Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Well I know many people say Christmas is still months away but we Jolly July Stitchers just sigh with our virtuous sniffs. We are going to be ready with Christmas ornaments for all our family members while others are furiously stitching away!

Just in case you think Christmas is far off, look what I saw when I was doing my mall walking this week.

Dancing Ghosts at the local Hallmark store. And they are unveiling their Christmas ornaments this Saturday!!

On the home front, my Colour and Cotton Flosses arrived.

Such beautiful colors this month. That Wild Berry will come in handy for Halloween Stitches.

I also ordered a project bag from a new Floss Tube Friend, Erica D House. You can find her on Etsy.

I love it when the seller includes a Thank You!

Here is the back...I loved this fabric so much. I had purchased some last year for finishing.

My Jolly July Stitching will be going in this bag.

And here is my latest ornament. This one is for Margaret.

Lizzie Kate...and I love Margaret so much I used some Kreinik and Petite Treasure Braid in this one.

Here is the latest on Joshua's sampler.

While doing some redecorating...I put out my Live within your Harvest Drum by Hands on Design.

Since Harvest time is here, this is a good reminder.

And finally something sweet to leave with you this week.

Happy Stitching Dear Friends.


Mrs.T said...

I always love seeing your work. And that project bag! The fabric is just gorgeous!

Robin Wylde said...

How beautiful those hand dyed flosses are! Thanks as always for sharing. Joshua's sampler is coming along great, and I love the meme at the end, made me smile :) happy stitching!

Sandy said...

That project bag is adorable. I just saw one on another blog that I thought when I get in the sewing mood I will try again. I am definitely not there right now:) I have to be in a mood.
I love the Zinnia color in your new colors and the Ho Ho Ho stitch is so cute for Margaret. I have an old magazine with a similar pattern in it.
Hoping you are having lots of fun!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a great post, Arlene! Your Harvest Drum is darling. I love the added sparkle to Margaret's ornament. What a great Christmas project bag you bought; lovely fabric! You are making good progress on Joshua's sampler. You received some gorgeous threads from Colour & Cotton especially that Alexandrite. Enjoy your weekend!

Visits With Mary said...

I always enjoy your stitching, thanks for sharing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I so agree about what makes something beautiful! The love we put into the things we make! Love that fabric with the horses! WOW! Makes me want to look for some! lol Enjoy your weekend!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Pretty, pretty things.

Mari said...

The floss has such rich colors! I like the bag too.
The end pic and quote is perfect. I know you put lots of love in your projects.

Terri D said...

That last graphic is so true! Lovely colors and great stitching, as always! Have a blessed Sunday!

LaNelle said...

Beautiful enjoyed this post thanks for sharingđź’—

Carol said...

I love the grown up look that baby Joshua's sampler has to it, Arlene--you'll be finished in no time, I'm sure! And the drum and Margaret's ornament both look fabulous--love that little snowman. I'm sure she'll treasure all the ornaments you've created for her through the years when she is all grown up with a tree of her own! Enjoy your Sunday ♥