Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Happy Stitchy Day! I have not done a give away in a while so I will do one today.

This giveaway includes the gently used chart, Horse Country Christmas  ( One of my favorite stitches.) and the Happiness is Homemade Cookbook from the March Needlework Market. You will see recipes from many designers you know! If you wish to be entered, do not use the word giveaway. Just answer this question. What is your Unicorn Chart? A Unicorn Chart is one that you have searched for without success. My Unicorn chart was Easter Bunny by Blackbird Designs. However Blackbird recently re issued this chart and I ordered it right away. So what chart are  you on the hunt for?

This was a finishing week for me.

First I went back to Hudson's Christmas ornament. I wanted to tweak it a bit. I was not happy that you could see a line between the two circles. Red Rick Rack to the Rescue.

Much better.

Now it goes back to the treasure box to wait for Thanksgiving.

Autumn Whirlygig is ready to go to Grimmwood where I will swap Autumn out for Summer on my antique spool.  It has a magnet on the back so I stuck it on a lamp to get a picture.

Niece Maggie's Christmas ornament/ extra wedding gift. I love the way it turned out. The metal ornament from Hobby Lobby worked great.

And I got this month's Colour and Cotton subscription.

 I am eyeing that Bargello for a barn I hope to stitch in 2020.

And for those of you wondering about Coke and Peanuts is a picture.

When I was a little girl, this was a treat for sure. We seldom had bottled cokes unless we were sick. But take a Coke, pour in a package of Lance's Peanuts and enjoy.  The coke tastes salty and you had to learn to drink and chew at the same time. The real fun was getting out any peanuts that fell to the bottom of the bottle. :)  Its a Southern Thang.

Have a good week....dont forget to enter your Unicorn chart. I will announce the winner next Saturday.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Five

1. Georgia Peanuts

Niece Laura gifted us with a bag containing small bags of Georgia Peanuts. Yum!!  I need to get a small glass bottle of Coca Cola and add a bag to it for an old time Southern Treat. 

2.  A Blast from the Past

I found this old photo of the birth sampler I did for Landon.

3. A New Book

While I was perusing the shelves at our used book room at the library,  I found this book about HGTV flippers, Ben and Erin Napier.  It was a steal at $4.  I have enjoyed reading it.

4.Yes It is My BEESWAX

I rendered this beeswax in just two rounds in the Crock Pot. Our PHD Bees( Pure Honey Divas) do great work.

5. My Sweethearts

I love this picture I snapped of Grandpa and the Grimmlins.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Looking back at School Pictures on this last Thursday in August.

Here I am with my second grade class at Eton Elementary School. Miss Macie was our teacher. She was a widow( her real name was Mrs Jackson but we called her by her first name.) who put all of her love and care into her class. I wonder how old Miss Macie was in this picture. She seemed ancient to me.:) I am the girl on the front next to the black board. See I did have brown hair once upon a time.

Here was Nanaland six years ago. Landon was sending the Smurfs to school.

Kendall on her first day at Priceville Elementary. She was in the second grade too.

Landon was in the four year old class at Hartselle First Methodist. His class had a frog theme. ( Fully Rely on God).

Most of the schools here have been going for three weeks now. The schools in Chatsworth start on the Tuesday after Labor Day but the teachers are back this week. Sister Leta has a little more leisure until she starts subbing for a teacher on maternity leave. She loves teaching and subbing is the best of both worlds for her.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

So True!

I could not help but chuckle when I came across this on Facebook. So I am going to take a moment to thank each one of you who I consider my friends even though we have not met in person, we are joined at the heart.  Thank you all for your positive comments, your encouraging words and your sweet spirits that shine through your blogs.   So often at this season life we focus on the negative. It is easy to do.  Today I want to focus on the positive.  Thank you for being a friend.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

September Plans

It is hard to believe this is the last week of August.  I was looking at my planner for September and it is already pretty full.

We will celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary on the 4th. We usually go out for dinner and we treat ourselves to a week at the beach for the third weekend of the month. One of my best friends from childhood, Linda, celebrates her birthday on the 10th. I believe we have sent each other birthday cards for about 40 plus years now.

The much awaited Downton Abbey movie premieres in September. You can bet I will be standing in line to see it when it comes out!

After living in our house for ten years, our floors need some attention. We went to our go to flooring store, Elite Flooring, to check out what is available. We decided to go with the dense porcelain tile from Shaw Manufacturing that looks like hardwood without all the hassle of hardwood. Our color is Petrified Hickory. We are having the flooring installer take up the old flooring and move the furniture but still we have to remove everything from the table tops etc. We asked if we could do it after we returned from the beach.  The saleslady assured us this would be our last floor. She was talking about the durability of the product but I had to chuckle, Yes this probably will be our last floor.  So our downstairs flooring will be replaced but we are leaving the carpet on the back stairs and in the man cave. Eventually that will be changed out but I think we will go with a durable carpet to cut down on the noise factor.  Home maintenance is an ongoing process.

September brings more soccer games for Landon. He will play this Saturday and afterward he and Grandpa are going to be heading to the Decatur Harbor on the Tennessee River to see a WW2 Landing Craft Boat that will be moored there for several days. Grandpa has seen this boat when it was here about five years ago but Landon who is very interested in WW2 has not. They are going to have lunch and make a day of it. And memories made with grandparents will be with the grands for the rest of their lives.

Next Sunday, September 1st, we will go and visit the Hoover Grimmlins. Elliott has settled into school but he is still Elliott. The other day he told his teacher that his daddy set his hair on fire and died.  I am thankful that he has a seasoned teacher and I hope she can calm that little man down a bit

Off for breakfast with my friend, Deborah. Have a blessed day friends.

Monday, August 26, 2019

100 Day Celebration

We traveled to see the Canton Grimmlins and celebrate Joshua's 100 day birthday( or 100 years as Audrey told us!) In the Korean culture you celebrate 100 days because they feel if a baby made it 100 days it would live and be healthy. In our modern day it is hard to remember a time with infant mortality was high but this is a good reminder to give thanks to God for the blessings of this day. The rice cake is served and everyone must eat a piece to insure good luck for the baby Joshua. As a Southern Gal with a sweet tooth, it does not taste like a cake. It is rather like a dense gummy candy but not as sweet. I did take an Apple Pie from Ellijay to serve along with the cake so everyone was happy to have cake and pie.

He was wearing his Over we say in the mountains. I told Charles, that Granddaddy, the original Clifford would be happy to see his namesake wearing over alls.

Happy 100 Days Joshua Clifford Grimm.

With the Grandparents...

Okay, if you are not on cuteness overload....this will put you there. Oh those kissable cheeks.

We are so thankful for the little boy who will probably be our last grandchild.  We pray God will bless this young man with many healthy happy years.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday Stitches

Its not Autumnal August but another round of Christmas stitching. Santa will be here before we know it.

I started on Erica Michaels Christmas Carols. Don't you love my little elf needle minder? I got it from Brenda's Minders and More.

Here it is finished. I thought it looked pretty good for a first attempt.  That one over one stitching at the bottom was not really fun at all. Kay Kirn, one of my fellow NoAla Stitchers had done a class on strawberries and she gave me the hint that you do not over stuff it as you want the top to be as flat as possible. Thanks Kay!!  I have two more of the carols and I think I will do one in a jewel tone green and one in a turquoise.  I found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby that I used for the topping. A perfect match!!

And here is my drawer of Christmas goodies waiting for the tree.

I also finished an ornament I plan to give my niece who is getting married in November.

It is a Hands on Design. The finishing required a rounded piece of foam core. I knew I would not be able to cut it to my standards so while browsing at HL,  I saw this ornament that will work and it was 40% off so win win.  I hope to get it done by next Saturday Stitching.

I packed up some projects for Grimmwood. I have found  a new designer that I enjoy...Sugar Stitcher. I was able to get her paper charts from ABC Stitch in Houston TX.

Isn't this precious? I am only going to do a small portion for my ornament.

I plan to use some of the motifs for stitching as well.

This one is so cute too...for me as well. I am thinking of getting a small tree in the kitchen for my hand stitched ornaments.

Here is my box full of Christmas charts and scraps of fabric. That J is going to be made for Joshua this year.  I think I will so the little Christmas tree on the front of Marshmallow World for Audrey. They are the only grands who still need a Christmas ornament.

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be at my happy place.  Seeing the Canton Grimmlins and visiting with family for some porch sitting will be so nice.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Five

1 Cookie Nip

I tried this cookie/cake flavoring I had heard so much about.  If you are on the fence, just stick with the regular flavorings or extracts. I was not all that impressed and it is pretty pricy.

2. Les Mis

Sunday afternoon our local PBS ran the 25th anniversary concert celebrating my favorite musical. I had to stop and watch it. Every time I hear this music, it lifts me up. One of my favorite lyrics is when Jean Valjean is singing Bring Him Home ....God in Heaven Hear my prayer. In my need You have always been there.  I needed to hear that this weekend.

3. Honey news

Niece Laura was feeling a little cruddy this weekend so she had some tea and honey made by the PHDs....pure honey divas.

4. Hoover Grimmlins minus one

Katy did some face painting with the kiddos and then let them use their imaginations to make some art.

5. When Charles was Chuck

Marvin dug out this old photo that was taken at a Huntsville Stars game many moons ago.  Yes, when Charles was a lad, he was known as Chuck. When he went off to Charles he morphed into Super Charles.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Throwback Thursday

I thought I would look back five years is always interesting to look back at previous years and see what was going on at Nanaland.

Five years ago, Amelia took Kendall and Landon to visit the Chatsworth Fam.

Oh how I miss these little ones. ....

My mother and the gang.  Kendall always called my mother, her REAL Grandma.  Both her grandmothers have nick names. I am Nana and Debbie is Mimi. So when she found out her mommy's grandmother was Grandma, Kendall was excited to have a  REAL grandma.

With the aunts. The Aunts live on the Aunt Hill just next-door to Grandma. And yes it is a Big Aunt Hill. Driving to Aunt Kristi's house always makes me nervous.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of time travel today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Stitching Gifts and Goodies

Stitchers are some of the most generous ladies I know. Whenever I go to my Stitchy meeting, I come home with goodies.

My dear friend, Sue, made this pretty counting pin for me. You use it to count your stitches...just makes it easier than eyeballing it. Red is my favorite did she know that?

I also won some door prizes and another sweet friend, Brenda, gifted me with some goodies.

Brenda gave me the fabric and the fancy flosses. She told me that she would not use them so she wanted me to have them.  I may use some of the variegated flosses for a few special projects.

Kay Kirn was there with her lovely project bags and one had to come home with me. Avert your eyes Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics!!

Sandy is an Auburn fan but hey that does not stop us from being firm friends. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Tuesday Chuckle

I had to smile at this one!! I taught two year olds at a local preschool for ten years and I could certainly relate to this cutie.

It reminded me a bit of Margaret when she was two or three. Someone asked her name and she promptly replied Margaret Elise Grimm. Katy was not aware that Margaret really knew her middle name and when she questioned Margaret about it, Margaret responded. "That's What Nana calls me when I am naughty."  Yes, Nana is guilty as charged!!

Happy Tuesday. I am off to breakfast with a friend then a trip to the Mennonite grocery store to pick up the candy that my mother enjoys as we will be heading to Grimmwood.

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Stream

Good Muggy Monday Morning....come autumn come will be my mantra this week. Even the stream feels like a bath!

1. answer Barbara's question on Saturday Stitching. What does FROG mean. Well Barbara when you make a mistake in your stitching you RIP IT RIP IT RIP we say stay away FROG. FROG can also remind us to FULLY RELY ON GOD. I know a younger friend who did her baby's nursery in Frogs for this very reason.  I have to admit that the FROG visited me at North Alabama Stitchers Meeting. But with all the gabbing who can blame the frog for taking advantage of careless stitchers.

2. We had 22 gals at the library on Saturday. Some newbies, mostly oldies. We had such a good time. There was a freebie table and I won a door prize, an old copy of Cross Stitch Gold Christmas edition. Joanie who sat at my table had been to Stitch Con( The Mecca for stitchers) and she told us all about it. She met lots of Floss Tubers and she said they were so nice, just like they are on their channels.

3. You will be glad to know that Landon is fully embracing Middle School. He figured out his locker and he and his sister were even talking and walking together after Mommy dropped them off the other day. Amelia sent me a picture so I know it is so. Amelia said she had to document it.

4. Someone also asked about WHOMP biscuits. Those are biscuits that are in a tube and you WHOMP them on the counter to open them up and get them out. As I have said before, if a pricy B and B cannot make a REAL biscuit, then they need to forget the biscuit and present a nice pastry from the bakery. Nothing beats a hot steaming biscuit from the oven, split open with some butter added then topped with honey, jelly or some old fashioned sorghum syrup.  The key to a good biscuit is handling the dough very little and baking them at a HIGH overn temp.

5. I was cleaning out my pantry this week and I told Marvin we are eating out of the pantry for a while. I had several boxes of pasta and bottle os spaghetti sauce. We had spaghetti and meatballs on Friday night. I am looking through cookbooks for some recipes that will use up our stores. With Autumn coming( and it will come) I want to stock up on fresh items for the fall pantry.  Tonight we are having BLTs to use up some Bacon in the Fridge. I am not sure how we have gone without using it as Bacon is a favorite here and when the grand girls are here, it is their request for a snack.

6. One reason we need to work on our pantry supplies is that Marvin and I have been doing intermittent fasting and we just do not go through as many groceries. We only eat between the hours of noon and six. We try not to snack and both of us have lost weight. I think it is the after six snacking that has caused the wt. loss. We eat a regular lunch and dinner. Snacking is my downfall. I never met a snack I did not like. And just to be clear, the pounds are not falling off but coming off slowly and steadily. I am down 12 pounds from one year ago.

7.The other day someone asked me if my hair color was natural. I had to chuckle. Like I would dye my hair this color. Thanks to my mom's genes I grayed early and my gray hair is very light.  My son, Ben, whose hair color is the same as mine once was, has gray in his beard but not on his head. Amelia says she has some gray but she colors her hair and poor Charles, the youngest child is white headed like me. He is still salt and pepper but mostly salt these days.  And today is Charles 36th baby. I guess I should have white hair!! Happy Birthday Charles Clifford Grimm.

8. Okay, closing with a genealogy find that popped up this week as I was researching. One of my ancestors testified at the Salem With Trials. His name was Samuel Abourne and he testified on the behalf of Rebecca Nurse. Twelve other men also testified to Rebecca's character but they hanged her anyway.  It was risky to stand up for one of the accused as this could target you as supporting witchcraft. I was glad to see that my ancestor stood up for right.

Well time to get busy here at Nanaland. Have a blessed day friends.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning Stitchy Friends. I will be off to North Alabama Stitchers today, taking a Christmas ornament to work on while I visit with my other stitchy friends.

I did get Joshua's birth sampler back from the Framer...

His 100 day Celebration is August 24th and this will be going along with us. In addition to his sampler I am taking his Christmas stocking.

We believe in big Christmas stockings in our family! This was my first time stitching one of Mama G's Christmas stocking. So it has a few imperfections but over all I am okay with it.   Let's just say Crochet will never be my main hobby!:)

I also finished Halloween Hoopla.

I decided not to go with the round finish for this one as I wanted to use it in my big Fall Dough Bowl.

I am looking forward to getting out all my Halloween smalls to display. I am going to wait until mid September to do so. We will be going to the beach the third week in September so my plans are to wait on Fall decor until we get home.

I made a trip to The Cross Stitch Peddler.( Be sure and check out their facebook page.) I picked up Autumn Whirly Gig. I need to get it done to take to Grimmwood. While I was there another stitcher brought in these cute little zip bags she had finished.

The Beach scene is from a Stoney Creek magazine while the Christmas bag is a Lizzie Kate design. Vicki is a very talented stitcher and seamstress. Marlene was working on the Halloween piece. I thought you might like a close up of it.

Girls Night Out...this piece is by Jabco Buttons. You buy the buttons and get the pattern. Call Marlene at The Cross Stitch Peddler( 256-350-7780)  to order it and she will be glad to put it in the mail to you!   It is adorable. It rather reminds me of Hagrid''s flying motorcycle on the Harry Potter movies.

Plans for this week include working on my rotation as well as getting some more Christmas ornaments stitched up . Have a great week...I hope the Frog stays away from your door.