Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Stitching

I had a good stitching week even though we were traveling.

I finished this Lizzie Kate Flip It.  I changed the colors from those charted. The Gold stitches around August were originally the same green as the grass. I like my August stitching to lead me into fall!

Here is my finish. My corners are good now but this one got a bit off center. I am my own worse critic. I am improving in some areas and I am finding that having the correct tools makes a big difference.  I made a covered button for the bow. I watched Java Girl Stitches( Christie) on You Tube and she showed how simple it was! Why did I let that intimidate me. Now I will be using them on lots of things. I had the little berries from an old floral arrangement.  I think the Black and White check goes with just about anything.  The stand is from Hobby Lobby. I got three of them last year and painted them white, brown and black,.

I finished two word plays.

I am displaying them on a tray I got on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I went ahead and finished July and put it out as it will be here soon. I put a ruffle around my June piece but I am not sure I am leaving it there. I think these stitches are "busy" and look better without embellishment. I did tear some strips of Patriotic fabric I had on hand and added bows to the handles of the tray.  I am trying to make my borders smaller as Priscilla suggests. I do think it makes a big difference. Now if I can learn to measure

I finished Where Liberty Dwells by Hands on Design. I changed a lot of the colors on this one as I wanted it to be BOLD. I changed the daisies to Black Eyed Susans, the fence to brown and I used a bolder red for the top portion. I love it. Hope to get it finished into a drum this week.  I am trying to decide if I will do Put on the Hat in a Drum style or a little pillow. Your opinions are valued.

While I was at Hobby Lobby I checked out the Christmas Craft section that is slowly coming to life at the back of the store.  I found these embellishments for Christmas ornaments...

These will look good at the tops of some of my ornaments with rusty jingle bells attached.  I plan to do a lot of ornament stitching in Jolly July. I am also monogamously stitching on Joshua's birth sampler until it is completed. I think I can have it done in two weeks tops.

Hope you all have a good stitchy week and that the Frog stays far from your door.

PS...I had a few questions from previous posts.

First the Centerpieces at the Reunion. The ladies who put them together put clear plastic jewels in the vases with a blue LED light at the bottom which made them glow blue. I am not sure if they got them from a craft store or a florist. I would be hesitant to use just any light in water so I am sure these were made for that purpose.  They were so nice!!  Byrds Cookie Store in Savannah sells oatmeal cookies that my husband loved as a child so we always stop for a treat. They do have a web page and you can order from them online. My favorites are the Benne wafers( Made with sesame seeds called Benne seeds down there) and Key Lime Coolers. Many gift shops sell Byrds Products but the Byrds name is not on the box. So you might find some in stores near you.  Savannah Sweets also has a web page that you can order from online. Sorry that I am making your diets useless but you


Sandy said...

Such goodies you stitched up! Okay I so love the sunflowers with the brown centers. August is adorable and that is what I think in August. I didn't even notice the off center so we are indeed our own worst critic. I love that little finish with the stand. IT is absolutely perfect and I am off to watch that video on covered buttons. I also love the black eyed Susans instead of daisies. I love love love daisies, but for a fence row in the south black eyed Susans it must be!!! That is going to be such a pretty finish in a drum. Oh and the wordplays are pretty too. July looks perfect with that bowl of GA peaches!

Robin in Virginia said...

Love our LK August block! I love the colors you used. What gold did you use for the fill in of the block? Well done on getting 2 more Word Plays stitched up and the July in finished form and on display. The HOD piece is so pretty and I like the bolder colors. Thanks for the information about the cookies. Enjoy your weekend!


Love all your stitcheries--great finishes--
I am also doing the word plays--I started mine a few years and got through to April done then--using the colors the pattern called for--so a couple months ago I wanted to do May's as that is my birth month and I had that pattern--
but I chose some brighter colors to do it--and then I was on a roll and have also gotten June's and July' done and have just started the August one--again using my own color picks--and in the next couple days will be ordering the last 4 patterns!!! I think it is kinda funny that there is 3 of us who are working on the Word Plays now and all 3 of us are doing pretty much the same months!!! (And I plan to also display mine on some kine of tray!!!)
luv, di

Mari said...

I love the wordplays! They look so cute on the tray.

Terri D said...

Savannah Sweets... I think I was in that store. Love your projects and finishes and always marvel at your creativeness and talent! Thanks for sharing!

RJ said...

Super great stitching Arlene. Love how you finished the LK August stitch. I agree with you black and white for embellishing stitches. I love to use black ticking too.

Using a tray is a great idea for the word plays...looks wonderful!

Just got back home from a nice week at the beach and was so happy to see a new post from you. I always enjoy what you have stitched. Have a great week my friend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

As always love your work and enjoy seeing what you are working on.

Azka Kamil said...

nice article..
thank for sharing

Terri said...

Love your stitching and finishing!

Benne wafers! I haven't had any in years! I fell in love with them when I lived near Charleston, SC. May have to look them up and order some! Thanks!


Mary said...

Oh my Arlene, you got so much stitching done!! What brand of covered buttons did you use? I had an old package from my Mom's stash and I couldn't even understand the directions, it looked way more complicated than it should have been. I love the look of the covered buttons, adds so much. Your Aug finish is just darling. I just finished July word play too....your making great progress on them after waiting so long to receive them.

Carol said...

You certainly did have a productive stitchy week, Arlene! My goodness--I feel like such a slacker :) Your June and July word plays are both so cute. I really need to get back to stitching these designs. Love the blue/gray threads in the June piece especially. July looks perfect on the tray--no need for a ruffle (but then, I am not a ruffly type of girl :)

Those little sprigs of pine will come in very handy. I have some and have used them, too, for ornaments.