Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Road Trip Day Two

We woke up to a steady rain, the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry. But once we were headed west the clouds lifted and blue skies began to appear. By 11;30 we were in Oklahoma.

 The state welcome station is about 16 miles from the border. We stopped to eat our left overs from last night. It really is windy in Oklahoma.

This picture  in the Welcome Center depicting The Trail of Tears is a little more optimistic than the real journey in my opinion. Coming from the part of Georgia where the Trail of Tears started, I guess I have a different take on this sad note in our country's history. The Cherokee were very peaceful people, good friends to their white neighbors and the fact that they were rounded up and sent to Oklahoma still makes me angry.  As we took this trip that followed the trail, I could not help but think of how the Cherokee must have missed their beloved mountains. Oklahoma is not a bad place if you choose to live there but being forced is another story. Okay, I am jumping off my soapbox now.

I took this from the road leading to Pawhuska. I must say, Pawhuska is in the middle of NOWHERE!! Several times I was praying the GPS was getting it right as we were deep in the country side.

A neat old barn we saw....and aren't those clouds so pretty and puffy and the sky was the color of a September sky in Alabama.

We reached Pawhuska around 3, our check in time at the Frontier Hotel.

Hold on to your hats...this is such a lovely suite and very well priced too.

I love a pretty bed.

A lovely kitchenette.

Sitting area and eating area.

Even the bathroom was top notch.

And out the window...

We are just steps from the mercantile.

Oh and this big boy greeted us in the lobby.

We plan to be up early for breakfast at the Mercantile. And if we get tickets we will visit the lodge. Fingers crossed Ladies.


R's Rue said...

Beautiful photos.

Sandy said...

Lovely tour today. I love those teepee tables. That was quite clever. The town to me looks like the one I visited in Kansas. Two story brick buildings. I can't wait to hear more.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The room really is gorgeous! I've gone online and looked at all of the rooms and they are all neat! You're going to have SO much fun today! Tell all!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed seeing your photos from day 2, Arlene! Were the "teepees" made out of concrete at the welcome center? Your room at the Frontier looks very inviting. Enjoy your breakfast at the Mercantile!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your suite at the Frontier is lovely and hope you have a really good day.

Linda said...

I’m loving this trip! What a beautiful suite! I’m going to look that place up - we’re not that far away. And I’ve never been to the Mercantile.

Kim said...

What a beautiful beautiful sky! The bedroom looks extra comfy too!

Robin Wylde said...

What nice places, and such interesting history! Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy :)

Terri D said...

I am just loving these posts and thank you for taking us along with you!!

Jan said...

Have fun!

Mari said...

I agree on the Trail of Tears - very sad part of our history.
I am loving riding with you! Your suite is beautiful and I can't wait till you visit the Mercantile!