Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Road Trip Day Three

We were up early to eat breakfast at the Mercantile! But I must say, everyone else had the same idea. lol. It seems a lot of older and retired people were in Pawhuska sightseeing as well.

A sweet lady who happened to be a photographer snapped this one with my iPhone.  I did not post the pictures of our food. I had pancakes...pretty much like any pancakes but the syrups are fantastic. You get four flavored syrups with your order. Marvin got the Farmers Breakfast and his sausage which is made in house was divine. Homemade applesauce was on his plate as well. He is not a fan so I took care of that for him.  If you are planning a trip to eat at the Merc just be aware that you will wait. We were seated right away but waited about 30 minutes for our food. Everyone was from out of town so there was lots of chatting while we waited. Tables are fairly close together. They are very busy. I do commend the servers as they were always pleasant in spite of the crowd. One waitress said she had worked there for two months before she met Ree. I thought that ws interesting.

I enjoyed the Merch store and I think Marvin did too.

It looks just like it does on TV.

Lots of Ree's signature Fiesta ware.

So cute.

Mr Smarty Pants caught me in full on shopping mode.

Once you tire yourself out shopping downstairs go upstairs to sit and have a treat.

Her treats were tempting but I resisted.

We picked up our tickets to the lodge when we checked out at the Merc. The directions were spot on. Be aware you will travel about 30 minutes to get to the Lodge. Some of it is on a dirt road.

The road is dirt and gravel....wide enough to pass some cattle.

We saw two cowboys up close.

The front door...but we had to go around to the side to enter.

Walter greeted us but no autographs please.

Everything was very was a well used house. It includes several guest suites.

Here is one.

And the area was off limits to the tourists.

A large commercial kitchen and storage area was added to the back of the lodge several years ago. Girls, I counted TEN Kitchen Aid Mixers.

Lots of storage for prep needs.

The pantry off the kitchen. I will admit I opened some kitchen drawers and everything was beautifully organized. I even found a drawer with her readers, sunglasses and

I think Ree's job is safe for now.

My favorite picture.

This nice man was the host on site. He was very knowledgeable and answered any question you might have.

Marvin took this beautiful shot from the deck.

We both really enjoyed our stay in Pawhuska. I would tell anyone it is worth the drive. We got in the car and headed for Tulsa around lunch time. Marvin stopped at the Silver Needle so I could drool...I will post some of my Needleword tour pics on Saturday Stitching.


nancy p. said...

I am enjoying this trip with you. I would have gone nuts shopping! My dream is to go to the Silver Needle. All workers and the owner seem so very friendly.

Robin in Virginia said...

Day 3 looked like you and Marvin had a marvelous time. I love the shot Marvin captured from the deck. What a beautiful part of the country! Glad you were able to snag tickets to the Lodge.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It sure looks like a fun place to visit...and looks like lots of people think so! Love the cattle and cowboys on the way! And dirt roads? We have a few of those here in FL too! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sandy said...

I am enjoying your vacation too. I am willing to place a wager that going to the Silver Needle will rank really high on the list of fun things.

Angela S. said...

So glad you stopped at the Silver Needle! I met Lindy years ago and she was very nice. I believe it was at a market type event anyone could go to at the Opryland Hotel.

Terri D said...

I have so enjoyed going along with you on this trip! I doubt I will ever get there so this is as close as I'll ever get to Pawhuska and Ree's lodge! Love it!! Thanks for the great photos and stories!

Meg said...

OK, so I have to confess my ignorance here.... I thought, "Why is Arlene going to Pawhuska...huh? And who is Ree? Ree....?!"

Then looking at the merchandise, I realized it must be The Pioneer Woman. So I don't follow her or watch her show, but I do have her first cookbook so I'm not a total do-do bird.

That store looks like a HUGE temptation. My credit card would be on fire.

I am glad you are enjoying your trip! Safe travels!

Mari said...

I'm having such fun reading as you travel! Your breakfast sounds wonderful. The Merc looks bigger in your pics than on tv. What a fun place to shop!
The view from the Lodge is gorgeous. I love that you could look around at everything. Great pic of you and Marvin!

Linda said...

Next best thing to being there is visiting right here!! Such a great trip and you have documented it so well. Arm chair travel at its finest!

Mary said...

How exciting for you to get to the Lodge!!! Wonderful photo of you and Marvin ifo the fireplace....this was such a great trip. I want to go there too, I remember being so excited for Rhoda of Southern hospitality when she got to go there. Now, I'm thrilled for you!