Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Stream

Oh my the stream is more like a sauna this week. But then it is July in NoAla. The kids will be going back to school in two weeks if you can believe it.

1. Marvin and I both agreed that our little jaunt to the midwest made us have a bit of wanderlust. We will be traveling to Natitoches(sp?)Louisiana in about three weeks. We are thinking of stopping midway in Jackson, Mississippi. Any one have recommendations for things to do there? I always check trip advisor for interesting stops but I find local people always know the best restaurants. Our bed and breakfast in Louisiana is the home where Steel Magnolias was filmed and I have heard it has a delightful downtown to wander through.

2. I am also glad to report that I am feeling much better about a personal problem I was is a long story and one I cannot share here but I finally cleared the air with someone who had caused me a lot of pain and worry over the last nine months. I really feel like a burden was lifted. Was it resolved in the way I hoped it would be? No....but I did my part in trying to resolve the situation. Some people are just very self involved and there is nothing you can do about it. There are seasons for relationships and this one has come to an end. We will be cordial but that is all that I can manage. It is too bad that friendships cannot be reset like a computer.

3. Kendall came over to work on her HaMa Con costume. ( Huntsville Madison Comicon) She really enjoys dressing as one of her favorite comic book characters. We had to use some hot glue to make a head piece. This girl is very creative...wonder where she got that gene from???

4. My sister, Leta, found me an old crock pot at a yard sale so hopefully I will be working on my beeswax threaders soon.   The crock pot is special because it came from the home of a couple who we loved...they have both passed away and their children were holding an estate sale. Leta said it was sad. I often avoid estate sales because it makes me so sad to see someone's valued things marked $1 or $5.  I will be glad to use this one and when I do I will think of Edna May.

5. I found a delicious melon at Publix this week. It is called Sugar Kiss Melon. It is a cantaloupe but so tasty. They also had a Summer Kiss Melon which looked like a type of Honeydew. I will have to try it next week.

6. I still have out a few pieces of patriotic stitching but this week they will go back upstairs to the attic. I will let the house rest a bit before pulling out the fall things. I did receive my Country Sampler in the mail and it really got me inspired for Fall Decor.  I just love the warm cheery colors of fall.

7. Brenda, one of my readers asked a question about finding a Unicorn cross stitch pattern. Brenda if you go to 123 Stitch online and search for Unicorns, several patterns pop up. One was a small Bucilla kit that would make a great ornament.  You might also try Etsy. Many new designers sell their charts there. I have found some gems.

Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat....take heart, Fall will be here before we know it.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love reading your posts and seeing what you are up to! You are right, we had better enjoy summer before it leaves us for fall and winter. Seems to be going so fast.

Brenda said...

Thank you
I found an ornament near my apartment here in Indy at hobby lobby
I will search for more on your suggestions!!!

Sandy said...

I enjoyed the sauna today. I love the name Edna. It reminds of me of so many people from home. I don't like going to estate sales for the very same reason!
I had someone I thought was a very good friend. We even took vacations together. All of sudden she just turned cold. I fretted - I prayed - I tried - I got angry- I tried again - I called. I gave up. She has issues I can't fix and I determined it really was nothing I had done, but something else indeed. If we had truly been friends, we should have been able to work out that problem and forgive. Sorry! Sometimes things are just tough. I still fret though:)
I put my patriotic pieces up all but one yesterday. I have those sunflowers for August and they have helped the transition between patriotic and full on fall.
The comic stuff seems to be big these days. I have a lot of girls in Sunday school that love to draw them.
I am glad you guys are traveling. There is plenty to see and fun for y'all.

Sue said...

Have a blessed trip to Louisiana, I happy that the relationship was resolved, but sad that it has ended!
I love finding new fruits to try!
I am happy that all will be here soon, we have had a very hot, humid summer, thankful we will be getting a break this week.
enjoyed my visit.

Mary said...

Well, you are giving me travel lust with your travels...I have never been to Mississippi but I have Laurel on my bucket list. I love the show Hometown and think that couple is so cute. I wonder if its in the area you are going to?

Kendall most certainly gets her creativity from you!! I surely hope you post her photo in her costume.

I love going to estate sales, there is a bittersweet feeling about them but I love a bargain and older,quality items that you can't find in stores anymore. I recently found a cross stitch and a Battenburgh lace tablecloth for a song and they were obviously well cared for as they were in perfect condition. They are now my treasures~!!

I will look for those melons, I love fruit but have a terrible time picking out ripe and flavorful ones.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know what you mean about gets in your blood! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. I'm sorry thing didn't turn out better with the relationship. I have a couple like that but they won't speak to me so there's no way I can even hope to resolve things. I've had to accept it and move on. Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Having a break from our heat/humidity here, so I enjoyed wandering the stream with you! Hope you will share a photo of Kendall's costume here when it is finished! Since summer is my least favorite season, I won't take down my patriotic stuff until September. But one of your earlier posts about sunflowers has given me an idea for next year. I hope your travels to Louisiana go well and the area was affected terribly by Storm Barry. I will have to look for those melons at the grocery store or the farmers' market next time we go. Enjoy your day, Arlene!

Terri D said...

A road trip to look forward to is awesome! I'm glad you have resolved in your heart the relationship issue you have been anxious about. Praise God. We shouldn't let another person steal our joy! Kendall is growing up and finding herself! Nice that you have that crockpot to devote to your honey projects! I will have to look for those sweet melons at Publix. Thanks for the tip! Oh my, I don't even want to think about fall coming so fast, but I guess time keeps moving along.

Mari said...

After a very hot, sauna type week last week, it was a beautiful day here today.
I'm glad you are feeling more peace about that relationship. It's such a hard thing to deal with and so sad when it doesn't work out as you would like.
So cool to stay in the Steel Magnolia home. Travel is so fun!

Susan Graben said...

Go see Eudora Welty's house and get a milk shake at Brent's (?) Drugs.

Barbara said...

I do hope you will blog about the B&B where Steel Magnolias was filmed. Would love to see that!!!