Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sunset at Grimmwood

One of the pleasures of Grimmwood is sitting on the porch after dinner. Usually  my sisters, Bruce and Laura join us. We sit in rockers, share the swing and chat of nothing much as we enjoy the last hours of sun.

The other night we were amazed at how pretty the sunset was and how the colors changed as the sun went down.  We saw a few bats flying just at dusk.

Clouds moved away and the sky changed to a pretty peach color.( Perfect for Georgia)
Right about this time, our blue heron flew by....I guess he was choosing his favorite area pond for the night.

Another pretty shot. We were all taking pictures with our phones.

The sun was gone for the day....cicadas and bull frogs began their nighttime chorus.

When we are in Decatur we seldom see a sunset as we are more house people here in the city. But time in the country is refreshing for the soul.  Thank you God for the beauty that surrounds us. Give us eyes to enjoy it.

And I must add these two is Mama G's birthday and I always remember her as she was my second mama.

Such a gracious giving lady....made to be the mama of six Grimmlins of her own.  We miss you so.


Sandy said...

Sweet pictures of Kendall and Landon with her.
I remember countless evenings in Range sitting on the porch at my grandparents. It was just what we did in the evenings. That it is the adults. The cousins played under the shade of the big ole pecan tree.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love looking at the sunsets! We stand in our driveway here to see the colors best. Love the pretty peach color and the lavenders! Beautiful photos! What a great way to spend time!

Robin Wylde said...

What a beautiful view Arlene. I find sunsets very peaceful and it looks like you got an amazing one. Thank you for sharing.

Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful sunsets you get to see at Grimmwood! The sky "appears" so differently, doesn't it. Thank you for sharing the photos of Mama G.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

The pictures are so pretty and evening porch sitting is just the best.

Visits With Mary said...

Beautiful pictures and your time on the porch sounds so nice.

Terri D said...

Lovely photos of the sun setting. I really miss porch sitting. It is good for the soul!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos and a lovely lady she looks to be,

Mari said...

Such beautiful pictures, and made better by seeing that scene on the porch.
Nice to have good memories of your MIL.

Carol said...

Oh, those beautiful photos from Grimmwood are breathtaking, Arlene--what a perfect spot you chose to build your home away from home!