Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Stream

Good Morning....time for a quick dip into the stream.

1. I finally celebrated my birthday with the besties last week. We had a nice lunch at O Bryans in Hartselle. Then we motored to Deborah's house where we had strawberries and cheesecake. I opened lovely gifts, these ladies know just what I like....soap, bath bombs, gifts for Grimmwood and a pretty patriotic kitchen towel.  Deborah sent us home with cheesecake and a cupcake from the 50th anniversary celebration.  Times with these friends are precious memories in the making.

2. Marvin and I are planning a quick visit to Oklahoma in July. Guess who we are going to see? The Pioneer Woman. Well Ree probably will not be there but we are staying at The Frontier Lodge on Sunday evening. We chose to visit on a Monday as we have heard it is a slower day. Breakfast at the merc and we hope we can get tickets to visit the lodge as they are available that day.  We planned some stops along the way there  and back....I have never been to Oklahoma so that will be another state off my list! I may talk M into driving up to Kansas just so I can say I have been to Kansas. If anyone has suggestions for places to eat in Little Rock or Fort Smith Arkansas...I am open to suggestions.  Thanks to Judy who reminded me that there is a needlework shop in Tulsa!! Just may have to stop there for a check in!

3. Amelia and her family are on the road...or up in the air this morning. They are headed to Colorado and Utah for vacation. I will be sharing some of the pictures of their adventures.

4. Fathers Day we will head to Grimmwood and we are hoping to be able to eat at Farm to Fork on our way there. Speaking of places to eat....I just found out there is a Chuy's Mexican restaurant in Huntsville. How that one snuck by me, I do not know!! IT will be a lunch destination in the near future.

5. Calling all  Jeopardy fans, by now you know that James, the super Jeopardy winner finally lost to a librarian. He was such a good sport...going over to give her a high five when he lost. Of course if I had won over two million dollars I think I could be a good sport as well. He was such a wonderful player....such knowledge and the ability to think fast.

6. On Saturday our North Alabama Stitchers will be celebrating our second birthday. We are going to have quite a crowd. There will be cupcakes, goodie bags, door prizes and lots of gabbing and stitching. I will try to capture some of the fun for the blog!!

7. Not a lot going on at Nanaland this week. I hope to get some cleaning done before we head to Grimmwood. And speaking of that, I will be taking a blog break.  I will post my Stitching Saturday and then I will be gone for about a week. I have not taken such a long break in a while so y'all be sure and visit the ladies on my blog roll while I am gone.   Have a blessed day dear friends.


Anonymous said...

You have a lot on your plate coming up, literally and figuratively lol, yummy! Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration, I just turned 63 on the sixth of June so we share a birthday month! Your trip sounds really exciting, I will be looking forward to lots of photos! Have a wonderful time!

Sandy said...

How exciting to go to OK to see PW. I think that would be so much fun. I think I could even talk Jeff into that one when he retires. I went to Kansas believe or not for science teacher training. I had never been either. IT was quite fun. The little town was Pittsburgh in the south east corner, but I thought it was lovely. We flew into St. Louis and drove down the eastern edge of Kansas. I enjoyed seeing something I had never seen. You never know PW might be there. She pops in sometimes from what I read. Enjoy the time at the cabin and at the stitchers' meeting.

Judy said...

Arlene, sounds like lots of things going on in your world 💕. You have to go to The Silver Needle in Tulsa when you visit Pawhuska & Ree. I dream of going there. Have a great summer.

Dianna said...

I would love to go along with you and Marvin to visit Ree's little spot in the world. I love her down-to-earth way of living life!

Enjoy your time away!

Rian said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! And I too enjoy watching the Pioneer Woman on TV... enjoy her show and her cooking. Please take pictures while you're there. Should be fun! Also if you are around Little Rock, we used to go up to Petit Jean National Park and stay at a lodge or cabin there. It isn't far from Little Rock. And lastly, Chuy's Mexican is my youngest son and his family's favorite restaurant.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed my wander in the Stream, Arlene. It sounds like you have some exciting activities coming up and I look forward to seeing and reading about it all. I think you should take a road trip to Virginia; there is a Chuy's in the Richmond area. I was sorry to see James streak come to an end. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Mari said...

I'm so excited about your trip! I think you need to drive into Kansas as well, you'll be so close!
I was surprised James lost - he seemed to be invincible!

Mary in AR said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip Arlene! Even though I live in Little Rock and it would be a short trip to Pawhuska, OK to see all of PW's places, I've haven't made it there yet. If you have time when you are in Little Rock, we have a lovely LNS that is open Tuesday - Saturday, Shepherd's Needle, 1601 W Markham, Suite D
Little Rock, AR 72211,501-221-6990. Ann Thompson is the owner and she has such a variety of fabrics, threads, and patterns. As for restaurants in LR, try Izzy's, 5601 Ranch Dr. Little Rock, Arkansas 72223, 501-868-4311. They are closed on Sundays, but oh my the food is delicious. I am particularly fond of the Chicken Cesar Salad. They make the Cesar dressing and it is like no other, lots of Parmesan cheese and such a wonderful flavor. I'm not familiar with the Fort Smith area so can't recommend anything there. The Silver Needle is a wonderful LNS as well, so many beautiful things, almost overwhelming. I love to visit there too.
I haven't commented before, but have been reading your blog for several years now and have always enjoyed it. Enjoy your internet/social media break!

Terri D said...

Oh man!!! I am SO excited for you to be going to see the Pioneer Woman's territory!! My blogging friend, Mari, just got back from Waco and seeing the Silos. These two trips are on my bucket list!! I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Pawhuska!!

sharon said...

I will be looking forward to hearing about your trip to see the pioneer woman! My sisters and I are leaving next week for our sister trip to Gatlinburg but we are thinking pioneer woman for our next trip! We had a retirement dinner for one of our teachers at Chuys last month. It was good but be ready for a looong wait!! Enjoy your trips!

Carol said...

Your trip to OK sounds like fun, and you are getting some great suggestions on places to visit! Sad that James had to finally lose in Jeopardy, but happy that it was to a librarian :) We always tend to do well in trivia!

RJ said...

Arlene your trip sounds wonderful. I have been to both Little Rock and Fort Worth but I can't remember where we ate. My friend and I were doing craft shows back then and our stops to eat were quick.

Can't wait to hear all about your, fun, fun!!! RJ