Tuesday, June 4, 2019


One of the best aspects of being a good friend is the ability to share in your friends special celebrations.  Over the weekend, my dear friend, Deborah and her husband, Don, celebrated 50 years of marriage. Deborah married just days after graduating from high school. Don was an engineering student at BAMA. Honestly, they look like babies in their wedding picture. But as Deb reminds us, they grew up together.  Both will credit the longevity of their marriage to love and a shared faith in Jesus.  Now they can look back over the years and thank God for the good times and the bad times.

The reception was given by their daughters, Leigh and Lori. Here I am with these precious ladies.

The reception was held at the pavilion at our church. And just a word about the location. This pavilion was built by the Naylor family in memory of their son, Matthew, who was killed in an automobile accident when he was a teenager. It was a very sad time for our church but when we use the pavilion to celebrate any occasion, we remember a young man who was much loved.

Here's the Happy Couple.

The look great don't they??? Let me tell you, that cake( Italian Cream) was a big hit.

Here is the family.  I know Deborah and Don were touched to be surrounded by family on their anniversary.

And those cupcakes...strawberry and chocolate peanut butter were delicious as well. The sweets were made by the ladies at The Freight House in Hartselle.  Many family and friends were on hand with well wishes for 50 more years.:)


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

What a wonderful celebration for this couple. Everything looks so good. Wishing them 50 more happy years.

Sandy said...

They do look young for 50 years, but then again people married younger a generation ago. That was a nice reception.

Robin in Virginia said...

Best wishes to the Golden couple and wishing them many more years of happiness! Arlene, thank you for sharing this celebration for Deborah and Don.

Linda said...

What a wonderful celebration! This fall Roy and Ruth Ann will celebrate 50 years and there will be a big party!
Louis Dean and I celebrate 14 years later this month! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Terri D said...

Fifty years are certainly worthy of celebration!! What a lovely family they have and what a great party! Those cakes look SO good!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary to your friends, I too married quite young out of high school, and we are still going strong after 50+ yrs.
Italian cream cake is a favorite at our home too! Thank you for sharing.

Dianna said...

Such a lovely couple. Italian Creme Cake is one of our favorites. I seldom bake it "just because" but for special occasions, it is sure to be on the menu. Such a sweet time for the couple.