Monday, July 15, 2019

Road Trip Day One

We started out from Decatur around nine am. The sky was blue and the clouds were so pretty. We had heard that Hurricane Barry was bearing down on the Louisiana Coast but it was a beautiful all be it hot morning in NoAla.

Our first stop was McDonalds for coffee and we were on our way to Mississippi. First Stop was Corinth, MS. There is a newer Cracker Barrel on Highway 72 so we stopped there to use the restroom and I picked up a magnet for my magnet collection at Grimmwood.

Of course I had to stroll around the store and look while Marvin took the opportunity to stretch his legs outside.


It seems there is a Honey theme in this store.

Once I had purchased my magnet, we were headed to Memphis and my favorite bakery ever!


I had to use every bit of restraint that I had in me Ladies.

I told Marvin we could each choose two goodies. He chose an oatmeal pie and a Grass Hopper. The Grass Hopper is a chocolate cupcake with mint icing. I chose PROZAC...of course....chocolate chocolate all the way. And I picked up a Pucker Up...lemon.  We had one as a dessert on Saturday and saved the other for our lunch on Sunday.

We hit Arkansas about one pm.

Welcome to Arkansas in the middle of the Mississppi River Bridge.

The big muddy from the bridge.

We rolled along with no problems at all reaching our first stop, Conway, AR.

We used Trip Advisor to find this great restaurant...Mike's Place.

Conway has a quaint down town area.

Our booth was very sweet and secluded.

Marvin chose Bacon Wrapped Scallions.

I had Pasta Toscana...I could not even eat half of this so our sweet waitress, Tiffany, boxed it up with two plastic forks so we can have the rest for lunch on Sunday. We are hoping to find a nice rest area to have a little picnic.

Traveling is so much fun....seeing new places and trying new things.


Sandy said...

I look forward to this down the road. Have fun!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I was born and raised in Arkansas so I love seeing these photos...wish I was there! Love all the cute honey items you saw and your new magnet! Enjoy your day!

Robin in Virginia said...

Day 1 of your trip looked super. Glad you had nice weather! I think "honey" and "bees" are a popular theme this year. Both of your meals look incredible, Arlene! How were the treats from Muddy's? Safe journey to you and Marvin!

Mrs.T said...

What fun it will be traveling along on your road trip!! Thanks for taking time to journal it for us.

The food looks scrumptious! Hope you did find a nice place to enjoy the leftovers from Sunday's lunch.

And you know I always love Cracker Barrel. Mr. T and I are hoping to take an epic road trip next year after he retires from his current job.

Terri D said...

A good start to your vacation!! That food looks SO good!! I am ashamed to say there would not have been pasta left on my plate! We would not have been able to save a cupcake for the next day, either, so I applaud your restraint! Can't wait to read about the next day!

Linda said...

I love how you documented this and can't wait to see more!!! I'm still in awe over your honey production. We leave Thursday for the ranch and I'm assuming we will be doing a honey harvest of our own. I've been reading about how to do it! Loving your trip!

Mari said...

Sounds like a wonderful first day of travel. I love the magnet and your treats look so good!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoy going on this trip with you!