Friday, July 19, 2019

Road Trip Day Five

We rolled into Little Rock just in time to have dinner with Marvin's Georgia Tech Roommate, Jack and his wife Camille. We enjoyed an Italian Feast at Bruno's Little Italy.

Two helluva an engineers!!

Wednesday morning was my visit with blog reader, Mary, at The Shepherd's Needle. I am saving that for Saturday Stitching. But I must say, if Mary lived in Decatur we would be good friends I am sure. Mary had recommended Izzys for lunch so we took her advice and she was not wrong. It was a delicious meal.

I had the Nutty Bird ( Turkey sandwich with cream cheese, tomato and sunflower seeds. Basil Tomato soup rounded out the meal. Marvin had a Reuben and a cup of Black Bean soup. We shared a piece of the Lemon Ice Box pie for dessert.  And yes Mary, we did have to run our hands through the rosemary bushes outside the door and they smelled wonderful.

We spent the afternoon at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. And let me just say, neither Marvin or I are Bill or Hillary fans but we love history and we enjoyed the tour. Our tour director was Jinke and she was so knowledgeable and entertaining.

 Oh...and a few shots of the outside of the library.

The library sits on a 30 acre plot of land donated by the town of Little Rock. It was in the worst part of town and much toxic dirt had to be removed before building could begin. However, the town of Little Rock knew that placing the presidential library there would force the area to change from undesirable to desirable. And for the most part, it has done so.

A new presidential limousine was ordered for President Bush so this one came to live in Little Rock.

Of course my favorite area was Christmas at the White House. This piece of glass was a portion of one tree that was created for New Years Eve 1999. Bill Clinton saw in a new millennium. There were two trees and they were so tall that  only a portion could be displayed here. It was beautiful.

A picture of the Clinton family in front of the tree.

Handwork on display...

And take a look at this ballet slipper.

This would make a good gift for a young ballet dancer.

A table set with the Clinton dinnerware. In stead of the Presidential seal, Mrs Clinton chose china with the White House on the front.

And a letter from Misterogers.  I had to have a picture of this.

Now Marvin and I are thinking we ought to visit all the Presidential libraries.:)


Robin in Virginia said...

Day 5 sounded like it was a grand day especially meeting up with a blog buddy. Glad you and Marvin were able to spend time with Jack and Camille. That Basil Tomato soup looked fabulous. Enjoy your Friday, Arlene!

Terri said...

I am really enjoying your road trip!

Linda said...

What a great trip! You sure did a good job sharing it with us! There’s a presidential library in Texas! There’s actually 3 of them! And would you believe I haven’t even been to one of them? I’ve got to fix that!

Tina said...

That sandwich sounds delicious - wouldn't have thought of putting that combination together but it sounds great! I think visiting the presidential libraries sounds like a worthwhile goal! A few years ago my husband and I visited Ronald Reagan's boyhood home which is not very far from where we live in Illinois. The tour guide was so knowledgeable and it was very interesting! There are many statues and honors to President Reagan in the town and we enjoy visiting them from time to time! Have a great weekend!

Mary in AR said...

So glad you enjoyed your meal at Izzy's and your visit to the Presidential library. It was wonderful to meet you and your dear Hubby. It has been lots of fun reading about your entire trip.

Terri D said...

What a fun day!! Visiting all of the Presidential Libraries sounds like a good goal!!

Mari said...

What a fun trip this has been. I love the Chihuly glass at the library. There was an exhibit of his done here in Grand Rapids a few years ago that we went too and we loved it!

Mary said...

No fan of the Clintons either but I would enjoy going to the library. Oh, I loved seeing the Chihuly artwork. I went to the Bronx Botanical Gardens last year to see his exhibit there, it was amazing!!