Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday Stitching

First let me remind you to visit Stitching Friends Forever. RJ and Mary are doing an EXTREMELY generous giveaway on their blog. I love to see what these stitching friends get up to...I am always inspired by their lovely stitching.

Now on to my Stitchy Vacation....

Our first stop was The Silver Needle in Tulsa OK. I will admit we had a bit of a time finding its location in the shopping center as it was on a side portion. But we were soon inside, greeted by friendly ladies who work there. Marvin was invited to have a seat on a comfy sofa while I shopped. Let me tell you, this is the largest needlework shop I have ever visited. I was like a little child on Christmas morning, running from one part of the store to the other. Frankly, I was overwhelmed. Not too overwhelmed to take some pictures and to buy some stash mind you.

A whole wall of Mill Hill and other beaded kits. I had to take this photo for my good stitchy friend, Patti, who is a Mill Hill stitcher extraordinarie.

Some punch needle among their seasonal stitching. And NO I do not need another hobby.

I have never seen so many sample stitches in a store. Once you see a chart you admire stitched up, then you want it even more. These owners know how to sell needlework.

Here is my stash.

I had been resisting those cooking mice but I could no longer look the other way. The All is Calm ornament will be for Baylor as he likes it when it is calm.:) And he is our bright boy so very applicable. I need to stitch a Christmas ornament fro my niece, Maggie. I want to give Maggie and Seth a hand made ornament for their first Christmas as a married couple. I am thinking Ready Set Snow for them.

On to The Shepherd's Needle in Little Rock. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mary who reads my blog and she was so nice. We were instant friends.( Sandy she reads your blog too!!) We discussed meeting people we only know on line but most stitchers are not ax murderers so I think we are good. When you meet at the needlework shop that provides a safety net too.

She brought me a sweet gift.

Rae Dunn!( Squeal!!) We discussed our love of making lists and this is the PERFECT gift for me. I took Mary a few stitchy gifts. Stitchers just tend to be generous people I have found.

I took lots of pictures at The Shepherds Needle. Mary gave me a tour and pointed out so many pretty things. Mary was the perfect hostess and she signed me up for their email group too.

I loved their sample wall.

Sleds anyone?

Halloween Stiching. Pardon my


One day  I hope to do this one.


Marvin, patiently waiting....

Hands on Design

The Amazing Vonna finished these for the shop.


I did purchase the kit, Our union Forever. The kit includes the chart and the book. The book opens to hold another stitched piece and a fob. I really wanted to buy all of them.

These were magnetic boards with stands and magnets. Perfect to hold your chart while you stitch. Unless you are old like me and I have to clip my chart to my Q Snap.


All of the word plays. I loved seeing them done on different fabrics and more vibrant colors. If you need a Word Play Call The Shepherds Needle or visit them online. They ship!

Here is my stash from The Shepherd's Needle.

Did you spot Calvin the Cat? Priscilla of the Housewives has a bad cat named Calvin so she nicknamed the cat in the Brenda Gervais chart, Calvin.

Well if you have hung on until the bitter end, Congrats!! If you ever get a chance to visit The Silver Needle or The Shepherds Needle, I say Go with Caution!:) You could spend a lot of your money at either shop!


Brenda said...

I need a pattern for an ornament or a small picture of a unicorn. Any ideas?
Love your blog!!

Sandy said...

You did so well with restraint. I mean I can't even imagine with what I see on those walls. I know that if I saw it stitched I would want to do it immediately. I love the birds done that I bought all those patterns for. I am in complete awe. I have to study all these photos again.
I am honored to know someone reads my blog in Arkansas. Who knew?! The stitching community is truly amazing. I have learned so much from everyone.
I know you had so much fun Arlene. Thank goodness for smart phones to keep those good hubbies company.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've never seen so many pretty things! I keep looking at the Halloween cute they all are! Love what you bought. I know your eyes must have been BIG! heehee! Mine are just looking at your pics! Have fun!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thank you for sharing the visits to the 2 stitch shops. It looks like they are incredible places to visit. You came away with some lovely additions. It was nice that you were able to meet another stitcher. Those magnetic boards also make a great way to display needle minders. Enjoy your Saturday!

Mary said...

Arlene, Thank you for taking the photos of all the stitched pieces. I have been to one Needlework store and they specialize in linen so they don't have too many samples to display. I LOVED seeing all of them and I would be in serious trouble at both of those shops!! I see you got in a bit of trouble yourself!!! I planted my husband down at the one shop I got to go to and he was offered food and drink so he was a happy man. That should be a requisite for shops!Keep the husband happy so the wife spends more. I see that cardinal pair that is on my list to buy....seeming them in person would make me cave in. HOw wonderful that you got to meet Mary and spend time with her. I wish it was this Mary you got to meet!! lol...That Rae Dunn set was the perfect gift for you, how sweet of her. Thanks for sharing about our giveaway on your blog. Mary

Meg said...

Oh, what fun! I agree, seeing the stitched models is so much more inspiring than seeing a picture of a chart online. I would have considered taking out a second mortgage to afford everything I would want to buy. Hehe... And what a keeper you have in your very patient hubby! Looks like you got some great things!

Linda said...

I love you and I love the way YOU love stitching!
Your Marvin is a good man. Made my heart squeeze seeing him wait patiently for you as you were enjoying yourself so much. My Louis Dean would be that way.
I can't tell you how much I have LOVED your vacation!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!

Mari said...

Oh my - I bet you were like a kid in a candy store! And Marvin is a wonderful guy to sit there patiently while you shopped.
I love that you were able to meet Mary. I've met several blog friends and have found each one to be exactly what I knew them to be online. :)
I love Rae Dunn too!