Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Stream

Good Morning, it has been a while since we have taken a dip! It is nice and warm here in No Ala so the water feels like a bath!!

1. July! How did that month arrive so quickly? We will be traveling to Grimmwood for the 4th. Our plan is to "rob" our bees while we are there. Marvin purchased a neat double strainer for me to use this time so I am excited to try it out.  Brother in law, Bruce, reported to us that he saw a bear visiting us on Sunday. We were worried that he might have been interested in our bee hives but the bees are good!  Our daughter, Amelia, turned 39 yesterday. She is spending her birthday in New York City. It has always been a dream of hers to visit the Big Apple. I would like to visit the city as well but I want to go at Christmas. I want to see Rockefeller Center!! That tree amazes me.

2. We will be heading out west in a week or so. I will mark Oklahoma off my list of states visited. Maybe Kansas too as Kansas is a short drive from where we will be.  It has been a while since Marvin and I have taken off on a road trip by ourselves.  Thank goodness for does make travels much more enjoyable. However on our trip to Savannah we found out that the GPS does not always route you in the best way. Nothing is perfect!!

3. I did some finishing of projects yesterday so that I can start on Jolly July today.  I am looking forward to doing some Christmas in July cross stitch. I had to stop in at Hobby Lobby for interfacing and batting yesterday. I asked my friend,Sandy to pray for me that I would not give in to temptation and come out with more things than needed. :) Well I did see one thing that I could not leave in the store and you will see it on my Friday Five. is fall related. So thanks Sandy! I did pretty well.

4. I am reading two books right now. Montauk and By Invitation Only.  Montauk is about the life of pre WW 2 housewives who spent the summer at a nice resort outside of NYC while their husbands worked during the week and came out on the weekends. It is fun to peek into the lives of the rich and famous. By Invitation Only is our July book club selection. I just purchased it and I am taking it to Georgia with me.  I also joined a Facebook group that was started by a lady at our church. She teaches at a local school and she wanted to enourage reading among her friends and her students. It is fun to see what others are reading. I always get some suggestions for my library visits.

5. Marvin and I were sad to see that this Sunday's episode of Endeavor will be last for a while.  We really enjoy this program on public television. I read online that All Creatures Great and Small will be in production again. I am not sure how they can improve on the show from the 70s but it seems new ideas are few to be had these days. And before we know it, the Downton Abbey movie will be in the theaters. I cannot wait for that one!

6. I have been watching my travel vlogs on You Tube and I have to recommend, The Way Aways. Josh and Ashley are spending the summer in the Nordic countries and it has been so interesting. Helsinki is such a pretty city in the summertime. My other favorite travel vlog, The Endless Adventure is visiting South America.  I learn a lot from these young travelers...mainly the places that I do not want to go.:)  I have to admit to being a bit jealous of them. No not their travels but their young enthusiasm and fearlessness! I would be very intimidated traveling to places where I do not speak the languages, trying to figure out train and bus schedules etc but they seem to do it with ease. And they are very honest about their "fails".  At this stage of my life, traveling by arm chair is my favorite way to see the world.

I hope all of you have a wonderful fourth of July. I am so thankful for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


Sandy said...

I loved the pics of Margaret and Landon yesterday.
I was really close to one of my cousins growing up.
Now, I am going backward on the stream. Enjoy the 4th and the quiet cabin. What would we do without YouTube. IT entertains me lots these days.
I can't wait to hear more book titles. I am really trying to utilize the library because it is free and I don't need to house anymore books:)
Temptations are tough. I really have to whittle down some of my WIPs, but I can certainly tell you that I can certainly justify my purchases:)
I know y'all will love your road trip. I think they are one of the great things about being an empty nester. I have never been to OK either, so I can't wait to hear about PW's place.
Happy Birthday Amelia. Lindsay always loved NY too. She made it a couple of years ago.
Have a great week.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed this morning's dip in the Stream, Arlene! I look forward to seeing what came home with you from Hobby Lobby. Sometimes, I wish I had that temptation especially when I see things that people share on their blogs or on Instagram. I hope you and Marvin have a fabulous road trip in a few week's time. Wishing Amelia a wonderful birthday and celebration in NYC. Have a fabulous Fourth at Grimmwood; glad the bear didn't mess with the bees.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I loved All Creatures Great and Small, blast from the past.

RJ said...

What a great dip in the stream today was Arlene. Sounds like a wonderful trip you and Marvin have planned. I can't wait to hear about the cross stitch shops you will visit.

The people in Oklahoma are very friendly and I think you will enjoy your time there. I hope Amelia has a great time in the big city for her birthday. Yes, you must go at Christmas time as Rockefeller Center is a must. I remember my first trip which was our 8th grade graduation trip. We got to see the NBC building, Rockefeller Center, the Rockettes and the movie Flubber. We ate at a fancy restaurant which seemed funny with the nuns in their habits. We were all dressed in our Sunday's best and on our best behavior. How time does fly!

Can' wait to see what tempted you at Hobby Lobby. I need to get there myself...I love being tempted. You are the best at finding great things. Have a great 4th! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Terri D said...

Joe and I love Endeavor too and hated to see the season end so soon. Happy birthday to Amelia. NYC would be fun for anyone with good knees! Ha! I base my whole life these days on my knees. Enjoy your holiday at Grimmwood!! I know it will be wonderful.

Barbara said...

“Traveling by armchair” — I like that and yes, it suits me well, too, when it comes to exotic places.

GPS - we depend on it heavily not only on the open roads but with our relocations to new cities. Like you, we’ve see it fail us a few times, but overall it’s indispensable!

Tip your hat for me when you get to Oklahoma — the land of my birth.

Mari said...

Have a wonderful Fourth at Grimmwood.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your OK trip!

Angela S. said...

I also forgot Endeavour was only 3 episodes (or series as the Brits call them) but it has already been renewed for next season so that's something! Grantchester and Poldark start the 14th and (hopefully) The Durrells in Corfu will be back in August.

Robin Wylde said...

Montauk sounds like a great book, I might give it a go, thanks for recommending :D and those vlogs sound very nice too! I totally understand about being an armchair traveller. Hope you have a great day x

RJ said...

Arlene, Happy Birthday to Amelia!! Well, you have to let me know if you ever make it to NYC. I love it at Christmas but it is crowded!! I enjoyed Endeavor but I loved Inspector Morse, did you see that? All Creatures Great and Small is one of my top 5 favorite series. I didn't hear they were going to redo it, it's a classic and I can't imagine who can portray Sigfield as well. I would love to take a road trip, are you going to Pioneer Womans town in OK? That is on my bucket list, I was one of her very first followers and told everyone about her blog. My husband told me I should get a commission!!

Angela S. said...

Dont forget Inspector Lewis! He was Morses partner then got his own show. His partner, DS Hathaway reminded me alot of Morse.