Trip Advisor and found Brick Oven Pizza Co in Opelika, Alabama.  Dadgum Bread is on the menu for starters because it is Dadgum Good. The name is appropriate. Garlicy goodness and a delightful marinara sauce for dipping. We also had a small pizza but we ended up bringing some of it home because we were full after the Dadgum Bread. Great restaurant and great atmosphere. If you are ever in the Opelika/Auburn area, check it out.


Sandy said...

I agree with you about those Georgia peaches and part the lane family was the kennel breeder for Gus. He was born right there in Fort Valley on a peach/pecan farm. One of the most beautiful places ever.
Moon pies are one of my greatest weaknesses. Around Mardi Gras the Publix puts those little mini ones out on every aisle. I have to put on some serious willpower and armor to avoid them, because you can't just pop one in before I know it I have eaten a box:)
So you must have come back through Columbus. That area is also very special to me.

Sandy said...

And yes that is definitely a family picture to frame.

Dianna said...

Great picture of your family and I have to agree about the background of the picture as well. :)

Georgia peaches are good. I'm looking forward to when peaches are ready around here so that I can make some jams and preserves.

Pralines...oh my goodness! One of my favorites and yours look delicious.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love Georgia peaches too and had some slices on my cereal this morning. Lots of good Southern favorites when you travel that route! Glad you got to go and had fun! You sure made a handsome couple! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a fabulous family photo of the Roberts bunch! Definitely needs to be framed! I haven't had a Moon Pie in ages. The peaches look so delicious. Will have to check out the Dadgum Bread if it is available around here. What kind of treats came home from the Byrd Cookie place? Enjoy your Friday!

Terri D said...

Oh my goodness to all of the culinary temptations! Yum, yum, yum! And that is a great photo of your Roberts clan!

Mari said...

That family photo is so good!
There is a truck that comes up here from Georgia with peaches, and it makes stops around our area. People rave about those peaches, so I'm hoping to try some this year.

Visits With Mary said...

I'm a Texan, born and raised, but Georgia peaches are the best!!

RJ said...

That is a fabulous family photo at the Arches. I love that National Park and enjoyed hiking it too.

You can't beat goodies at Savannah. And I agree with the comments about Georgia peaches (my husband's favorite fruit too). RJ

Mary said...

Great family photo and yes you have to frame it!! I love peaches, I have recently found a peach salsa that is made in South Carolina that is soooo good!! Now I'm craving peach pie!! That Dadgum bread sounds so good too...