Monday, June 3, 2019

The Stream

Let's meander in the stream this morning. It is a bit shallow so no fear of deep thoughts!

1. Well I had my first experience with a millennial who did not read cursive. I took some packages to the Post Office the other day and as the young lady was weighing them and putting the addresses in the computer, she turned to me, pointed to the address( written in cursive) and asked, " Is this an L?"
I assured her it was.  It was one of those moments that shocks one a bit. I am officially a dinosaur. Maybe we seniors can earn some money by giving Cursive reading classes. The younger kids will not have to learn to write in Cursive but at least they can learn to read it.

2. Happy June. Girls, it seems like we turn around and another month as flown by. Many of my family members will be going on vacation this month. Marvin and I will be heading to Savannah for his 50th class reunion later this month. Much planning has gone into this event as it will probably be the last class reunion for the class of 1969.  I am going to brag a bit and tell you that Marvin was chosen as one of the distinguished graduates for his work in Homeland Defense.

3. Baby Joshua is growing like a weed. He has gained almost a pound and is settling into the family. Audrey is adjusting to her role as big sister. Charles and Nancy are doing a great job at making sure Audrey gets lots of attention at this transition time in their family.

4. For you stitching friends, Chelsea and Priscilla have announced that they are hosting a Jolly July to encourage us to get our Christmas ornaments stitched in advance! I have already stitched three of my grands ornaments so I have six more to do. I will probably join in their stitch along. The way the year is flying by I think their idea is a great one.

5. I am reading Grateful American by Gary Sinise. It is a good book. Marvin and I loved him as Lt Dan in Forrest Gump. That role opened Gary's eyes to the plight of the wounded warriors in the USA and he has spent much time and energy seeing that these men are not forgotten.  I will admit Gary was a rascal growing up in Chicago in the 60s and 70s. ( He is my age) He credits a High School Theater Teacher for turning him around at a critical time.  All you teachers out there, take heart, you never know the effect you will have on your students.

6. I made a trip to TJ Maxx the other day. It had been quite a while since I had shopped there. It is another one of those stores it is best for me to stay out of for fiscal reasons. :) I was shopping for a birthday gift for a friend when I came across a Bob Ross Bobble Head that TALKS. Well I knew I had to pick that up for my grandson, Hampton. He just loves Bob Ross.  When I find little things like that for my grands I like to purchase them as a Happy gift.  I want each one of the Grimmlins to know that their interests are special to me.

7. Just a heads up that Blogger is still not sending notifications for all the blog comments. I checked my awaiting confirmation posts an found quite a few that had not been published. I apologize if you left a comment and did not see it posted.  I published all those that I found. I also had quite a few anonymous and some had helpful hints that I needed more pictures, a different layout and a different platform.  Thanks for the hints but no thank you!:)

Well I am off for coffee with my old work friends. I got a Panera gift card as a birthday gift so I will put it to use this morning. Hope all of you have a blessed day.


Sandy said...

I just have the hardest time with people not knowing cursive. I know it is of a bygone era, but that is just the one thing I have a hard time with. I write almost everything in cursive.
I probably should have been involved along the way with my class, but I have not attended along the way. I don't do Facebook, so I have completely lost touch with all. They wouldn't know me for sure.
I am going to put aside some stitches I am doing on June 30th and Christmas stitch. I have some things I want to get done, so I guess I will be participating in Jolly July!
I love it! A Bob Ross bobble head...too cute. I think your grands will feel the love.
And...I can truthfully tell you that even though for a very long time I fretted over my header and the likes, the blogs I read and enjoy could just have it on plain old white and no header and I would still read demonstrating the fact that we put a ton too much time in the likes. I have been saying I was going to change my header forever because it is really old, but the website I used to make was free at the time and it is no longer free, so it just sits as it is.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That bobble head sounds like fun! And how nice that your hubby is being honored! He's accomplished so much! Enjoy your morning! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed the meander in the Stream this morning, Arlene! Thank you for the book recommendation; will add it to my list. I can't say I am surprised about the worker who couldn't read cursive. There was a checker at the store the other day that couldn't figure out my change because she put in $15 instead of $15 and the change; she tried voiding the transaction and froze up the register. Glad to hear the Joshua is thriving and Audrey is adjusting to being a big sister! Have a marvelous Monday!

Dianna said...

I hope you enjoyed the get-together with your old work friends at Panera's. Isn't it fun to do things like that?

I've not had the experience you had at the post office but I'm sure it will come at some point. As a former teacher, it disturbs me that cursive writing is no longer being taught...even in the Christian homeschool curriculums, it is taught by a different method than the traditional way.

It is fun to pick up things throughout the year as little Happy gifts for our grands and our children too.

Thank you for the heads up on Blogger and comment notification. I will keep an eye on it.

Terri D said...

Such a good catching-up post! Baby Joshua is a lucky boy to have such an attentive big sister! The bobble-head sounds like it will be a huge hit! Let us know how it is received! Have a happy week!!

Barbara said...

Yes, slough off any and all negative comments. I have had a dump truck of them recently from one person in particular. Sometimes we have to 'consider the source' and just move on.

CONGRATS to your hubby on his accomplishments and achievements!! I am glad he is being recognized for them.

Regarding Christmas ornaments -- I want to do more beach projects first!!!!

Last, THANK YOU for the excellent idea for a Father's Day gift for my hubby (the book by Gary Sinise). I had thought of that months ago and then forgot. So this is a great reminder. Barnes and Noble, here I come!

Carol said...

Always enjoy your Stream posts, Arlene! Although I once had very nice handwriting, today, I always print except when I sign a check. It has become such a habit that I find myself struggling to actually write in cursive, sadly. And now, with my thumb/wrist issues, I can barely hold a pencil :( You have lovely handwriting!