Thursday, June 13, 2019

Traveling Roberts Family

Amelia, Todd and the grands are having their big travel adventure of the summer. Amelia found cheap tickets on Frontier Airlines so she decided it was time for the kids to experience their first plane ride. Only Hudson was leary of this, the rest of the kids were excited to experience something new.

Guess who went with them??

I love this picture of Kendall.

The rowdy boys....good thing Hampton was in the middle.

Hudson was excited that the plane made it safely to the ground.

The whole family had lunch at Casa Bonita in Denver before heading to Utah in their rental car.

Landon enjoying the scenery.

Family picture...Hampton and Kendall are not happy about it but Amelia told them to get over it.

Kendall took this one.

She also snapped this one. Anything to keep from being in the photo.

But here she is on the Colorado River.

All four grands...  I get tickled at how awkward K and H look while Landon and Hudson are always posing for the camera.

The rafters.

Those views are beautiful....hoping they have a grand time on their trip.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

What a great trip for the family and bet even those that dont act like they are enjoying it, really are silently! They will when they look back.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The photos are the best! Looks like quite an adventure! WOW!

Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous photos! What beautiful country they are in!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and such a handsome family, What a great trip and they all look so happy, I smiled when you pointed out the awkward and the posing grand kids, that’s so true lol, loved this so much, thanks for sharing this !

Sandy said...

Great photos. I remember that stage that Hampton and Kendall are in. Paul Allen was the worst. IT is funny this past Sunday we were altogether...birthday week for the boys here...and the kids were saying that they loved going to Yellowstone. We would never have known that . Lindsay had turned 16 and wanted to stay home and drive and Paul Allen had turned 14 and that means you can go out on the wave runner and boat all by yourself. Most of the pictures of them have no smiles and yet here at 29 and 27 it is one of the best vacations ever. Go figure!

Carol said...

Beautiful photos of your family from Utah, Arlene! We were there in 2000--would love to go back :) And, oh, I remember those teenage years when the last thing you wanted was to in a photo with your family :)

Mari said...

I love the pic of Kendall too!
Looks like a wonderful trip - reminds me of our trip last year.

Terri D said...

What a great trip and how exciting that it was the kiddos' first plane ride. Great memories! Fun photos!

Barbara said...

Being from Denver, I recognized Casa Bonita immediately but thought, "Surely not!" Your caption with the picture assured me it indeed is!

Looks like a great family vacation. So glad they could go on this adventure!

RJ said...

Oh yes looks like Utah to me. Did they go to the Arches National Park while there? Love the photos of the whole family...wonderful. RJ