Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Five

!. Bee Pillowcases

Leta embrodiered these pillowcases for Marvin. I put them on our bed at Grimmwood right away.

2. August Dough Bowl.

I was ready to get rid of the Red White and Blue and move on to late summer sunflowers. I really need to do some more stitching in this genre. I did add my black bird and my red bird. 

3.Dinner with Friends

I picked up this bouquet of Sunflowers for only three dollars at Publix this week. I was entertaining some friends with a tomato pie dinner so I set the table in my Desert Rose dishes. I added the beautiful monogrammed napkins made by my friend, Sandy, who you know as a Home Ec Major.  
In front of Barry's plate you will see his jar of honey that we gifted him from our harvest this week.
His lovely wife and my good friend, Sharon, brought me this cute Pioneer Woman cup/bowl. It is perfect for heating up things in the microwave. She wanted to wish  us well on our trip to Pawhuska.

4.Vera Bradley Toiletries Bag

I was browsing in our local consignment shop, Better Than Before when I saw this brand new Vera Bradley hanging toiletries bag. This weill be perfect for travels to Grimmwood and other locales we plan to visit soon. I just love Vera Bradley products and this blue print is perfect for me in every way.


We harvested 14 pints of honey from our ten frames. We lost some honey as several of the frames held brood cells. Marvin did not put the Queen Excluder in this hive so she must have gotten into the top frames  and laid some eggs where we wanted Honey. In hive number two, Marvin did add the excluder so we will see if we get better results. Some bee men do not like to use the excluder aa they say it damages the bees wings as they go up to work in the top frames. The queen bee is bigger than the worker bees so she cannot squeeze through the excluder hole, keeping her away from our honey frames. We had one frame that was just perfection. I wish had taken a picture of it. A thing of beauty.

As I said before we are learning as we go. I did save a lot of comb and I plan to render it down. I must purchase an old crock pot as I will not want to use it for anything else but rendering wax.I am hoping to be able to make some wax threaders for my stitchy friends I have also read that you can make candles and lots of beauty creams, glosses etc. Why you can even make furniture polish.

I am turning into a hippie in my old age!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing creations and gifts and the honey is utterly amazing of course! I heavy on the amazing this morning but I always enjoy my visit with you,

Sandy said...

The honey is amazing and the honeybee pillowcases are just wow. I love the whole story. And a Vera find that looks to be in really good shape. I need to get to those thrift stores as I am sure people are getting rid of that now. Lindsay and I still have our makeup bags from 20ish + year ago. The bowl looks so cute. I am probably switching out my stuff this weekend for my sunflower stuff.

Tina said...

Love your August dough bowl! And the beekeeping is so interesting! You got a lot of honey too! I have a wax threader and I just love it for my stitching! Beeswax smells so good too! Hope you have a great weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your August dough bowl looks fabulous, Arlene! My red, white and blue stitcheries are still up as I usually leave them up until September. But seeing your sunflower stitches have given me an idea. Thank you! I always enjoy seeing what you have to share with your Friday Five posts. Enjoy your day!

Linda said...

So much to love here! The dough bowl! I need to get mine out and use it for August! Love your Desert Rose Dishes.....and that Honey! Oh, that honey! I hope we get as much as you did. We go back down to the ranch on Thursday and the bee meeting is the Tuesday after. I’m so excited! We have two hives like y’all. I’m so new at all this I squeak! But I’m excited!

Carol said...

Leta's pillowcases are just beautiful--and so perfect for your new life as beekeepers, Arlene! Great job on harvesting all that honey--your friends and relatives will be thrilled to get their little jars...

Love your August dough bowl. I am going to leave my patriotic things up until the end of the month and then put out the sunflower/bee themed stitching. Still can't believe how quickly this year is going! Hope you have a lovely weekend :) ♥

Mrs.T said...

Your Friday Five is always such a fun read, Arlene! Your August dough bowl looks just beautiful. And I am so impressed with all of the honey you have harvested. I am sure it tastes as good as it looks!

Terri D said...

The pillowcases are perfect!! Your table setting looks beautiful and inviting! Good find at the thrift store! I have a Mary Kay roll-up similar to that which I use all the time when traveling! Your dough bowl always looks so great with those small finishes! Happy weekend!

Mari said...

I love your August bowl!
I'm so impressed with all you will do with the honey and comb. Way to make good use of everything.