Monday, July 1, 2019

Our Middle Granddaughter...

All about Margaret...

Favorite Nick Name.....Margo
Favorite Color.....Neon Green
Future Career.....Therapist for special needs children
Favorite Movie...Zombies
Favorite Holiday...Halloween because you can dress up and get candy.
Travel Destination....Florida
Favorite School subject...Art
Favorite book...Wonder
Favorite Bible Story.... David and Goliath
Favorite Tv Show...Amazing World of Gumball
Favorite animal...Lemur

I think her favorite dessert might be the coca cola cake at Cracker Barrel

We meet Katy at Cracker Barrel to swap kiddos.

While at Cracker Barrel, Margaret told me she was on the look for Beany Boo babies that were exclusive to Cracker Barrel for July 4th.

We found Liberty the unicorn and since the Beany Boos were on sale we also picked up Kipper the giraffe.

Not finding the cat we wanted at Birmingham, we checked out the Hartselle Cracker Barrel and while Spirit was still elusive, we found Valor the dog.

Margaret picked this toucan for Elliott.

Baylor got a lion.

She is a thoughtful young lady.

She is developing quite the collection.

We ate out Thursday at Alphonso's pizza with the Besties. Miss Deborah brought Margaret a raspberry fizzy for the bath. She enjoyed using it in the jetted tub.

After lunch we picked up Kendall and Landon to see Toy Store 4. It was a really cute movie and all the children enjoyed it. Well Nana did as well! The only scary part were the ventriloquist's dummies in the Antique Store.  Landon came home to spend the night here so the cousins had a fun time together. More fun on Friday as we toured the new Cooks Natural Science Museum in Decatur. Stay Tuned for more pictures tomorrow.


Sandy said...

So Nana is tired but happy this morning. She is such a cutie!

Robin in Virginia said...

I totally enjoyed reading all about Margaret. I am with her about the Coca Cola cake from Cracker Barrel. There were some things on Margaret's list that I am not familiar with so I will go investigate them soon.

Linda said...

Good times!!! Coca Cola Cake??? I am intrigued......
I love Cracker Barrel!

Annsterw said...

We used to love beanie babies! hey are all so super cute and reasonably priced! I had no idea that they had them at Crackle Barrel!! Another excuse to eat breakfast at every meal for me! YAY!

Terri D said...

Beanie Babies keep reinventing themselves! How cute!! It sounds like all of you had a great weekend!! Memories made! Blessings!

Azka Kamil said...

awesome article.
thanks for sharing :)

Visits With Mary said...

I enjoyed Margaret's answers, I think I might have to do this with Ava and Emma. She looks so cute, really enjoying her cake!

Mari said...

It was fun reading more about Margaret. I must say that she doesn't seem like a Margo to me - probably because you always call her Margaret, and because I knew 2 Margo's who were not as nice or fun as your Margaret! :)
I've never had coca cola cake - guess I need to try some!

Dianna said...

Arlene, Margaret is such a beautiful girl...and I love it that she wants to be a therapist for special needs children. What a gem! I'm glad that Landon was able to come and spend the night so the cousins could spend time together.

RJ said...

Margaret is a very sweet and adorable young girl. I had not seen those beenie babies before. We were given one that is a cardinal. I had no idea they were still around. Coca cola cake is a new one on me but will have to give it a try. Does Margaret's Nana like it too? Looks like you all had alot of fun. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Mary said...

I enjoyed reading all about Margaret. SHe is such a cuties. My husband loves going to the movies and there is so little to see, he wanted to go see the latest Toy story!! I would if I had a child with me, well, maybe he is a big child!

Carol said...

Looks like a fun day with your Margaret! It must be fun to be a kid again with your grandchildren and go see movies like Toy Story and buy the latest Beanie Baby reincarnation :)