Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Grimmlin Get Together

Ben took Margaret and Elliott to meet their new cousin, Joshua, on Saturday. Nana sure wished she could have been there as well but I was running around in Atlanta.:)

Uncle Ben and Baby J. You may be wondering what that thing is on Joshua's ear. Well when he was born one of his ears was misshapen....probably due to the way he was laying in the womb. In years gone by,  plastic surgery would have been necessary to fix this but thanks to modern technology an ear mold comes to the rescue. If the mold is in place before the baby is one month old, they can guide the ear as it grows and the baby only wears it from four to six weeks. Joshua should be getting his off soon and I have to say what a great invention. It has worked so well!! So glad that this little Gremlin lives in the Atlanta area where a specialist was readily available.

Elliott doesn't look too sure about this baby.

Margaret loves holding her baby cousin.

So sweet...

My two youngest grand boys.

Big Sis takes over.

My girlies...

It always warms this nana's heart to see her little ones enjoying each other.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Another Presidential Library In the Books!

Our friends, Sharon and Barry, came to spend the weekend with us at Grimmwood. We took off for Atlanta on Saturday to visit the Carter Center, Jimmy Carter's presidential library. It is also a center for conflict resolution. And on Saturday's a BIG farmers market is located on the property.

The front was obscured by some plywood as they seemed to be doing some work around the front of the building.

I will say that the grounds were very nice and flowers every where.

A pretty fountain was also receiving some attention.

A list of those who donated to this library.

Reproduction of the outfits the Carters wore on their wedding day. Jimmy Carter worked under Admiral Rickover in the submarine section of the navy.  The former president said that next to his daddy, Rickover was the biggest influence in developing his character.

Jut a picture of Rosalynn Carter examining a dinner table before a state dinner.

All of us remarked that when you remember what is "now" history you are getting

There was a big section about the Iran hostage crisis.  We all remarked that we remembered Ted Koppel reporting each night about the crisis, stating Day etc of the Hostage Crisis. The hostages were released as soon as President Reagan was sworn in as the new president of the United States. Former President Carter flew to Germany to greet them.

A pretty tea set that was a gift to Mrs Carter.

And look at this truly creepy doll that was given to Amy Carter by a nation that must have hated the USA!

The only Christmas item was a replica of one of the Christmas cards the Carters sent out one season during their time in the White House.

There was also an exhibit about Movies and TV shows filmed in Georgia.  Of Course, Sharon and I had to have our photo snapped at the Madea exhibit.

I really enjoyed the Madea movies when Tyler Perry first made them but he has succumbed to the Hollywood pressure and the movies have gone down hill in their message.

Those shoes were HUGE.....

We ended the tour with a trip down memory lane to Manuel's Tavern on North Avenue. We had a great lunch before heading back to North Georgia. Grimmwood is only 83 miles from Atlanta but it is a world away in many ways.

I will say of the two presidential libraries, Bill Clinton's was superior.  Sharon and Barry have gone to Hoover's Presidential library and they said it was better than Carter's as well.  Sorry Jimmy but I think you could have done better.

I did pick up a magnet for my travel board.  I would say if you are in the Atlanta area, it is worth a stop if you enjoy history. Two down...eleven to go!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Down on the Farm

Farmer Bruce has some new babies at Foothills Farm. We sure enjoyed watching them in the pasture while we were at Grimmwood.

This little calf loved running down the hill.

This little red one is so cute.... Mama was very protective.

Yes, even cattle gather around the water fountain to chat.:)

Leta found this neat old book for Marvin....

It's first printing was in 1917. We think it might have belonged to our great uncle. It was a very interesting little book and one I am sure we will use as well as Bee Keeping for Dumbies.  Marvin did get a sting this week when he was working in his hives. We think we have more honey to bring home. I am planning to try my hand at rendering the beeswax this week.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Just a bit of stitching this week. 

I did finish Joshua's birth sampler.....pardon the creases and as it is linen it needs stretching but here it is hot off the q snaps.

I plan to take it to the framer tomorrow and fingers crossed it will be done by the 100 day celebration.

I also completed four Jolly July pieces.

All are stitched on coffee tea dyed  28 count even weave.  I am pulling out some Christmas fabrics and hoping I can start FFO ing these pieces next week.

I did see that Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread has given us a peak at her latest designs.

I love this one...

And more Hoop La!!

We are off to Grimmwood for the weekend. I will be working on my Christmas stitching there as well as my name tag for the North Alabama Stitchers. I want to have my name tag done before the next meeting.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday Five

1. One last picture from our trip....

2. Baby J

Two months old and cute as pie.

3. My Anime Girl

Kendall is in the green wig. She is not wearing her head piece that we made. Amelia says she would not put it on until the parental unit and brothers left the scene. I got tickled at Amelia...she said she spent a lot of time and money ordering a yellow tu tu, green wig and then her child would not even make eye contact with her if she saw her at the Von Braun  I think K thought Mom would drop her at the door and be on her way...uh NO!!.  Glad she and her little nerd friends had a good time.

4. My new fridge magnet.

I can't wait for the Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood film starring Tom Hanks as Fred will be my Thanksgiving weekend movie for sure.

5. New Breakfast Bar Decor

This is the only seasonal decor I have in my home right now. I am going to clean really well before time to put the Fall Things in place.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Grimmlin Alert

It has been a slow week here at Nanaland so I am reverting to Nana Mode.

Landon and Hudson at HaMa Con...when not bothering their sister, they were checking out all the Pokemon things in the arena.

Audrey's chariot....Isnt this a neat idea??Audrey can ride standing up while baby brother sleeps.

I have to share this photo of Audrey...all the attention has been on Joshua lately but sweet Audrey understands and is learning to be a loving big sister.

And a very happy Anniversary to Charles and Nancy...10 years of marriage!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Fall at Kirklands

I made the mistake of going to Target on Saturday when it was tax free shopping day for back to school. So I took myself across the parking lot to Kirklands to walk around and see the new things in stock.

I saw this and thought of my blog friend, Linda She is an expert napper. When she gets tired she does not fight it, she curls up for a power nap. Love you Linda!!

This was a door hanger but it was so heavy that I do not think it would hang on my hook. Having a glass front door, I have to use a suction cup hanger and it will not hold a heavy door hanging.

This one was very light weight and cute....I would need to work on that bow. It was very reasonably priced.

Cows are still very popular.

I don't need a new yard flag but this one is super cute.

This one is cute too...and black and white check is everywhere. It is always my go to ribbon for craft projects as it really sets off a piece.

These were pricy...I have a nice wreath from last year that I will use again.

A whole shelf of pumpkins.

Black and white ribbon must have been on sale.:)

I thought I might add candles to my dough bowl for my fall centerpiece.

I love this truck canvas.

This cart was on the side walk...if you needed to pick up some bargain summer decor...this would be for you. Great prices.

I like to look at Kirklands for ideas. I will say I seldom purchase anything there. Their prices are a little high but they do put on good sales. You might want to check out the sales...I am sure they will be clearing things out to add some Christmas items soon.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Stream

Oh my the stream is more like a sauna this week. But then it is July in NoAla. The kids will be going back to school in two weeks if you can believe it.

1. Marvin and I both agreed that our little jaunt to the midwest made us have a bit of wanderlust. We will be traveling to Natitoches(sp?)Louisiana in about three weeks. We are thinking of stopping midway in Jackson, Mississippi. Any one have recommendations for things to do there? I always check trip advisor for interesting stops but I find local people always know the best restaurants. Our bed and breakfast in Louisiana is the home where Steel Magnolias was filmed and I have heard it has a delightful downtown to wander through.

2. I am also glad to report that I am feeling much better about a personal problem I was is a long story and one I cannot share here but I finally cleared the air with someone who had caused me a lot of pain and worry over the last nine months. I really feel like a burden was lifted. Was it resolved in the way I hoped it would be? No....but I did my part in trying to resolve the situation. Some people are just very self involved and there is nothing you can do about it. There are seasons for relationships and this one has come to an end. We will be cordial but that is all that I can manage. It is too bad that friendships cannot be reset like a computer.

3. Kendall came over to work on her HaMa Con costume. ( Huntsville Madison Comicon) She really enjoys dressing as one of her favorite comic book characters. We had to use some hot glue to make a head piece. This girl is very creative...wonder where she got that gene from???

4. My sister, Leta, found me an old crock pot at a yard sale so hopefully I will be working on my beeswax threaders soon.   The crock pot is special because it came from the home of a couple who we loved...they have both passed away and their children were holding an estate sale. Leta said it was sad. I often avoid estate sales because it makes me so sad to see someone's valued things marked $1 or $5.  I will be glad to use this one and when I do I will think of Edna May.

5. I found a delicious melon at Publix this week. It is called Sugar Kiss Melon. It is a cantaloupe but so tasty. They also had a Summer Kiss Melon which looked like a type of Honeydew. I will have to try it next week.

6. I still have out a few pieces of patriotic stitching but this week they will go back upstairs to the attic. I will let the house rest a bit before pulling out the fall things. I did receive my Country Sampler in the mail and it really got me inspired for Fall Decor.  I just love the warm cheery colors of fall.

7. Brenda, one of my readers asked a question about finding a Unicorn cross stitch pattern. Brenda if you go to 123 Stitch online and search for Unicorns, several patterns pop up. One was a small Bucilla kit that would make a great ornament.  You might also try Etsy. Many new designers sell their charts there. I have found some gems.

Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat....take heart, Fall will be here before we know it.

Monday, July 22, 2019


Now that we have been home a few days I have had time to sit and just think about my trip and how much I enjoyed it.  If you are wondering if it is worth it to go to Pawhuska and visit the home of the Pioneer Woman, GO.

I neglected to post this picture. I had always thought the cowboy hat on the cake plate was a unique decoration. And if you look out the window you can see the grill where Ree cooks on the show.

This photo ws on display. You can tell it if several years old but I really liked it.

On Friday, Marvin and I sat down to watch Ree while we ate our sandwiches at lunch. We kept saying, Oh there is so and so. And look she is using her lavender Kitchen Aid mixer.

We also enjoyed our time in Little Rock. It is a city that is making a come back in its downtown area. And if for no other reason, you stitchers need to see the Shepherds Needle.  On the home front, Marvin and I are planning a visit to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. It is just two hours from Grimmwood so it would be a perfect place to visit one Saturday while we are there.

Now back to the everyday but hey, I enjoy the everyday life as well. I am blessed for sure.