Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Birthday North Alabama Stitchers!

We had 22 ladies in attendance for our second birthday party today at the Decatur Library. Stitchers came from all over North Alabama for the festivities. It was really like a Mini Retreat.

A gift for Brenda Greer( On the left)our fearless leader and the admin for our Facebook group. Brenda can also be found at Brenda's Minders and More on Facebook. She brought some of her wares to our meeting. Karla, on the right, helped put today's party together.

She had some new grime guards and some new needle minders.

Of course I had to add to my own collection.

Kay Kirn brought her beautiful project bags and at $24 for this large size it was a bargain. I am now the owner of Kay bag with a Paris motif.

Lots of shopping going on!

Brandon comes with his mom, Leslie. He is a very sweet guy !!

We had a great Freebie table.

We all received this free chart as we are making name tags to wear for our meet ups.  You know the Saturn rockets were made in Huntsville so we wanted a Rocket motif.

And some stitching got done too!

Cupcakes and candy were enjoyed by the group.

Here is a picture of our birthday gifts. Many more came in as the morning passed on. We each brought six DMC flosses to share. I put mine in a shiny IPSY bag.

Karla, on the right in the first picture, brought us these nice treats.

Brenda brought each of us a goody bag as well. It was such a fun day!

I also wanted to show Stitcher Andie's great idea for her flosses. She is doing a big project and here is her floss keeper.

She puts a letter on each slot of her coupon holder and added that letter to her floss graft.

It folds up very neatly and she has a sticker with the name of the project on the coupon holder.

That is one of the nice things about a stitching group, you learn so many new things.:) If you are a stitcher and live in the north Alabama area, please feel free to join our group. We have some ladies who live in Birmingham and some who live near the Tennessee border...we are happy to have you join us for our Stitching Days.

I have a sad addition to this post. One of our members passed away suddenly over the weekend. I do not have the details but we were all so sad to hear of Charmaine's passing. She was a lovely lady and a passionate stitcher.  Another reminder to enjoy each day you are given.


Robin in Virginia said...

Welcome back, Arlene! It looked like a marvelous birthday celebration for your stitch group. Thank you for sharing the coupon book idea for floss. The sharing, the enabling, the inspiring and of course the fellowship are just some of the positive rewards of belonging to a stitch group locally or through the internet. I am sorry to read of the passing of your member.

Sandy said...

Oh Arlene, I can't believe that. Truly embrace every day we have been given. I love the name tags with the rockets. Always fun to see what others are up to as well.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh I'm sorry you lost a sweet stitching friend. We really do have to live each day to the best of our ability and make sure we are doing things we enjoy along the way. Love seeing all the pretty things at this fun event. Happy stitching!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

LaNelle said...

Looks like a wonderful sorry to hear of your friends passing my sympathies...

Terri D said...

How sad to lose one of your stitching friends! I lost one of my lunch-bunch girlfriends this past weekend. Still trying to process it. How great that you can get together with others who have the same passion!

Carol said...

How nice to have such an active stitching group nearby, Arlene! Sounds like a fun day (even if not a whole lot of stitching got accomplished :) I'm sorry about your friend, Charmaine... Really tough when the death is sudden like that.

sharon said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. It is so true that we never know how much time we have on earth. I have started a new cross stitch project this summer! I am excited to get back into it after not doing it for several years.

Robin Wylde said...

I'm late to this post, but thank you for sharing! What a lovely little group you have there, and it was so nice to see what everyone brought around. You're right, stitching groups (online or offline) are a great way to learn new tips and tricks. I'm very sorry for your loss though, it's always sad to lose a friend. I'm sending you a big hug!