Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Thank you!!

Just a short post today to say thank you to you ladies who took  a moment to make sure I do not miss any needlework stores along the way. So far I have The Silver Needle in Tulsa and Shepherd's Needle in Little Rock. By the way, I have found a PURSE MUSEUM in Little Rock that I have put on my list of places to visit. Mary  in Arkansas also gave me the name of a restaurant in Little Rock, so it is on my list as well. (Mary if you will email me at, maybe we can meet up at the needlework store when I am there.) Bloggers are such friendly people and always glad to help out with recommendations.  Poor Marvin....he asked if there were places near the LNS's so he could look at something while I browsed. So...any help for a poor retired physicist?

I think planning a trip is always an adventure in itself. Being retired, we are now more laid back about taking our time and enjoying the ride.

Today I am off with my friend, Diane. She is retiring from working for the City of Decatur after 30 years. (She started when she was in her early 20s).  Before she leaves she wants to present some happies to special people at her retirement party next week. We are headed to a gift store in the county to find some nice things at a bargain price. After shopping we will have lunch at Caddo.  Yes we have a town named Caddo. Not sure of its origins but they have a nice little cafeteria there.

Amelia and her family arrived safely in Colorado. Poor grandson, Hudson, was so nervous. He was sure the plane was going to crash. Amelia sent me a photo of Hudson with a big smile on his face after they landed. Overall Amelia says the children enjoyed their first flight. She thinks Landon may be getting used to the good life.:)


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I have learned along the way that blogging friends become good friends and are helpful in so many ways. Happy Wednesday!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's SO much fun to plan a trip especially when there are so many things of interest to do along the way! Hope Marvin finds some interesting things to do too! We'll worry about him! heehee!

Robin in Virginia said...

Bloggers and internet friends are the best and super helpful with sharing of information. Glad to hear your family arrived safe and sound in Colorado! Enjoy your shopping and lunch outing with your friend!

Sandy said...

I knew about the Silver Needle from Marlene talking about it on Flosstube, but two possibilities are amazing. Poor Marvin.... he's a keeper and good sport.

Mari said...

Poor Marvin! Wish I had some suggestions for him. :)
Glad the flight went well for Amelia and fam!

Terri D said...

It's nice to have husbands who put up with us, isn't it. I hope Marvin finds a place to interest him while you shop elsewhere. Meeting blogging friends is such a great thing. Please take us along!!